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Hire dedicated Android developers on hourly or full time (monthly) basis to create top notch, highly performed, value oriented and secure Android applications.

Android also provides the facility to talk with your loved one live with just a tap away on the touchscreen of your phone or tablet. There is a huge potential for entrepreneurs and companies to develop an android app that can be downloaded and operated on every android supportive device and the latest versions. As part of the Android app development strategy, the development company implements the trendiest features and aesthetically pleasing UI to implement the client’s ideas into a functioning android app that will blow the competition to pieces. Hire Android Developer from Top Android Mobile Application Development Company for all your Android Mobile Application Development needs. We provide end-to-end development solutions for Android Mobile applications.

Why Android?

-88% of the smartphones contain an Android OS
-Highly user friendly and receives updates frequently
-There are 4000+ devices that support Android OS
-Future techs like IoT, AR & VR are Android dependant
-70% of Tablets are backed by Android Operating System
-Android has a significant contribution to wearable techs

Android App Features


Hire Android developer at Next Big Technology to get your desire Android mobile application as per your business requirements and needs. Our highly skilled Android developers are skilled and experienced in making top-notch Android mobile applications as per your business needs.

Custom Android App Development :

Our team of Android developers has developed many custom Android mobile applications as per customer’s own needs and business requirements. We can implement your ideas into Android mobile applications, we have created many custom features as per clients’ needs in Android Mobile applications.

Android Tab Applications :

Our Android app developers are skilled and experienced in building Android Tab apps for all industries; along with Android phones, we have done great with Tab app development too.

Android Games Development :

Our Android mobile app developers are well experienced in Unity to create high-quality Android games. Hire an Android game developer at NBT to create stunning Android games with HD-quality graphics.

Game Development Services


Android App Testing :

Before making a live Android app on Google Play Store, we install and test it with various methods, we test everything as a normal user and find bugs and make them more user-friendly.

ANDROID App Up-gradation and Migration :

Our Android app development team is highly knowledgeable to put Android applications on the Google play store and do regular updates and launch new versions as per upgradations and bug fixed.

ANDROID App Support / Maintenance :

We provide support after App launch too, we provide bug support and long-term maintenance to maintain regular updates and upgrades for the app and upgrade and adding new things and launching new app versions on Google Play Store.

Android App Development Company


Our Android application developers are well skilled and experienced with online booking apps development technology that can make easy the online booking system & improve the business.


Hire Android Developer for music app development projects, our developers have developed apps for music libraries and listening and playing musical apps.

Taxi booking Android APP :

We have built many Taxi Booking Apps; Hire Android Developer for the Taxi Booking app at NBT will give you a bonus advantage as we are already familiar with Taxi Booking Apps and all of their functionality.

It consists of 2 Apps:

-Driver registration / login
-Online / Offline status
-Pending requests: the driver can see all requested rides by the user in this section and is also able to accept/cancel invitations
-Accepted requests: the driver can see accepted requests in this section and track the journey.
-Completed rides: the driver can see all their completed rides under this section and check further history.
-Cancelled rides: the driver can see the cancel rides list under this section.
-Profile section: Driver can access their profile and can manage too.
-Vehicle information: Driver can manage vehicle information and also submit their proofs and other vehicle-related documentation.
-Transaction history: Driver can see their all transaction history related to their rides.

Online Taxi Booking App


-User registration / login
-Home: user can locate the nearest taxi and send ride requests.
-Pending requests: user can see all requested rides by them in this section.
-Accepted requests: user can see accepted requests in this section and track the journey.
-Completed rides: user can see all their completed rides under this section and check further history.
-Cancelled rides: user can see the cancel rides list under this section.
-Profile section: user can access their profile and can manage too.


-Live to track of rides.
-Manage drivers [Update/Delete]
-Manage users [Update/Delete]
-View rides
-View driver’s current location
-Track & manage driver payment
-Set Commissions

Food Delivery for multiple restaurants with delivery boy ANDROID App:

Food Delivery for Multiple Restaurants with the Delivery boy is an Android application, where you can find restaurants of your choice near you and within your city. The user is able to check if the restaurant is open or close, and cuisine, menu, item price, and order food and get home delivery. We do develop high-quality and creative Food Delivery Android Applications as per customer needs.

Features of the Application

-Restaurant list nearby with open or close status
-Restaurant list by user rating
-Restaurant list on a map
-Sort restaurant list by radius
-Sort restaurant list by City
-Search restaurant
-Search restaurant list by cuisine type
-restaurant information,
-Restaurant Name,
-Restaurant Image
-Restaurant ratings by user
-Restaurant address
-Restaurant contact number
-Opening and closing time
-Food type served by a restaurant
-Map location
-Home delivery time
-Delivery type: Cash on delivery or Card on delivery
-Restaurant description
-Set as a favorite restaurant
-Categorized restaurant menu
-Add to cart menu items
-Place an order from the cart
-Also change quantity from cart
-Use Google Maps to share your location while placing an order, you don’t need to type the address.
-but you can edit location retrieve from Google map
-Complete detail of order
-Order time & delivery time
-Order amount & restaurant detail
-Ordered item details
-Total 5 Order statuses
-Add Review to restaurant
-User order history.
-Order detail with status & item details
-Favorite list of restaurant
-Share app.
-Terms & conditions
-About us page
-Register User with a profile picture
-User login
-Facebook login
-Google plus login
-Push notification with firebase
-Order status push notification
-RTL support
-Delivery Boy Features:
-Login from the same app
-Set presence
-Check new Orders
-Order History

Have a glimpse on a working of food delivery app development
-Order detail with name, address, contact no & item detail
-Call customer or show route on a map
-Picked order & deliver the order
-Get notified of new orders assigned
-Admin Panel Features:
-Checklist of restaurants – Add, Edit,
-Add cuisine type
-Check Menu
-Add New city
-Check no of orders for restaurant
-Moderate app user
-Moderate User reviews
-Set up push notification from admin
-Send push notification
-Restaurant owner admin features:
-Separate admin panel for restaurant owner
-Add restaurant details
-Add menu and menu items
-Check new orders and order details
-Add delivery boy
-Assign order to delivery boy
-On dashboard check order report

Grocery ANDROID App :

Grocer App brings you fresh produce, your favorite products in preferred brands, kitchen needs, essential home supplies and more, through this online, one-stop grocery store. We develop Grocery Delivery Apps as per client custom requirements.


Ecommerce Android APP :

Our team has done many eCommerce Apps, which consists of all eCommerce features, backend normally made in WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and Php Frameworks, we provide all eCommerce features as client needs, we can full fill all your Ecommerce ANDROID application development, hire ANDROID developer at Next Big Technology to work with experienced developers who have finished a lot of eCommerce apps.

Ecommerce App-banner-img

WooCommerce ANDROID App:

We are well versed in WooCommerce based Android Apps, We have done many apps which are associated with WooCommerce Development and WordPress development, we use WooCommerce and WordPress rest APIs to linkup data with APP. Hire Android App Developers for your WooCommerce and WordPress-based website application development.

Blog App ANDROID :

Blog ANDROID app Development is mostly used apps, we have done many blog ANDROID Web Applications, we have done different blog Android applications for different industries worldwide. We have done Blog Android app applications for various requirements and in different styles of design and effects.


Like blog Android apps, news apps are also used widely, these are used by many newspaper and news industries, hire our Android developers for any news app development, we have recently completed many Android Mobile Applications for different news channels. Our team is well experienced and knowledgeable to create any kind of Android new applications; we can create news apps as per client ideas and preferences.

Delivery APP ANDROID :

Delivery apps stand for delivering products door to door like food delivery or pickup and door services, it works similar to taxi booking apps as well, and we have done these kinds of apps for different services worldwide. If you have any idea like these kinds of services our expert’s Android developer’s team can help you achieve Android mobile application as per your needs.

Shoplift ANDROID APP :

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform, we have done many apps that are based upon Shopify, we used Shopify as backend functionality and we have used Shopify APIs to connect with apps.


We have made apps for many WordPress websites as well, we are well experienced using WordPress rest APIs and we can create APIs and functionalities as needed in WordPress website, we can easily handle any kind of APIs related to WordPress websites, we have done many ANDROID mobile applications where WordPress is used as backend system. As most websites have been made of WordPress so our team at Next Big Technology may full fill all your apps needs for your WordPress websites.

Place Finder ANDROID APP:

The purpose of this Application is just to simplify your Location or Place. Place Finder is the best app for the users, it makes it very easy to find ATMs, MEDICALS, RESTAURANTS, and more. We have created apps for different cities and different countries where you can search for locations or place for your daily needs. you can easily search places as per your requirements, at Next Big Technology we fulfill your requirements for any kind of place finder app.


We have done few apps for some churches as well as per their requirements, showing all details about churches, showing event details and timings, showing different things like notice Board, push notifications, video on demand, book library like the bible, live event streaming, podcast streaming, news feeds, etc. If you are looking to hire Android developer for church apps, we may help you best.


We have done apps for showing different recipes in one place, in our developed Android apps you can get all data about the different recipes on your fingertips, if you need an app to display your recipe, our Android developer’s team may help you with proper skills and experience with this kind of apps.


We have created a Complete Dating App with rich features, with the Dating App people can find new friends, communicate, and much more. we have created a backend in PHP/MySQL. if you need any apps for social networking you are in the right place to choose the Android development team at Next Big Technology.

Dating Mobile App Development Company & Services

Tourist Guide ANDROID APP:

A tourist guide is a useful App will help you with searching and travel different city’s places and get detail about the place about the phone, email, address, website, and working time of place.

App show user reviews of all places and useful details in few clicks. This app fetching places listings data from Google Place API. If you need any app as a tourist guide for your city we might help you.


We have made a mobile app for your event (trade show, convention, meeting, festival, etc) that can be useful with event list, event details, and their positions on the map. If you need any for users to display different events, please connect with us.

Marketplace ANDROID APP:

With My Marketplace users can sell, buy different products. Messages and comments system allows users to conduct discussions in real-time. Hire ANDROID developer with us to get done any marketplace app as per your requirements.

e-commerce Marketplace


We have done a job finder Android app for our clients, in the job finder app users can search for jobs as per their field, companies can post different kinds of jobs, job seekers can upload their resumes on the app and companies can contact them for interviews. our Android developers can help you to make any app for job-finding websites.

Job finder-banner2

Home Service Finder ANDROID APP:

The home service finder app does find homes for you; you can find properties at different locations for rent or sale. this app searches homes as per your needs, people can add properties that they want to sell or rent, and other people can search and find these as per their budget, location, and needs. our Android developers are well experienced to make this kind of apps.

Restaurant Journal – Android app :

This application will allow users to save favorites restaurants. Share images of the restaurant, and etc. Users can save the name of the restaurant, type, location (Location converted through GeoCoding) with will be displayed on the map on the Detail page or on the Map view, check if the user has been in the restaurant or not. All data is editable through the Edit Details Screen. Application stores all data locally using Core Data. The application also contains AdMob. Also, users can search through the list of restaurants. About screen allows the user to go to the App Store to rate the ad, or your web page, Face book for example. Hire Android developers with us to create any Restaurant Journal app.


Android hotel apps provide details about hotels which include hotel reservation, room data, gallery, location, rate, booking, etc, hire our Android team to fulfill this kind of app’s requirements.

Classified ANDROID APP:

The classified Android app shows all kinds of listing, it consists of.

-Quick/Smart search listings based on few words (address auto-detect, title, short description, etc.)
-Advanced search based on multiple level categories and specific criteria
-Near listings search, will detect your location and find listings near you (50km), you can also enter the address –
Manually to detect near the address
-Add location available as a link to the website
-Location preview contains slider for the gallery, overview, amenities, distances, location map, agent details, and link to listing preview on the website
-You can add custom amenities/distances/overview fields via the admin interface
-Results listings will not load all listings in one request, but 10 per 10 as infinite scroll
-Google maps by default support generate a route from you to location and navigate functionality
-Custom map pin icon for different types of listings

Hire Dedicated Android developers at us to complete these kinds of app requirements.

Classified App

WooCommerce WordPress ANDROID APP:

We have done many Android applications for WooCommerce based websites, our team uses WooCommerce rest APIs to link the website with the app. If you need an app for your WooCommerce website our Android development team can do it for you as per your requirements. As we have done many apps with it, we may offer you the best price and fast delivery as well.

Dentist and other Doctors Appointment Android App :

This app provides a complete solution for appointment bookings with doctors and dentists. You can manage all data about your appointment with doctors. If you need any kind of appointment booking app we might do it fast for you as we have done similar apps for other clients.

Salon Appointment Booking Android Application: This is a complete appointment booking apps as well.

Our team of Android developers can create any appointment booking app as per your requirements and needs.

Membership Subscription App:

Our team has been done many subscription-based apps, we can create any apps for your which is subscriptions or membership-based, subscription plan can be weekly, monthly or yearly and prices can be different as well, these subscriptions based apps can be for any services, we have done many apps for different kind of industries which have their own services and membership plans, hire Android development team to get done any kind of subscription Android mobile application as per your requirements.

Hire Android Developer

Industries we work for.

HIRE ANDROID APP developers to match the requirements of every industry, we have worked for different industries over time. Our team of ANDROID APP developers is well experienced and have worked in all types of industries and sectors


Hire Android Developer

Hire ANDROID APP developers at Next Big Technology for your ANDROID APP development and design project requirements. Please test our skills and professionalism with any kind of Android application development tasks. We provide dedicated Android Developers based upon your requirements and budget. Our Android App Developers are skilled enough to handle complex Android Application projects.

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