Marketplace Mobile Application Development

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Marketplace Mobile Application Development

Marketplace App Development

Generally, the term marketplace refers to a place where sales go on. Olden days where like there would be place allocated and the sellers would come to sell their products, the buyers residing in the locality would come and look for the product and then buy the items. Traditional days witnessed such kind of method. But now everything is done quickly online.
The marketplace is a platform where the buyers and sellers meet in an online manner. The marketplace is a kind of arbitrator where the vendors can sell their products. The buyer when want to buy any product would search for the item by downloading and installing the specific app in their respective mobiles. As soon as they find the product of their liking, they would tend to buy the product by means of the online transaction here.

Moreover, there are many kinds of marketplaces.

  1. B2C marketplaces – A platform where businesses and consumers associate. For instance – Flipkart.
  2. B2B marketplaces – A platform where a specific business tends to trade with another business. Alibaba is one such example where it is one of the largest B2B and B2C companies in the world.
  3. C2C marketplaces – A platform where customers trade (product/service). eBay is one such example.

So, when a marketplace app needs to be built the topmost priority must be given to the various payment gateways which must be integrated with the app so that the buyers can opt to pay by various means in a secure manner. The most significant aspect of the app is it must be secure and safe so that the user’s data related to banking information, etc. are protected.

Marketplace App Development Company

Next Big Technology is a leading Marketplace App Development Company. Our solutions have helped various enterprises ranging from small to big and we have built successful marketplace applications. We would assist you in choosing the appropriate tech stack which can cost less for you and meanwhile increase productivity.

We can build scalable, customized, secure, user-friendly, and robust applications for you. If you have any doubts please do contact us. We can clarify all your doubts.

We have already built marketplace apps on various platforms and have implemented several features.

Marketplace Mobile Application Development


  1. Onboarding: App onboarding is one of the mandated steps to access the app. We make sure to keep the process as simple as possible so that the signing-in process is easy for vendors and customers.
  2. Product identification: The search process along with sort attributes would make the discovery of the item in a much smarter manner.
  3. Order: The buyer must be able to locate the product easily and can then proceed to order the items.
  4. Recovery cart and add to wish list: Through the feature, the buyer must be able to recover the cart when needed and there must flexibility to add the products to the wish list.
  5. Payment gateways: Various payment gateways can be integrated so as to ease the payment process.
  6. Delivery: The buyer must be able to trace the product and should also receive the necessary notifications/messages if there is any delay in delivery and so on.
  7. Feedback/Ratings: It’s a prominent part when we consider feedback. Because if the app owner and the vendors/suppliers/business must be able to know what the customers are thinking of their product or service or the app.
  8. Listing products: The buyer must be able to view the images of the product clearly. Clarity is important. The quality of the image and the listing infrastructure play a vital role here.
  9. 24*7 support: The customer must be able to contact the support team and the team must make sure to be available all the time. Through this feature, the buyer can contact if there is a need to clear doubts.
  10. Multi-language and currency: If many languages are added it can help the buyer to pick the preferred language so as to ease the interaction process. Moreover, if the business is popular and if there are global clients then it is better to add multi–currency so that the buyers can make the payment without having any issues.
  11. Analytics: Analytics can assist to get to know the performance of the business – revenues and so on.
  12. Discounts: The buyers can opt to use discounts while buying if there are any discounts provided so that the users can get motivated.

There are numerous features which we can add for you according to your requirements. In order to increase visibility, SEO for apps is very much important.

Why Choose Us?

Best Marketplace Mobile Application Development

Admin Panel

The Admin panel interface is very much important so as to view and manage the accounts of the user/vendor. The entire payment flow and attending to complaints and much more duties are handled by the admin.

We can customize your requirements as you want.

Our Approach

  1. With the assistance of industry experts and analysts, we can provide you with the right solution by analyzing your requirements and can recognize the complications in the project.
  2. We assist in choosing the appropriate tech stack.
  3. We can build robust and much secure applications.
  4. We can build incredible interfaces with the assistance of our designers.
  5. We use the latest technologies and we test the end product several times so that we hand over error-free software.
  6. We customize 100%.


Why you must choose us?

  1. We build applications as you require.
  2. We deliver quality applications at a reasonable rate and in time.
  3. We communicate every aspect of the project’s progress at regular intervals.
  4. We already have extensive experience in building marketplaces of all kinds – B2B, B2C, and C2C.
  5. We can assure you that the product developed by us is secure and scalable as these two are extremely important for a successful marketplace app.
  6. We have built marketplace applications on various platforms and have implemented several features.

You can define the kind of your marketplace – B2B, B2C, or C2C and according to the products/service and partakers and later conclude the list of attributes you might require for your marketplace app, you can hire Next Big Technology to assist you in building the marketplace app.

Don’t worry! We are here to build your dream.

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