Top Media & Entertainment Web Developer

Top Media & Entertainment Web Developer in India, US, UK

Top Media & Entertainment Web Developer

Because of shift in media and entertainment to digitization and digitalization a large amount of content is being created, published and consumed everyday. The industry focuses on all type of medium that can spread the news like TV, radio, prints in various formats like films, movies, videos, prints, audios kind of digital data than can be spread across the internet via these media. With the widespread availability of high speed internet and large amount of digital content users can access media and entertainment 24×7 through smartphones, tablets and desktops. This industry is predicted to flourish at a rapid pace in near future.

Being a Top Media & Entertainment Web Developer , we have developed a wide range of Web and Mobile Applications for Media and Entertainment industries worldwide. These web applications and mobile applications includes Celebrity Websites and mobile apps, Celebrity blogs, News Website, Newspaper Website, News blogs, News Mobile Apps, Newspaper Mobile Apps and more kind of Websites and Mobile Apps for Media & Entertainment Industry.

We develop Media & Entertainment web applications using latest and trending technologies. For web we use some CMS and Framework as per website requirement and for mobile app we use native Android and native iOS App Development.

NBT provides complete web and app solutions for the media and information services industry. From content creation and management to publishing and distribution, we have expertise and experience to build, deliver and support the customized solutions for your media and entertainment needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Development
  • Broadcasting and multicasting applications
  • Cross platform mobile application development
  • Content publishing
  • Social networking apps and site development

We improve efficiency of your business by:

  • By shifting your already existing business to digital platforms
  • By providing IT solutions to automatize content flow for your digital media
  • BY providing customized enterprise solutions for your business thus increasing revenues and cash flows
  • By providing IT solutions for your business which merge different media systems and media channels

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