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    Online Beautician Booking App Development

    We develop high quality, interactive, eye catching and fully functional Online Beautician Booking App to cover all Saloon facility at home.


    Online beautician booking app development

    The latest digitalized solutions are of a great help to anyone who run a salon or beauty spa business. The applications would prove to be very much beneficial as it could bring a greater number of customers and therefore profits could be higher.
    Next Big technology is one of the leading mobile and app development company and we are here to provide online beautician booking app development solutions for your business.
    We have extensive experience in building beautician booking applications and we can build on any platform you require.
    If you don’t have any app for your beautician business then it is high time to start thinking about it as the recent days have foreseen lot of technological advancements.

    Benefits of owning online beautician booking app for your business

    1. The bookings can be easily made by the customers.
    2. Whether you own a salon or hair spa or any beauty related services – many processes can be handled in a smooth manner so that time can also be saved.
    3. The customers can go through the services provided by accessing the app.
    4. Staff – member profiles can be easily handled and managed.
    5. Payments can be made online.

    Features of spa or beauty salon app

    Customer Panel

    1. Sign up: Mandate step to access the app. Login through social networking links could prove beneficial.
    2. Services offered: Customer can go through the services provided and can make the bookings as per their interests and also can get to know the price for the services.
    3. Search: The user can find the salon or beauty spa using this attribute to locate near to his/her vicinity.
    4. Reservations: The user can block the calendar and can make the bookings beforehand.
    5. Discounts: The customer can also make use of offers/discounts and can use them.
    6. Beauty related items – Purchase: The interested customer can also shop beauty products.
    7. GPS: GPS integrated applications can be utilized in order to supervise the customer to reach to their premises.
    8. Gallery: Gallery is another interesting feature where the pictures of the offices, services/products are show cased to engage customers.
    9. Payments: We integrate various payment gateways so that the payments can be made easily through app.
    10. Ratings/Feedback: The ratings and necessary feedback from customers prove to be very much helpful in improving the business/services.
    11. In app chat/messages or calls: The customers can call or chat with the staff member in order to know any information.
    12. Customer support: If any issues persisting then customer can approach the support team for clarification.
    13. Push notifications/Reminders: The customer can receive the notifications through this attribute.
    14. History and Settings: The customer can look at the past information using the history element and settings can be utilized to personalize the account.

    Staff panel

    1. Sign up: The staff members can sign up by filling up of all the mandatory information.
    2. Accept/Reject bookings: The staff member can either approve or reject the user request accordingly.
    3. Prospect orders: The staff members can view all the orders received from the customers.
    4. Add/delete/modify and update catalogue: The members can add any new service, modify or delete and also set prices for the relevant services and so on.
    5. Update gallery: Gallery can be updated by uploading images of their services/offices or products.

    Admin Panel

    1. Managing user profiles: The admin uses this attribute to manage the customer profiles and can get to know all the relevant information regarding them.
    2. Managing staff members profiles: The admin can also view and manage the profiles of the staff members. Moreover timings and all the significant information of the staff members could be tracked.
    3. Service management: The admin can manage the services and accordingly affix rates and include in the service segment.
    4. Payroll management: The admin can manage the salaries of the staff members through this attribute and salaries can be distributed to the staff in time every month.
    5. Analytics: The admin can refer to the graphical analytics and can get to know the performance of the business and profits earned and so on.
    We have implemented various features on Android and iOS platforms and therefore we can assist you in building online beautician booking applications as per your requirement.

    Why you need to choose Next Big Technology?

    1. Our industrial experts and analysts analyse your requirements and plan in such a way that we hand over the deliverables in time and find if there are any complications in the project.
    2. Our designers are proficient and skilled and can build appealing user – interfaces.
    3. Our developers are experts and can build 100% customized app according to your preferences and can handle any complexities in the project. We use the latest technology to build the software.
    4. We test the application numerous times so that we hand over error-free software to you.
    5. We deliver quality products and we are known for it.


    1. You might have several doubts like if we already have experience in building beautician booking app and so on?
    2. We already have developed and built beautician booking applications and you can trust us 100%. We have implemented various features and have handled many complications in the project smartly.
    3. Beautician booking app would really benefit our business?
    4. Obviously, it is necessary for your business to get an app built so that it can bring many clients for you. Morover, digitalized epoch is calling for many businesses to be carried out online as it eases several processes.
    You can contact us and get all your doubts clarified and can trust us 100% and we assure you that we build 100% customized app according to your requirements and we deliver quality products and in time.

    Whether you are running a beauty service centre or spa or any service connected to beauty – you can contact Next Big Technology and can get your desired app built. We build applications that exactly match your needs.

    We can provide outstanding solutions which would benefit your business and as well as your customers. Don’t worry! We have solution for all your queries! You can contact us and talk to our experts.

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