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Top Quality Fitness & Health App Development to maintain your Fitness and Health related activities.
People now days are very much concerned regarding their health. Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. The interference of modern technology in this regard is applauded by everyone. The comfort of using fitness and health applications are so impressive.
Statistics and surveys have revealed the fact that there are millions of active users who are using fitness and health applications. Hence there are around 150 million downloads and this figure undoubtedly is going to increase in the coming years.

Fitness and Health Mobile App Development Company

Next Big Technology is leading fitness and health app development company. Our team of developers can get the job done for you. We assist in building fitness and health apps.

You can get benefited by using our fitness and health app development solution and you can contact us and we are ready to assist you in this regard.

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Let us explore the features of fitness and health mobile app

App users want to maintain healthy weight and stay fit by doing exercises and eating healthy. So, these below segments built in the app prove to be very much useful for the users.
Health & Fitness App
Fitness apps

User Panel

  1. Sign up: The app user can register the details and access the app.
  2. Basic information: The user needs to input details such as gender, height, weight. Etc.
  3. BMI calculator: The user can get to know BMI relevant to his height and weight.
  4. Activities: The app asks to choose if the user does lot of activity such as household chores, ploughing, gardening, etc. or if the person sits and works a lot in front of the system and so on. Based on the level of activity the user can select the appropriate one.
  5. Workout proposals: Based on the above selection the app suggests workout proposals which can be convenient to adopt and practice.
  6. Interactive Audio and Video lessons: The user can follow the video lessons in order to do the workout.
  7. Tracing activities: The user can track to know how many activities he/she was able to complete.
  8. Calorie counter: According to the foods taken the user can count the relevant calories.
  9. Push notifications: The user can get to know various updates and notifications.
  10. Experts Help: The user can avail the help of fitness and health experts so that appropriate guidelines and advises can be followed to stay fit.
  11. Payments: There are various payment gateways which are integrated in the app and the user can make use of them.
  12. Chats/Messengers: The user can chat or message with the fitness expert and can seek advise.
  13. Video calls/Calls: The user can also make video calls to the fitness experts by using the app.
  14. Water tracker: The user can track how many liters of water is taken daily and so on.
  15. Reminders: Time to time reminders are sent to the users and they are alerted regarding the intake of calories and work outs, etc.
  16. Set goal: The user has also the flexibility to set a goal to lose weight or maintain the same weight.
  17. Sleep: The user can track his/her sleeping habits through this attribute.
  18. Music: The user can do the workouts by listening to music.
  19. Step counter: The user can also get to know how much distance he/she has travelled through this attribute.
  20. Diet suggestions: The user can get to know various nutritional information regarding food which can be useful.
  21. Recipes: The user can also get to know healthy recipes.
  22. Subscription: The app user can subscribe and accordingly get to know various information regarding the latest updates, newsletters, etc.
  23. Fitness clubs: With the help of GPS the user can locate for fitness clubs near his place of location.
Fitness apps

Admin Panel

  1. Manage user accounts: The admin can look into the accounts of user and has the authority to suspend/delete the accounts of the user in case of any discrepancy.
  2. Manage accounts of the fitness experts: The admin can manage the accounts of the fitness experts and look into them.
  3. Verification of documents: The admins can verify the relevant documents submitted by the health and fitness experts.
  4. Google Analytics: The admin can get to know the revenue generated from the app and the progress.
  5. Payments management: The admin can manage the payments received from the customers effectively.
  6. Attend to Complaints: The admin is ultimately responsible to sort out the complaints if there are any.

Fitness and health experts Panel

  1. Registration: The relevant fitness expert can feed the details and can access the app.
  2. Upload documents: The concerned experts can upload their certifications, documents, etc. Here to get them verified by the admin.
  3. Chat/Message: The specialists can message or chat with the user.
  4. Video call/Call: The experts can make a video call or a normal call and can explain the detailed work out to the user.
  5. Replacement: The experts can replace any other fitness specialist if they are on long vacation or a holiday.
There are many other attributes as well which can be incorporated as needed.
Fitness apps

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  4. We have built apps which can integrate well with API’s of third party.
  5. We offer technical support too.
We build apps which are of high quality, error-free, cost effective, fast, secure along with appreciable speed and performance and appealing features, etc. In case you are looking for renowned fitness and health app development company you can contact us – Next Big Technology.

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