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    Alcohol Delivery App Development

    We make your delivery system easy and interactive. Get done high quality and fully functional Alochal Delivery App.

    Are you running an alcohol delivery business? Then you must definitely think of extending your business to online! If you do so you would attract more customers and thereby your sales would grow considerably. Alcohol lovers would love the concept of alcohol delivery to their respective homes or locations to where the customer prefers. This is a good time to invest in alcohol delivery app development so that the app facilitates in making alcohol delivery flexibly. To expand your business, it’s a great idea to go online.

    Do you want your business to stand out from your competitors? Then this is possibly a high time to go online. You can expect high returns for your investment.

    Alcohol delivery app development company

    Next Big technology is the best alcohol delivery app development company in India. Alcohol mobile applications are on-demand now a days and it is also observed that the necessity to build alcohol delivery applications would grow in the coming years. We can help in customizing the app as you need. You can trust us 100%. We can construct quality software and as we are time bound, we deliver the software in time. Our brand is known for quality. We hold extensive experience in building alcohol mobile apps as we have built successful applications for our clients who run alcohol business. Moreover, we have implemented many features as demanded by our clients and our clients are very much happy with our work and efforts, we have put in.

    We understand that every single penny of yours is precious and therefore we can build the software at a reasonable rate.

    We can build on any platform – Android and iOS and can incorporate features as per your requirement.

    Acquire seamless business supervision with our alcohol delivery app development solution.

    Flow process to get alcohol delivered

    Customer can order alcohol from the app –> Stores running alcohol business would receive the order and then dispatch the order –> Order delivery would happen at the customers doorstep.

    Features of the app


    1. Sign-up: The user can give the details and hence an account would be created to access the app.
    2. Social login: The user can access the app through social accounts for effortless login.
    3. Categories/Sub-categories: The user can check out the products from the relevant category and their respective sub-category.
    4. Order: The user can order the necessary items straight away.
    5. Pre-Booking: The user can schedule and order in advance.
    6. Track order: The user can track the order as soon as the order is confirmed.
    7. Add to favorite: You can either add single or multiple stores and can share the store details on social media platform.
    8. Add to cart: The user can add the items to the cart using the option.
    9. Set – up pickup and destination: The user can set – up the pickup and the destination location as per requirement.
    10. ETA: The user receives all the prominent details such as the delivery time – when the delivery would possibly happen.
    11. Modify address: The user can modify the address as required.
    12. Cancel order: The user can cancel the order if in case needed by giving appropriate cause.
    13. History/Re-order: The user can look at the history segment and can order the items again with new revised prices.
    14. Order customization: The user can customize the order as needed.
    15. Multiple order: The user can place order consisting of multiple items by accessing multiple stores.
    16. Payments: The customer can make payments as we integrate various payment gateways in the app. The user can opt for COD and e-wallet (added in the app) as well.
    17. Bill: The user can check the bill or invoice and can glance at the price distribution made such as delivery charges, taxes. Etc.
    18. Outlet information: The user can check for the store details by looking at the feedback/comments.
    19. Notifications: Updated messages are notified at regular intervals.
    20. Filter: The user can use the element to get the desired information.
    21. List of order items: The user can check out the details regarding the order such as which all orders were accepted/rejected or awaiting confirmation.
    22. Map: The user can check out the active stores by viewing – map.
    23. In – app chat/call: The user can make a chat or call to the delivery provider using the feature.
    24. Report: The user can raise a complaint if there are any issues.

    Store Person Panel

    1. Register: The store owner can register by filling up all the details necessary.
    2. Manage order: The orders can be managed effectively on the page.
    3. Manage delivery: The deliveries can also be checked for the relevant orders ordered by the customers.
    4. Add/Modify/Delete products: Products can be added, modified and as well as deleted. Appropriate prices can be added and if there are any new services started, the details can be updated.
    5. Manage items: The stock inventory can be checked from time to time by utilizing the store application and panel.
    6. Multiple Selection: The stores can limit the quantities and can either allow or prevent multiple item selection.
    7. Set trending items: The trending or the popular items can be published so that people tend to buy the product as the process also aids in promoting.
    8. Categories/Sub-categories: The respective stores can either add or remove or modify the categories and sub-categories.
    9. Manage delivery person: The store persons can manage and deliver the ordered products by assigning the order to the delivery person so that the product is delivered in timely manner and also their earnings can also be tracked.

    Delivery Provider Panel

    1. Registration: The delivery persons details are filled so that the app can be accessed.
    2. Upload documents: Documents such as ID proof and some significant documents can be uploaded.
    3. Online/Offline: The persons can either stay online or offline based on the orders allotted to them.
    4. Coupons:The delivery person can make use of the coupons.
    5. In – app call/chat: The delivery provider can chat or call to the customer to find the location address.
    6. Route: The delivery provider can receive the intricate details regarding the customers’ address.
    7. Earnings: Earnings can be traced through this attribute.
    8. Update bank details: The delivery provider can submit the bank details so as to receive the payments.

    Admin Panel

    1. Manage deliveries: All the deliveries can be managed effectively and the prominent information such as feedback, users, etc. can be obtained.
    2. Mange vehicles: To manage the deliveries effectively there must be a vehicle and hence these vehicles are managed by the admin.
    3. Add countries/cities: If businesses are set up globally then relevant countries and cities can be added.
    4. Add stores:Stores can be added and appropriate permissions can be given.
    5. Verify delivery provider details: The admin can verify the delivery provider details.
    6. Manage earnings and delivery provider: The admin can manage to view the earnings made from the app and also track the delivery providers.
    7. Manage stores: The admin can manage to check the store registration and details as such.
    8. Discounts/Offers: The admin has the responsibility to publish discounts/offers to the users and the delivery providers.
    9. Manage delivery charges: The delivery charges can be added or reduced according to the location of delivery.
    10. Manage complaints/issues: The admin can attend to any issue or complaint received from the user/customer.
    11. There are many more attributes which we have successfully implemented.

    Why us?

    1. We are into the field of developing alcohol mobile applications from past many years and hence hold substantial experience.
    2. After concrete analyzing of the requirements, we start with the development work.
    3. Once complete development process is done, we test the software several times so that errors are fixed at the earliest.
    4. We deliver the software with high-quality and in time.
    5. We customize your requirements as demanded by you.
    We are here to build your dreams. Do talk to us in case you have any doubts so that you can get them clarified.

    Please connect with us to discuss more about your requirements.

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