Enterprise Solution

Online Food Delivery Portal

Online ordering website that allows a user or customer the functionality to access all of the units for ordering their choice of meal or everything on the menu, from variety of restaurants, bars, pubs, fast-food joints or hotels. You can easily place your order by accessing the website online and providing with all of the required details. We are specialized in creating a large number of online portal which includes Online Food delivery portal. The ideas of creating such Online delivery portals are getting wide and wide day by day and grab the large extend of online market in the recent times ranging from small investment projects to large portals such as Food panda, Zomato etc. Thus more and more companies started investing in these trends.

-Online food delivery & takeaway service
-Small Party Catering And Arrangement Service
-Corporate Meals Service

The biggest advantage that comes to one’s mind is that these portals have a huge number of users, which could become your potential clients. So it must be a very good channel for acquiring customers.

The big portals invest a lot in marketing, resources that a small restaurant could not even dream of. The more clients they get, the bigger the pool for the restaurant becomes. So at least in theory, you would need to focus only on food.