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Magento is one of the best PHP Frameworks. It is known for being the best eCommerce platform. It provides a complete end-to-end eCommerce development solution. Magento covers all eCommerce Development requirements with inbuilt features and with available extensions.

As a Top Magento Development Company in India, the USA We provide high-quality Magento Development Services. Hire Magento Developer at Next Big Technology for any eCommerce Web Application Development requirements.

Magento is the most popular eCommerce-based open-source platform. It has many inbuilt features which cover all eCommerce-based web application development needs.

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Key Advantages of Magento:

=> Content Management System
=> Order Management System
=> Product Management System
=> Payment Gateway Management
=> Inventory Management
=> Shipping Management
=> Cart and Checkout Process Management
=> Marketing and Promotion Management Tools
=> Search Engine Optimization Management Tools

Magento gives us the perfect option to create a small and large eCommerce website and portals. It allows us to use its inbuilt features to create any type of eCommerce Website. Magento provides a complete store management system as its inbuilt functionality which makes eCommerce website development very easy with using all its existing features.

These days if you need an eCommerce website, Magento is the first word that comes into your mind, it has become a global identity that is taking a bigger shape in eCommerce web development, Hire Magento Developers for Magento Web Development which full fill all your eCommerce needs. As a top Magento development company in India, USA we have a talented and experienced team of Magento Web Developers who know how to develop a complete eCommerce solution using Magento.

Magento is a fully-featured eCommerce open-source platform developed on Php CMS technology and independent from third-party plug-ins. Without any doubt one of the most desirable eCommerce platforms over time, Magento offers a wide base platform to manage all online sales and products with amazing flexibility and control. The key objectives of Magento are to provide the eCommerce website’s administrator with outstanding accessibility and easy control over the content, images, and complete functionality of the Store.

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Key Features of Magento:

=> Complete Content Management System
=> Order Management
=> Product Management
=> All Payment Gateway integration
=> Inventory Management
=> Shipping Management
=> Cart and Checkout Process
=> Marketing and Promotion tools
=> Search Engine Optimization tools

Magento 2 Features

Improved Performance and Scalability

Customer Persuasion

A Very Powerful Platform

Magento 2 is Mobile Friendly

Advanced SEO Features

A Huge Community

Customizable Security Features

Marketplace Integration

Intelligent Search Options

Limitless customization

Magento Development Solution

At Next Big Technology, we have very skilled Magento Developers as per the best of industries. We have achieved a lot in Magento 2 as well. At NBT we have the best in industry Magento developers, they have developed many Magento stores to help the clients get sales and orders from their e-commerce sites.

You can always Hire Dedicated Magento Developers and a development team for your eCommerce project. We provide you Dedicated Magento Programmers for your Magento project are selected as per work requirements from a pool of our highly talented Magento developers and appointed to work with you after they pass small test tasks as per your thoughts.

Our pool of talented developers is well-versed in working in teams to even enhance their skills and knowledge and apply them to your online stores.

Hire Magento Developers for the services we provide in Magento

Magento Website Development

Magento Development Services Our Developers Offer

=>Magento 2 Theme Development
=>Magento Responsive Theme Development
=>Magento Custom Theme Development
=>Magento Custom Extension Development
=>Magento Extension Customisation
=>Magento Premium Theme Setup
=>Magento Premium Theme Customisation
=>Magento Bug & Problem Fixing
=>Magento Maintenance
=>Magento Multilingual Website
=>Magento LTR to RTL Hebrew Website
=>Mobile Website
=>Magento Design
=>Magento Speed Optimisation, Google Speedtest, GTmetrix, Pingdom.
=>Magento w3c Validator
=>Magento Seo Friendly
=>Magento security
=>Magento Browser Compatibility
=>Magento Responsive Websites Etc.

Magento Customized Solution

Why Magento?

Magento provides all options which an eCommerce store may have. Mostly covered by default Magento. If you need some extra additional features there are some extensions available in Magento Market as well. Magento is a large community which means you can get all your additional needs done easily. Magento is easy to customize and we can create custom templates in Magento as per our customer requirements. Using Magento you can use all its features which gives you the ability to manage all eCommerce store functionality as per your eCommerce needs. Here are some basic features listed.

– Bundled, simple, grouped, and configurable products Options

– Different price tags for different categories

– Unlimited Products and Unlimited Product Attributes

– Sample Products and Digital Products

– Sharing option on email and social media

– Admin panel have the ability to view/edit, create orders

– Invoice printing, shipping options, and packaging slips

– Multiple invoices option, credit memo, and shipments option per order

– Complete Admin Controls

– Order status option

– Admin panel enables customer reordering

– Order notifications by email and phone text message

– Single page checkout and multiple page checkouts

– User registration, cart, and checkout with items selected

– Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support for orders and payment

– Saving, Coupon code, and discounts

– Complete shopping cart with tax information

– Authorize.net integration

– Paypal and Credit card, debit card options

– All kinds of third party payment gateway integration

– All types of Shipping module integration with complete order dispatch details

– Quantity discount for products

– Up-sells and Cross-sells Product option

– High Performing shopping cart

– Sharing with friends or Tell a Friend option

– Inbuilt CMS for landing pages, inner pages, and blog option

– Inbuilt feature to prevent fake logins & Fake users

– Multiple languages and multiple currencies support

– Fully customized template and design

– Fully Responsive Designs

– Tax & Vat calculation

– Multiple Coupon code options

– Generate coupon sharing reports & data

– Promotion tools for products

Tips to Hire An Expert Magento Developer

As a Best Magento Development Company India, USA we provide complete design and development services for eCommerce Web Application Development. Hire Magento Developer with us for your next eCommerce website development task. We have an experienced and skilled team of Magento Web Developers who are well versed in eCommerce Website Development and Design with Magento CMS. Hire Magento Developers on basis of hourly, fixed price, weekly or monthly basis.

We have done many projects in Magento including Magento 2 as well, We can develop online stores at our best using Magento, We are familiar with all Magento Extensions and all functions. Hire Magento Developers at Next Big Technology for all kinds of eCommerce development services using Magento. As a Best Magento Development company, we create powerful eCommerce Web Portals.

Why Choose Next Big Technology ?

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Experienced & Skilled Team

  • Experienced Managers
  • Certified Developers
  • Creative Designers
  • Innovative thinkers
  • Great collaborators
  • Dedicated Developers
  • Effective and efficient execution
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Competetive Pricing

  • Best Pricing
  • Flexible Costing System
  • Quality Control
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Very High Return-on-investment
  • Top-notch result with cost effective pricing
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Top-notch Solutions

  • Use Best and latest Technologies
  • Robust and Secure Solutions
  • Great Designs and functionality
  • Optimized Technology Stack for your project
  • Enterprise-grade implementations
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Smooth Processes

  • Strategized projects
  • Quality in work
  • Timely task completion
  • Client Approval at every step
  • Incorporation of feedback
  • Using modernizing techniques
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