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Web Development

Best Web Development Solutions

All forms of web-based applications are designed, built, supported, and evolved using web development services. With over a decade of experience in web development, Next Big Technology creates attractive and fast websites, web portals, and other web solutions that help businesses transition digitally and improve operations.

NBT’s web developers assist brands in navigating the ever-changing digital market by being client-focused, customer-centric, and designing website solutions that offer meaningful business results.

Next Big Technology is a company that specializes in website development. Our web solutions are high-performing, feature-rich, and digitally transformational, with a focus on being user-friendly, fully functional, highly secure, and scalable as your business expands.

Our website developers offer our clients skilled web application development services. Next Big Technology provides a wide range of website development services, including web and mobile development and responsive web design, as well as unique e-commerce and enterprise experiences built using the most up-to-date and trusted web technologies.

Web Development Services

We do provide all type of different web development services, our web developers are skilled in developing different kind of web solutions as per custom requirements of clients.

Custom Website Development

We at Next Big Technology strive to serve our clients in the best way possible and develop customized websites at affordable prices. We incorporate everything that our client wants. If you are willing to customize your website in the way you want, we are here for you.

eCommerce Website Development

We specialize in providing services related to the development of e-commercial websites. We understand the growing need for e-commerce and hence try to support the conversion of every offline business into an online business through the development of the websites. We try to develop websites powered by responsive web design to support e-commerce.

SaaS-based Product Development

We also specialize in the development of SaaS-based products. These are nothing but internet software’s that are accessible to the users to serve the capacity of the best business distribution model. We develop a platform that is accessible to a lot of people.

Migration To Other Technology

If you plan to switch from one technology to another, we are there to ease down the migration. We make this happen with the help of transitory tools that develop in data relocation in the minimum time.

Web Portal Development

We have our expertise in the development of web portals. We develop the design and the interface of such web portals in the first place. At the same time, we also make sure to make it functional according to the customizations provided by our clients.

CMS Development

We develop content management software’s used for the management, creation, and modification of digital content. We try to specialize in developing enterprise content management and web content management. We value our clients’ requirements and hence, develop the software in the way they want to get.

Framework Development

Every software and application can function within the extent of the framework. In other words, this is the framework that can decide the functioning of the application and software. We specialize in such development. We have expertise in setting the pillars of these frameworks as well.

Web App Development

If you are looking for the development of the best website application developer, then we at Next Big Technology are the market leaders in this category. We have a vast amount of expertise and experience in developing website applications. Our website-based applications can operate on every base and hence are adaptable.

API Integration

We help our clients to develop application programming interfaces. It is a kind of messenger that can process requests and ensure the seamless functioning of enterprise systems. We control the interaction between data and the application of devices.

Extension Development

We help our clients to develop application programming interfaces. It is a kind of messenger that can process requests and ensure the seamless functioning of enterprise systems. We control the interaction between data and the application of devices.

API Development

Application Programming Interfaces have been able to assist the development of data and the management of the same amongst the different types of cookies which are the part of the same. We at Next big technology try to make this happen so that a better functioning could be ensured over the period of time.

Backend Development

Development of back-end links is essential for the development of goodwill because it helps in the establishment of visibility of a particular network. This is extremely important and hence at Next Big Technology try to establish a seamless connection in order to activate the search engine optimization by this process.

Frontend Development

Development of frontends is equally helpful and beneficial for securing a data connection with the third party websites. We at Next Big Technology make an attempt to make sure front end development takes place so that user engagement and traffic increase.


Enterprise Web Development

We are having the maximum amount of experience and expertise in order to develop the web content and web design including the web interface. We help in the development of the web pages based on the responsive web designs in order to make sure that the enterprises are able to compete with the other competitors.

Mobile Website Development

We understand the need to develop responsive websites which can be initiated from anywhere and at any point of time. That is why we are here to provide the maximum sort of experience and expertise for the development of the same so that effective and efficient websites become operative.

How To Hire Top Web Developers With Next Big Technology?

Hire Top Class Web Developers on different basis as per your requirements and budget.

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Web Development Solutions


We also have expertise in developing applications and websites on Wordpress. We make sure that all the websites we develop enjoy a more affordable structure and cost and incorporate an easy operation interface and an excellent theme to impress.


We try to serve our clients with the best customization of content available on Joomla. We update galleries, photos, content, audio, and videos on behalf of our clients to give an attractive look to the website in the first place.


We at Next Big Technology have got hands-on experience in handling front-end developers to have complete control of the presentation and UI design. We ensure a perfect combination of client-side framework and seasoned front-end development software to ensure that our clients get a faster and richer experience.


We have expertise in managing open source e-commerce platforms in PHP like Magneto. We understand this emerging e-commerce script and try to incorporate the same in the website development to ensure an enriching experience while operating the website.


We have got you covered if you want to utilize the simple yet powerful tool in developing an e-commerce context using PrestaShop. Our experts understand the software interfaces and hence try to create the best web-based content with the help of these aides.


It is a matter of prestige for us at Next Big Laravel Technology to proclaim that we can manage at least 13000 plus modules and themes of OpenCart for getting the same incorporated into your website. We try to indulge in effective content management services and look after parameters like design and interface to ensure that your website can expand and grow.


We specialize in the development of PHP based applications which require modern syntax. Our expert team can easily handle complex cases to the best of our ability.


Our team has sufficient experience in the development of symfony. We integrate the PHP format to the best of our ability to develop web based applications.


We also specialize in the development of web based applications for all the people who require a small toolkit for operating a large sized web application. Our expert team can integrate this feature to the best of the knowledge and ability.


We have hands-on experience in the development of simple, elegant and less time consuming websites. We know the art of CakePhP which requires the least amount of coding.

YII Framework

We know to incorporate the YII framework which works out of the box in order to make web development much more easy. We try to provide an easy interface for the ease of the consumer.


We are here to assist our clients with the best of our expertise to handle Django web development. We try to make the coding much easier with this process.


If you are looking for some amazing woocommerce developers, then we are there to assist you out with the best. We understand the need to develop a good quality framework for better work efficiency and client handling.


Our professional team has got a sufficient amount of experience in handling cases related to magneto. We try to arrange for the possible enterprises into stacks called libraries for better interface development.


We have been able to develop a better system for the management of the e-commerce platforms with the help of assistance provided by opencart. We are specialists in this PHp development as well.


We specialize in the development of PHP based applications which require modern syntax. Our expert team can easily handle complex cases to the best of our ability


We understand the technology that is associated with the usage of NodeJs. We try to provide the same over a sufficient amount of runtime on platforms like Chrome.


We also specialize in the development of web based applications for all the people who require a small toolkit for operating a large sized web application. Our expert team can integrate this feature to the best of the knowledge and ability.


We are here to assist our clients with the best of our expertise to handle Django web development. We try to make the coding much easier with this process


We try to provide the default framework of prestashop. This framework is likely to assist all of our clients and customers in the best way possible.

Ubercart Drupal

If you want to start selling your products online, then reach out to us at the earliest. We specialize in the development of Ubercart drupal so that a better working environment can be generated at the website.

Virtuemart Joomla

If you want an e-commerce solution for free in order to make your business run then there is nothing to worry. We are here to make sure that your business is able to run properly and without any kind of issue with the help of codification of virtuemart joomla.


We have sufficient experience in handling the incorporation of oscommerce platforms on your web pages and websites so that a better working environment can be generated. This provides an easy interface to operate the data.


We also have our professional team to manage the demand of website development solutions and web page development solutions. All of this can be performed easily over a period of time.


If you are looking forward to developing interactive user interfaces then we are here for your assistance. We help to incorporate the development of React JS so that a better learning technology can be achieved. This is essential for providing a better user interface.


We understand the technology that is associated with the usage of NodeJs. We try to provide the same over a sufficient amount of runtime on platforms like Chrome.


If you want to develop a single page application, then we are here to provide you with the best kind of experience. We develop php applications with angular JS for an easy and ready to use interface.

Mern Stack

We also specialize in the development of Mongo, Express, React and Node technology. This is very helpful and effective in order to easily incorporate an effective e-commerce platforms with all stacks.

Mean Stack

We help to deliver the services of mean stack for the development of dynamic and multi functional websites. All of these are very helpful for running web pages.


This is able to give the best developer experience in order to run applications. We at next big technology try to incorporate these services into your websites for a wholesome experience.

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Why Hire NBT For Web Development Services

Range of Web Development Solutions Next Big Technology is the leading Web development solution company. Our seasoned expert team has in-depth knowledge of the Web Development. We are ready to implement all the latest development technology and tools. So, get ready to receive a high-end Web Development Service.

Advanced Technologies

We try to incorporate and indulge in a world-class website development infrastructure with the help of advanced technologies. These technologies promise a better design and try to indulge in a better user experience.

Flexible Client Support

We are here to serve our clients to the best of our efficiencies. Hence, in such a situation, we make sure that our support gets accustomed and adjusted to the help of the clients. This is essential for customer satisfaction, and hence all our services revolve around this approach only.

Delivery on Time

We are known for qualitative and timely services because we respect that time is the essence of your contractual obligations. So you need not worry at all about anything because your project is in safe hands.

NDA Complaint

We try to maintain all your trade secrets and assure you do not disclose any of your business-related information to any third party without your consent. Your data and business reports are entirely safe with us.

Customized Solutions

We operate because of our clients. We exist because of you all. That is why in such a situation, we try to deliver our services according to the needs and expectations of our customers. We provide whatever you want. Our wish is our command.

Competitive Cost

We provide all our web development and content management services at a very affordable cost. We also ensure that our clients fetch the best price and value in terms of money and efficiency.

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Client Testimonials

Words that describe our quality and keep us motivated...

Derek Baron

After a long time we haven’t found people who meet our needs, we came to you through a recommendation and you did the job in a great way!
Both we and our customers are very satisfied with the quality of the work, the listening and the speed of execution.


Next Big Technology been an excellent resource for us over the last few years with keeping our website updated. Amit is prompt in his responses and very strong technically. Anytime we have a problem with our website, I just write to him and they are able to fix it quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend working with Next Big Technology.


I like how responsive they are to solving problems. Especially helping fix any bugs during development. They are also really easy to work with because of their down to earth communication and dealings.


This development team cares about the customer and does everything to make their clients happy and satisfied with their work. They deliver on their promises, no matter how long it takes, and provide daily, detailed updates of their work upon request.

Our Work Speaks

Next Big Technology provide top notch Web and Mobile App Solutions, we develop high quality and innovative Web and Mobile Applications which can be easily stand out in competitive market. Our Developers works on latest and trending technologies and we always deliver requirement specific and user centric applications as per business needs.


About Mobile App Development

We build high quality Android and IOS mobile applications using latest app development technologies. We design innovative and unique mobile apps which help you to grow and standout your business. Our developed mobile applications are top trending and high performing in all environments.

View More Details

About Website Development

We build top notch and quality websites, our developed websites are secure, fully responsive, speed optimized and seo friendly. We design creative and eye catching websites, which help you to build online presence for your business and stand tall in competitive market.

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We are a team of highly talented developers, If you are looking to hire experienced developers with us then you should know little more about us, Why you should hire our developers..


Skilled & Talented Developers

Our Developers are well skilled and talented in their respective technologies. We hired developers with excellent coding and communication skills.


Affordable Rates

We do offer best in industry rates. We offer you to hire dedicated developers on your terms and as per your budget. Our cost model is best in market.


Project Management

Our top class project management ensure and timeline delivery of a quality product, which is requirement specific and completely business oriented.


Quality Standards

We do follow all quality standards of Design, Development, Testing, Agile Model OF Development, SEO Standards and platform compatibility.


Time-Zone Compatible

We do work with different clients from all part of World and we provide services as per their timezone. Our developers got available as per their timezone preferences.


Pool of Expert Developers

We have great pool of expert developers in all technologies. Which gives you a choice to choose developers as per your requirements and budget.

Our High Quality Software Development Services

We are the leading mobile and web development company in India to provide affordable and quality services to our clients.


Custom Software Development

Make your Software with the features you wish for we offer the custom Software which solves your business requirements.


Websites and Web Applications

We are the leading web design company in the World which provide all types of website development to fullfull your business needs


E-commerce Development

We build the top notch online store of your business, which make us one of the best e-commerce website development company.


Mobile Application Development

We offer high quality mobile app development services for both Android and iOS development with the best approach of the business needs.


UI/UX Design

We offer a innovative and unique design for web and app & Which allow your mobile app or website standout in competitive market.


Testing and QA

Get the high quality Web and Mobile App solution from The Next Big Technology. We have the best quality analyst who test application on all environment.


Software Consulting

We provide Software consulting services for all your software development needs. We provide consulting for Web and Mobile App Services.


Digital Marketing

We increase your brand value and allow your business to generate leads. We provide SEO, SMM, PPC and online marketing services.

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