Crowdfunding App Development Solution

Next Big Technology is efficient enough for delivering Crowdfunding app development solutions. We are ready to help you establish the brand and expand your business. We look forward to offering the best crowdfunding opportunities. Our exclusive crowdfunding app will help with every requirement. Our objective is to improve the high donor onboarding, donation approval, and other benefits. In addition, it will help in proper monitoring and tracking the donation progress easily.


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Quality and Affordable Crowdfunding App Development

Effective Crowdfunding App Development Solutions

Crowdfunding solutions will have complete power over the trending technologies. The state of the web and mobile application is available in the marketplace. This is highly innovative for enterprises from a startup or small businesses. Our experts will provide a wide range of crowdfunding app development solutions. This is the best way to get white label crowdfunding software development services. It will accommodate the complete infrastructure in different business structures.

Our innovative engineering will help be the functional and expertise in building the strategy. The donation business is one of the essential parts of the marketing industry. As per the report, almost every brand worldwide is now offering online donations. It is one of the best opportunities to proceed with the business by helping different individuals. If you are one of such brands, our crowd funding app is essential. It will help you to deliver benefits with efficient development solutions.

Next Big Technology is ready to provide the best crowdfunding app development. They are prepared to help the business in every possible way. Our exclusive app will help in monitoring and tracking the donation business. So, it is easily possible for different Crowdfunding processes without much effort. Our experts will make sure to help our clients to meet their business achievements. Donors can easily track their overall business activities with excellent features.

It includes database management, analytics, reporting, etc. Several other functionalities are also included in this development. Our objective is to offer complete solutions to every business and enterprise. Then you are in the right place to have an efficient solution.

Crowdfunding App Development: Exclusive Features

Next Big Technology is ready to deliver impressive Crowdfunding app solutions. Every app has important functionalities with a high-end solution. Our experts are prepared to provide an attractive solution for the clients.


Quick Registration

A doner can go through an easy registration process for every app download. They can use basic credentials such as phone numbers or email addresses. They can also quickly create an account by connecting the social media account.


Doner Profile

Every user can easily manage their profile by adding or changing different details. It will help the donation to go through the entire verification process quickly. This is the best way to improve the Crowdfunding services for the donors.


App Management

Doners can also have complete control over the application management. This will enable them to maintain different policies to have an efficient credit score. Therefore, the proper administration of applications needs to have quick donation progress.


Doner Application

Doner applications will entirely rely on different details for quick verification. It will help in completing the entire crowdfunding process with ease. This is the best way to connect efficiently between donation and doner.


Bank Accounts Connection

Donors will be able to manage multiple bank accounts in a single crowdfunding app. This is the best way to correctly link and engage with numerous reports. In addition, it is the best way to have proper financial management for multiple accounts.


Payment Arrangement

Payment arrangements can be much easier through a Crowdfunding app. Our experts are ready to engage in the payment arrangement system. It will have a safe and secure transaction process for the Crowdfunding app development.


Apply for Donations

Doners will have easy options for the application of donations through the app. For example, they can look for different policies and processes for the donation application. In addition, it will increase efficiency by completing extra quicksteps.


Donation Calculation

The application is also integrated with a donation calculator. This is one of the valuable tools that will enable the donor to calculatethe collection. It is the best way to compare and have a solid option to proceed with crowdfunding.


Set Donation Period

The doner will also get the option to set their donation as per their convenience. This is the best way to construct an excellent process to progress in donation payment. It is essential to build upon the credit score and increase the chance of quick donation approval.


Donation Schedule and Receipt

Doners can easily schedule all the payments and receipts directly from the app. The payment will be completed automatically as per the setup. It will eliminate the chance of repayment failure while using the Crowdfunding app.


View Paid/Unpaid Donation

Doners will get the complete details of the donations’ paid and unpaidcontributions. This is the best way to proceed with the donation repayment process. It is one efficient way to have complete control over the Crowdfunding process.


Withdraw Money

Once the donation is approved, the amount will be available in the event bank account. The user can easily withdraw the money at their convenience. It is possible directly from the crowdfunding app to complete the payments


Transfer Money to a Bank Account

Once the money is transferred into the crowdfunding app account of the user. A doner can quickly transfer that money directly into the bank account. This will help promptly complete several processes in a short period.


Discount Offers

Crowdfunding applications will offer different offers for completing the donation. In addition, a virtual bank account will be provided for the crowdfunding process. This is one effective way to get benefits while using the crowdfunding application.


Reward Points

Users will get reward points after completing every successful donation. This is the best way to get different offers and benefits for the donors for contributions. It is much similar to having loyalty points in any other app.


Multi-Donation Types

There are multiple types of donations available in the crowdfunding application. Doners can go through the entire list by selecting their convenient donation option. Better comparison between the donationcause and progress.


Donation Support

Doners can easily have an online call or chat to clear out queries. This is one effective way to communicate better before proceeding with the donation. In addition, it will help improve donor satisfaction by enhancing the crowdfunding process.



Donors will get notifications and alerts relating to all the financial transactions. Every notification alert will be given in real-time to the donors. It will clear out all the transactions happening on the crowdfunding app.


Donation Profile

A donation agency will have complete control over maintaining the profile in the app. In addition, the profile will have the complete information of the donor. This will help the donors to engage in the entire process by reading the profile.


Donation Proposal Listing

The donation agency will have complete control over all the donation proposals in the app. Therefore, they can adequately list out, certify, and proceed with verification. This is the best way to improve the overall donation maintenance structure in the crowdfunding app.


Donation Search

The donation agency can have complete control over the donation search by the donors. They can readily showcase the interest rate and various other details. They can also check the rival donation to get a better option for the doners.


View Donor Profile

The donation agency will also have the option to thoroughly check out the donors’ profiles. This will enable them to have the proper verification process before getting a donation. One of the critical factors makes it a helpful app in the crowdfunding market.


Donation Security

Our experts will provide security and compliance for the crowdfunding app. Moreover, it will enable a protective shield for both donors and the NGO. This is the best way to protect data and offer secure transactions.


Instant Donation Transfer

Crowdfundingcompanies will have the ability to have instant donation transfers to the donors. This is one of the efficient ways to complete the business process. In addition, security and reliability will enable the increasing user base in the platform.



Admin can control all the app behavior from a single central control. The admin can easily monitor and check all the operations. It will help improve the service in the Crowdfunding app development solutions.


2 Factor Authentication

App admin will have the ability to engage in the 2-factor authentication. This is one of the best ways to protect the transactions happening in the crowdfunding app. It is essential to improve the security factors for both donations and doners.


Manage Rewards

App admin will have complete control over managing the rewards. This will help improve the user base by increasing the loyalty toward the crowdfunding app. Moreover, it is better to have an efficient reward program in the competitive market.


Manage Offers

App admin will also have the ability to manage offers and discounts in the Crowdfunding app. This will also help attract donors to the platform. In addition, multiple offers will help them engage in the Crowdfunding process.


Manage Donation Approval

App admin will also work on managing donation approval for donors and donations. It is essential to complete the verification before approving them. This will improve the reliability and increase the userbase of the crowdfunding app.


Manage Donor Requests

App admin can also help manage all the donor requests. The app admin is responsible for managing all the factors in the app. They will set up all the limits and maintain the demand for a viable solution.


Managing Donors

App admin can also have the proper management of the donors. They can reject the profiles if the verification process does not complete. It is essential to have a verified profile to have the green light for the transaction process and have a Crowdfunding service.


CMS Integration

App admin will have complete control over the content management system. This will improve the absolute control over all the contents available on the platform. It is essential to improve the quality of the Crowdfunding app.


Manage Financial Management

App admin will also have the properties of managing the financial partner. Gateway partners are responsible for approving and transferring the donation amount. Proper management will increase the security and reliability of the platform.


Donation Management

App admin is also responsible for managing all the donations on the platform. They will check on the repayment date and other factors in the app. It will improve the overall structure of the Crowdfunding app process.


Donation Calculator

An inbuilt donation calculator will enable complete control over the crowdfunding app. In addition, it will allow investment and spending management in the business. This will ensure efficient progress in the industry with consistency.


Reports & Analytics

Proper analytics will be available for the donation, doner, and app admin. In addition, it will give a complete overview of the functionality of the crowdfunding process. This will help in maintaining or improving the overall functionality.


Chatbot Services

Effective chatbot services will help the donors as well as the company. This will ensure to have all the queries and doubts clear out instantly. It will also recommend investments and security in crowdfunding apps.


Integrated Cloud Storage

We understand it is hard to manage lots of data and resources. Our integrated cloud management will help in smart management solutions. This will help in improving the delivery and management of every data.

How To Hire Top Crowdfunding App Developers With Next Big Technology?

Hire Top Class Crowdfunding App Developers on different basis as per your requirements and budget.

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Crowdfunding App Development Services

Next Big Technology is the leading crowdfunding app development company. We are experienced in creating a custom crowdfunding app solution. Therefore, developers are ready to involve in the project for efficient service.


Donation Crowdfunding App

Donation crowdfunding apps will be receiving money from different campaigns. It will allow any company or person to have a growth structure for free. This particular structure does not require anything in return from the fund.


Reward Crowdfunding App

Reward crowdfunding app will offer the donors to provide their funds to a different cause. They will be expecting rewards in return for the fund contribution. It will enable them to contribute to any business and get a reward.


Equity Crowdfunding App

Equity crowdfunding will offer a portion of ownership in the business in exchange for funds. These particular funds are mostly known as investments in different companies. Participants will receive shares of the business by contributing money.


Fraud Prevention Systems

Our experts will defend the IP address in the domain to have better security methods. Furthermore, we will implement an effective mechanism to offer a fraud prevention system. It will completely protect 3rd party access and data collection from user profiles.


Lending Crowdfunding App

Lending crowdfunding is getting money as a credit for different purposes. First, they will get the chance to repay the money with a nominal amount of interest. It is similar to getting any loan for a business or other campaign purpose.


Debt Lending App

The debt lending app Is one of the most effective crowdfunding structures of the application. It will enable the loan process for a specific time frame. However, according to mutual approval, it is essential to repay the amount after the time frame is completed.


Peer-to-Business App

Peer to business lending is specific crowdfunding from general people to the business. They will not get any rewards or equity in return. It most specifically works as an investment in a general sense for growing the business.


Social Lending App

The social lending app is similar to open crowdfunding events on social media. Any general public can contribute to the campaign at their convenience. It is one of the effective ways to have a successful crowdfunding app development.


Peer-to-Peer Lending App

Peer to peer lending application is the direct contribution from one party to another. Therefore, multiple people can contribute to this cause with an effective agreement. This can be helpful in various ways by contributing to the crowdfunding process.


Litigation Crowdfunding App

Litigation crowdfunding is much similar to positioning a mortgage for the funding process. It can have multiple parameters to have a complete crowdfunding process. This will include multiple parties for multiple reasons in the entire structure.


Kickstarter App

Kickstarter is a reward-based crowdfunding platform for helping companies. It has been one of the effective ways to raise money in the market since 2009. This will help reach the monetary goal and the amount within a specific time frame.


GoFundMe App

This application is a basic example of a donation-based crowdfunding company. Most charitable initiatives and businesses are involved in this process. It is the best way to engage with non-profit businesses and organizations for funding.


LendingClub App

LendingClub is one of the practical applications for getting personal loans. They will charge a nominal amount of interest for the entire process. Therefore, it will help complete the monetary goal and get instant financial support for different campaigns.


Indiegogo App

This is a reward-based platform that offers different kinds of funding processes. The fixed funding process will enable setting a goal for a certain amount of money. Most of the funds will be returned to the donor if the goal doesn’t reach.


Crowdfunding Management Portal

Our advanced management of web portals will help secure all donors’ information. They can easily stage on different crowdfunding app plans. This will help them develop responsive and beautiful web portals for the business.


Fundraising Management Solution

Our advanced fundraising management solution will help in analyzing the donor base. It will help in building longer donor relationships. It is mandatory to have efficient connectivity with the donors and the business.

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Range of Crowdfunding App Development

Next Big Technology is the leading mobile app development solution company. We are ready to implement all the latest development technology and tools.


Performance Optimization

We are ready to offer unique crowdfunding app development solutions. It will be highly beneficial for business performance and optimization. In addition, this will help in having a better payment process and cash management.


Reduce Operational Cost

We are ready to decrease the operational cost in every financial sector. This includes the combination of both business intelligence and artificial intelligence. In addition, it will help in having the possible operational cost reduction by automating administration.


Enhanced Productivity

We are one of the well-renowned crowdfunding app development companies. This enables us to deliver effective and efficient solutions with improved digital service. It will help in increasing productivity along with enhancing the donor experience.


New Donor Acquisition

Our official app will help in improving donor engagement. This is the best way to have a high donor retention and acquisition level. In addition, our experts will offer strategies to have proper solutions to retain existing donors.

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Words that describe our quality and keep us motivated...


Derek Baron

After a long time we haven’t found people who meet our needs, we came to you through a recommendation and you did the job in a great way! Both we and our customers are very satisfied with the quality of the work, the listening and the speed of execution.



Next Big Technology been an excellent resource for us over the last few years with keeping our website updated. Amit is prompt in his responses and very strong technically. Anytime we have a problem with our website, I just write to him and they are able to fix it quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend working with Next Big Technology.



I like how responsive they are to solving problems. Especially helping fix any bugs during development. They are also really easy to work with because of their down to earth communication and dealings.



This development team cares about the customer and does everything to make their clients happy and satisfied with their work. They deliver on their promises, no matter how long it takes, and provide daily, detailed updates of their work upon request.

Our Work Speaks

Next Big Technology provide top notch Web and Mobile App Solutions, we develop high quality and innovative Web and Mobile Applications which can be easily stand out in competitive market. Our Developers works on latest and trending technologies and we always deliver requirement specific and user centric applications as per business needs.


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We build high quality Android and IOS mobile applications using latest app development technologies. We design innovative and unique mobile apps which help you to grow and standout your business. Our developed mobile applications are top trending and high performing in all environments.

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We build top notch and quality websites, our developed websites are secure, fully responsive, speed optimized and seo friendly. We design creative and eye catching websites, which help you to build online presence for your business and stand tall in competitive market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost estimation to develop an Crowdfunding app?

If you are looking for the development of a Crowdfunding app. Then the estimation cost requirement is mandatory for the process. Approximately it will cost around $6,000 to $20,000. But the cost can vary depending on various factors of the development. It includes app features, location, platform, app type, etc. Suppose you are looking for app deployment in both Android and iOS platforms. Then it will cost you more by including different factors of the platform.

Can I customize a Crowdfunding app development service according to my business requirements?

Yes, our efficient team of developers is ready for every requirement. They are highly efficient and capable of catering to every business. We are prepared to customize according to the business solution requirement. It is important to implement exclusively to have the unique nature of the solution.

How much time will it take to complete the development process of the Crowdfunding app?

The duration depends entirely on the implementation of features and functionality. It also depends on the time taken for development testing and delivery. Every development process will have charges on an hourly basis. The longer Development time will also increase the cost of development. The development team has multiple expert professionals. It includes graphics designer project manager, backend developer, iOS development, QA testers, and UI designers. The number of designers can increase depending on the requirement of the project. This will increase the time as well as the cost of the development.

Will I get maintenance and support after the deployment of my app?

Yes, we are ready to assure our clients of our proper support in every step. Our objective is to help through every development process. Our service package includes post-deployment support and maintenance. We’re ready to take care of any issues that might happen after the deployment of the project.

Which platform should I choose to get maximum user engagement?

If you are looking to engage with a large customer base. Then it is advisable to deploy the healthcare app on both platforms. It is essential to focus on Android and iOS platforms. We can understand that users happen to be using both platforms. It will keep a significant advantage if we focus on every available platform.

The best procedure to follow to create a full-fledged Crowdfunding app?

Next Big Technology is the best Crowdfunding app development company. We focus on following specific app development processes. It starts with a complete analysis of project requirements. This will help us to proceed with wireframing and prototype. In the next phase, we progress to the development and designing of the app. After that, we focus on quality assurance with beta testing. Finally, we proceed with the development after every step is complete. Also, we work on full discussions with the clients on every step. We take approval in every effort to avoid any uncertain issues.

Will you make App and Backend live?

Yes, we will make it live on Servers and on both Apple and Google Store.

Will you charge extra for server and Apple and Google Accounts?

Yes, we do charge extra for it. We will suggest you options for it. You can buy your own or we can do it for you.

What kind of support you provide after delivery of work?

We provide long term support, we provide priority support in case of any issue or bug. Also we provide maintenance services for long term. We do maintain your app for security, performance, updates and for additional stuff as well.

Will you provide complete source code?

Yes we will provide complete source code and documentation. You will be sole owner of code and we will provide you all data.

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