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    Goods Delivery App Development

    We develop high quality, interactive and fully functional
    App for all kind of Goods Delivery.

    Do you require a delivery app for your business? Whatever the business might be! Our goods delivery app development solutions would definitely prove beneficial for your business.

    Goods Delivery App Development

    Whatever your business domains might be Grocery, Food, Cakes or anything. We have solution for all your queries. Today’s world is completely dominated by technology. So, make sure that if you are running any kind of business you own an app as an app has potential to bring in more traffic and therefore your sales would also be multiplied.
    Goods delivery apps serve customers and make their job easy. It not only eases the business process but also benefits the customers as well. An app for your business domain would assist in connecting your customer in a prompt manner.

    Goods Delivery App Development Company

    Next Big Technology is the best goods delivery app development company in India. We can build on any platform you require. We build concrete admin dashboard which would be very much beneficial and at a very much reasonable cost.

    Just let us know your business requirements and your job would be done.

    We customize 100% and we assure that the product would be of high standards. We have implemented many mobile applications successfully in the past and hence we hold extensive experience in building mobile applications.

    Our goods delivery app development solutions would manifest success for your business.


    Diverse niches of goods delivery service apps

    1. Food delivery.
    2. Grocery delivery.
    3. Beauty and Salon.
    4. House cleaning and maintenance.
    5. Gardening
    6. Laundry and Dry cleaning.
    7. Car Rental Services.
    8. Alcohol Delivery services.
    9. Pet services.
    10. Automobile and repairs.
    11. Flower and Gift delivery.
    12. Cake delivery.
    13. Milk delivery services
    14. Furniture delivery and many more.
    Whatever business you might run and if you need a delivery app for your business then do contact us so that we can provide eminent delivery app development solutions.

    Benefits of goods delivery app

    1. Easy manageable orders.
    2. Customer satisfaction.
    3. Can reach millions of customers.
    4. Can expect good growth and revenue.
    5. Automated undertaking.

    Why you require a goods delivery app for your business?

    1. To expand your business, you require an app.
    2. Transparent approach for customer and the business.
    3. Your brand would become popular.
    4. Easy marketing especially when new products are introduced.
    5. Technological era and good interaction with the customers.
    A mobile app to deliver the product is really a necessity in today’s scenario. If you are not owning an app then it is high time to think of building an app for your business as the app can assist in improving sales.
    Goods Delivery

    Common features of goods delivery app:

    Common features of goods delivery app:

    1. Sign up: The customer can feed mandatory information and can log in. Social media logins provide other way of accessing the app. We keep the log in process simple.
    2. Search: Search feature assists the user in knowing the info related to the relevant product. If the search is concerned to food, furniture, grocery, etc. the user can look out for the product using the attribute.
    3. Category: The user can pick the necessary category and can look for the product – price, offers and details.
    4. Add to Cart: The user can add the items to the cart and can proceed to payment.
    5. Cart recovery: If the user has abandoned the cart, this feature can help in recovery of the cart.
    6. Settings: The user can make changes according to one’s convenience.
    7. Wish list: Products of the persons likings can be added to the wish list for later ordering or referring.
    8. Order/Book Relevant product/item can be ordered using the attribute.
    9. Payment: We integrate various payment gateways so that the user can opt any kind to make payment.
    10. Track: The delivery person can be tracked using this feature, as GPS would be integrated the exact location of the person could be known.
    11. In-app chat/call: The user can contact the delivery agent by either message or call.
    12. Cancel order/booking: The user can cancel the order by stating the appropriate reason.
    13. Re-schedule order: The user can re-schedule the order in case of any urgency.
    14. Multiple bookings: The user can make multiple bookings if needed.
    15. Feedback: The user can comment regarding the service.
    16. Help/Support: The user can contact the support team if there are any issues.
    17. Push notifications: Through this feature the user gets notified if there are any updates.
    18. History: The user can utilize the attribute to glance past information.
    19. Delivery information: The user can get to know the delivery agents name and contact number.
    20. Order lists: The user can get to know details regarding the orders made and its progress.
    21. Discounts/Offers: The user can make use of discounts/offers to reduce costs.
    22. Google Maps: The integration of google maps aids the users to know the location of the service point of the business.

    Delivery agents Panel:

    1. Registration: The person can access the app by giving necessary info.
    2. Upload documents: Appropriate documents that needs to be verified can be uploaded here such as ID proof.
    3. GPS: When GPS is integrated with the app it eases the delivery person to do the delivery in an effortless manner.
    4. Accept/Reject: The person can either accept or reject the orders assigned.
    5. Orders to be delivered: The person can look at the list of orders that needs to be delivered.
    6. Payments: The person can check earnings made.
    7. Customers info: The person can get to know the customers address, name and phone number.
    8. In-app chat/call: The person can make a call or message to the customer for clarification of the customers location, etc.

    Admin Panel:

    1. Manage user accounts.
    2. Manage delivery agents accounts.
    3. Manage payments.
    4. Verify delivery agents’ documents.
    5. Reports and Analytics.
    6. Manage catalogues and content.
    7. Manage discounts/offers.
    8. Manage emails, updates – information.
    9. Track all details and attend to customer issues.
    10. Manage orders and deliveries.
    There are many more features which we have incorporated successfully for our clients and the features differs from business to business. We can add as many features as you require according to your business type. We offer tailor-made solutions.

    Why us?

    1. We build secure, robust, scalable and user-friendly applications along with good speed and performance.
    2. We build products that is high quality and we deliver in time.
    3. Every aspect of progress made in the project is communicated to our clients regularly.
    4. Our developers are experienced and can handle any kind of challenges in a smart manner.
    5. We test the product several times and we hand over error-free software to our clients.
    We have profound experience in constructing mobile apps and therefore if you are looking for any renowned goods delivery app development company you can contact us – Next Big Technology for further information.

    Talk to our experts if you have any doubts.