For food delivery startups, food chains, and restaurant aggregators, NBT Eats delivers on-demand food delivery app development solutions and services. As a reputable food delivery app development firm, we provide user-friendly apps with innovative features to help you expand your business.

NBT EATS- App Development

Online meal delivery applications have been increasingly popular in recent years, as many individuals enjoy the convenience of placing food orders from the comfort of their own homes or offices. The food ordering app development solutions provided by NBT EATS – Food app development firm are second to none, and they can assist our customers in taking their food delivery businesses to new heights of success.

NBT EATS - Package Includes

Our extensive expertise in building IT solutions for organisations offers us a distinct advantage when developing current apps of all types and for all platforms. Allow us to assist you in planning your food delivery app development for your company, ensuring that you provide an excellent service—and that you hit the market with a boom!

NBT EATS - Features

Easy Search

The ability of the app to access the user's location in order to swiftly order a meal from the closest eatery.

Order Status.

Getting real-time updates on order status, such as "order accepted," "dinner cooked," and "courier on his way.

Help Desk.

Don't undervalue the importance of the customer service staff, which handles complaints, delivery issues, & other issues.

Great UX

A excellent app will mix design and movement to keep the UX consistent and interactive. To attract clients, you need a well-made design and easy ordering.

Real-time Food Monitoring

Users want to know where their courier is so they can organise their schedule and know when their package will arrive. 

Performance Analytics

Learn how to spot operational bottlenecks, assess driver performance, and more.


All on-demand meal delivery applications must have this functionality. Customers, delivery agents, and restaurants frequently utilise the feature to send helpful alerts.

Easy Payment Options

The option of using cash, credit card, or debit card as a payment method. This will assist you in broadening your target audience

Ratings & Reviews

Allow consumers to assess their delivery experience and provide comments on the service they received.

Additional - Features


Login & Signups

Customers may simply join up for your app using their current social network, phone number, or gmail account. A sign-up page that is easy, fast, and appealing is a key tool for gaining client loyalty.


History Of Orders

This feature allows customers to review their prior orders and even duplicate any recent orders in order to save time.


Loyalty Plans

Customers are more likely to purchase from an online delivery service if there is a strong loyalty programme in place. Special offers or discount coupons can be given to the app's loyal consumers using this functionality.


Book For Someone Else

This feature allows app owners to reserve meals for others by just entering their location and paying in advance.


Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics provide admins access to all company data. The software produces real-time revenue statistics, revenue predictions, and more, allowing admins to track both app and business success.


Marketing Tools

Marketing continues to be the most important aspect of every company. Restaurant operators may provide special discounts, exclusive coupons, first-order rebates, and other incentives by integrating marketing tools within the meal delivery app.