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Introduce Laravel

Laravel is an open-source framework written in PHP, it is robust and easy to understand. It follows a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. Laravel reuses the already existing elements of different frameworks which help in creating structured and pragmatic web applications.

It incorporates the basic features of frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii and programming languages like Ruby on Rails. Thus Laravel has a very rich set of features that boosts the speed of web development projects saving on time, money, and other resources.

Laravel saves a lot of time if you are planning to make a site right from the scratch; moreover, the site developed is highly secured from hackers’ attempts.

Laravel has not only taken the pain out of the web development process, but it is also reviving the developers’ experience with the PHP language.

It was developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, has gained high popularity due to its clean, expressive, and elegant syntax, integrated testing support, and easy-to-learn tutorials.



Laravel Custom Website Development

Laravel website development services

Our skilled and experienced Laravel developers help you to deliver result-oriented developmental solutions for various business models.

At NBT, we have highly skilled developers who can develop solutions for small, medium, and large business needs and demands. We deliver robust services having top-notch features and functionalities at prices that are very light on the pocket. We offer both Laravel website application development services and Laravel mobile application development services. Our developers have years of experience working on the Laravel platform, they offer solutions that are best in class so that you can enjoy maximum benefits

We are a team of Laravel Web Developers who are experts in developing custom and complex web applications for different industries and different clients all over the World. We developed a wide range of enterprise web applications using Laravel and Mysql/MongoDB. Our team of Laravel Developers is well skilled to convert any custom idea into high performing and requirement-specific, fully responsive, and fully dynamic web application.

We are rated as Best for What We Do

We got many awards from the best platforms, it proves our identity and our existence. We are verified and authenticated by top reviewed websites that follow a tough verification and review process.

Why should you choose Laravel?

Laravel helps you to
Develop High-Quality Custom Web Applications

Laravel is the Best PHP framework in the current time which is very much less known for failures but well known for its high-performing web applications. More, It is completely platform-independent, it runs smoothly on all platforms. This PHP framework is effective and promising which allows users to go beyond and above development.

At Next Big Technology, We have an excellent Web Application development team of highly talented, skilled, and well-experienced Laravel backend & frontend developers. We have a very strong and well-experienced team of Laravel Developers who developed and delivered a large number of custom web applications using Laravel.

We provide Top Laravel Web Development Services including Laravel Website Development, Laravel E-Commerce Development, Laravel Custom Web Application Development, and Laravel API Development & Integration. Our developer’s strong technical & industry knowledge can help you grow your business on a very large scale.

Here are some Laravel Features:

Inbuilt Object-Oriented Libraries
The clarity in Documentation and MVC Pattern
Unit Testing
Database Seeding
High-End Authentication and Authorization
Blade Template Engine
Route Middleware
Routing System
Robust Security
Acute Tool Integration Capability
Streamlined authentication
Enhanced Performance
Global Customer Access
Customized Templates
Lengthy Programming Becomes Easy
Laravel Support & Follow MVC
Built-in Project Environment
A Number Of Ready Made Applications
Easy to get started
Open Source
Emerging Quickly
Community Support
Built upon best
Blade Templating
Migration for Database
Testing is easy with laravel
Extended features with add-ons
Native functions for working with user management, caching, and more
Integration with external platforms such as AWS
Asynchronous task execution for better performance
Laravel has an active community. This means getting help is not a difficult task

Laravel will make your work easy if you are looking to develop a custom and complex web application, Laravel will be the best solution in terms of fast turnaround time, security, feature

Faster Content Execution

Laravel has built in libraries and modules that help in application features enhancements.

Faster Content Execution

Laravel has built-in features that help in web application testing through various test cases. This helps in maintain the code bug and error free.

Faster Content Execution

Routing helps to scale the application in a better way and increases its performance.

Faster Content Execution
Configuration Management

An application designed using Laravel will be running on different environments, thus there will be a constant change in its configuration. Laravel helps in handling the configuration in a better way.

Faster Content Execution
Query Builder and ORM

Laravel provides ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and ActiveRecord implementation called Eloquent to query the database using chain methods.

Faster Content Execution
Easy to maintain

Laravel is not only high performing but even easy to maintain.

Faster Content Execution
Schema Builder

Schema Builder maintains the database definitions and schema in PHP code. It also maintains a track of changes with respect to database migrations.

Faster Content Execution
Template Engine

Laravel uses the Blade Template engine.It is a lightweight template used in designing hierarchical blocks and layouts with predefined blocks that include dynamic content.

Faster Content Execution

Laravel includes a mail class which helps in sending mail with rich content and attachments from the web application.

Faster Content Execution

User authentication is a common feature in web applications. Laravel eases designing authentication as it includes features such as register, forgot password and send password reminders.

Faster Content Execution

Laravel uses Redis to connect to an existing session and general-purpose cache. Redis interacts with session directly.

Faster Content Execution

Laravel includes queue services like emailing large number of users or a specified Cron job. These queues help in completing tasks in an easier manner without waiting for the previous task to be completed.

Faster Content Execution
Event and Command Bus

Laravel 5.1 includes Command Bus which helps in executing commands and dispatch events in a simple way.

Empowering Your Business

High-Grade Laravel Development

The Laravel Ecosystem

Vapour- serverless platform
Forge- server management
Envoyer- zero-downtime deployment
Horizon: queue monitoring
Nova: admin panel
Echo: real-time events
Lumen- micro-framework
Homestead: pre-packaged vagrant box
Spark: SaaS app scaffolding
Valet: development environment for macs
Mix: webpack asset compilation
Cashier: subscription billing
Dusk: browser testing and automation
Scout: full-text search
Telescope: debug assistant
Tinker: interactive REPL

We always focus on delivering client specific requirements

Working with Laravel Custom Web Application Development

As a Laravel Development Company, We follow the proper steps of developing any custom web application. We go with proper planning and flow of work which consists below steps.

Develop & Deployment
Tell us your project requirements

Our analysts will thoroughly review your project requirements and select the most experienced developers best suited for your project type. We always listen you carefully.

Develop & Deployment
Discuss details with our experts

Our experts will contact you within no time to discuss your project related queries and to offer the best solution for your project development. We create wireframes as per complete discussion.

Develop & Deployment
Choose engagement terms & timeframes

Based on the project consultation provided by analysts, you can choose the timelines as per your convenience for your project. We are flexible wih timeframes and other terms of work.

Develop & Deployment
Secure payment methods

Pay through multiple options provided to you, our payment methods are highly secure and confidential. We start your project in no time as soon as we receive the payment. For your convenience we provide the option of milestone payment.

Laravel Web Development services includes both server side and client side development

Our Laravel Development Services

We offer a wide range of Laravel Development services which includes complete end-to-end Custom Web Application Development for small and large businesses. We provide a comprehensive and scalable custom web portal development solution to our clients all over the world.


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Best Laravel Development Company

Developing Best Custom Web Applications with most popular technology

At NBT, while developing custom & complex web applications, we focus mainly on the points that matter to our clients the most:

  • Time duration
  • Cost Estimate
  • Additional services
  • Client’s role in the developmental process
  • Project milestones to measure the progress

We have developed many web applications for various industries such as travel, entertainment, insurance, healthcare, gaming, retail, technology, the list is endless.

  • Consulting
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Support and Maintenance

Through the steps, we aim to provide a website truly catered to your requirements and appealing to your user’s needs.

Laravel web services that we offer:


Our web consulting will help you make a better decision regarding refining ideas, understand market trends &frame the right business model.


Our innovative and artistic designers create stunning, beautiful, and mesmerizing designs for your websites.


Our experienced Web developers work on the latest platforms and tools to build a website that offers an enriching web experience to the end-users.

Support and Maintenance

We provide a wide array of support for website maintenance, troubleshooting, and website upgrade services.


Laravel Web App Development With Us

Laravel Web Development Solution

Laravel migration services: our skilled developers make it easy and effortless to migrate among Laravel platforms using Laravel migration services.

Third-party app integration: we enhance the functionalities of the Laravel applications using third-party APIs.

Laravel extension development services: to extend the functionality of your already existing Laravel application we provide you with solutions that are best suitable for you.

Social networking development: Social media has become part and parcel of every application, at NBT we understand this and provide the solutions for social media development.

Laravel e-commerce services: e-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds in today’s digital era, we at NBT leverage the benefits and features of the Laravel platform to deliver the best possible services to our clients globally.

Theme design: We provide custom and premium themes to the clients’ demands. These themes are user-friendly and are designed keeping in mind the target audience.

Laravel Restful app development: Our Laravel developers are adept at Laravel API generator packages that help in creating RESTful API solutions, opening door to endless possibilities of the mobile landscape.

What makes up Best Laravel Web Application Development Company

Why are we the industry leaders?

NBT has 10+ years of experience in Laravel application development services at cost-effective rates and within the timelines for a diverse client portfolio.

We use proven methodology to develop the web applications using the standard coding practices to improve client satisfaction. Our top-notch solutions capture the essence of your business models. Leveraging the benefits of the Laravel features we deliver you customized solutions that help you to stay ahead of your competitors, see the performance graphs of your business in an upward trajectory.

  • Free Consultation
  • 24X7 Support and Maintenance
  • Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers
  • Team of Laravel Experts
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Strong client network
  • Solid Experience in building Custom web applications

What difference we make as a Laravel Development Company

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

TRANSPARENCY: At NBT, we believe in complete transparency, we keep our clients fully engaged and updated during the entire project development cycle.

100% ONTIME DELIVERY: Our highly developed and time-tested project management strategies have resulted in a 100% on-time delivery track record for the past 10+ years of our operations.

FREE ONE MONTH SUPPORT: To take care of our customers even after the project has been handed over, we provide free one-month support to our customers after the final delivery.

FLEXIBLE ENGAGEMENTS: NBT offers customized engagement models, crafted to meet the exact requirements of clients with different business needs.

24X7 SUPPORT: Our experts are available 24*7 so that you can discuss with our experts at any time and solutions are provided to you just when you ask for them.

Top Reasons why our customers in 40+ countries trust NBT:

  • Highly rate and review on Clutch, Good firms, Topxlistings, Extract.
  • 10+ years in web application and framework development.
  • 3000+ successful web applications and portals delivered since 2009.
  • 40+ dedicated developers and designers.
  • Web development services for small, medium, and large enterprises.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Flexibility to choose from Hourly or Fixed Cost payments.

We work with different clients and industries all over the World

Industries we serve:

  • Medical/Health/Fitness
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Banking & Finance
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Business
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Entertainment
  • Kids
  • Spiritual
  • Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Government Organizations

Hire Dedicated Laravel Web Developer With US

Hire Laravel Developer

We provide client-centric and result-oriented solutions throughout the development lifecycle.
10+ years of experience in Laravel development, its features, and tools, make our sand out on the top. Our Laravel development environment encourages creativity and provides high-quality outcomes in highly competitive ways. We deploy Agile Methodology for pragmatic and transparent solutions; this differentiates us from our competitors and makes us the industry leader. You can hire our expert and skilled Laravel developers on an hourly or fixed price basis to get tailor-made solutions delivered for your diverse business needs at an affordable price.

Our team of Laravel Developers is well experienced and skilled in developing custom web applications as per the client’s unique needs and thoughts. Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers with us to develop high-quality custom web applications within your budget and as per your thoughts. You can hire Laravel Developers on different basics to suit your budget and timeline. Our Laravel Web Developers are well trained and experienced enough to work on any kind of complex web portals and web-based solutions. Our Team of Laravel Web Developers allows us to provide high-quality Laravel Development Services for any kind of custom web portal requirements.

Are you looking for Laravel Developer?

Get your Laravel Web Application Development cost and time estimate today or connect with us for your queries today

Trusted by Leading Start-ups and Enterprise!!!


Marketing Web App

It is a kind of a lead generation web app, which is created to attract users and generate leads for customer’s business.

Membership Portal

It is a subscription-based portal that allows users to take different subscription-based recurring plans to access speakers’ audio and video.

Sports Franchise

It’s a kind of software or web service that links various leagues and shows their real-time data, scores, and team information.

Client Testimonials

Words that describe our quality and keep us motivated...

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do your developers have?

Our developers are highly skilled and qualified, and are among the best in the business. They have more than 10 years of quality experience working for clients all over the world.

How do I communicate with your team if I am overseas?

We are available round the clock at your disposal; we provide various communication channels like Skype, WhatsApp, phone call, video calls, and other messaging services.

Will I have the ownership of the code after the site is completed??

Yes, you will have full ownership of the code. We will transfer you the code after the project has been completed as per your satisfaction and quality.

If I want to hire your developers then what are the pricing models available?

We offer hourly and fixed price based developer hiring for your projects, our prices are the best in the market and are highly competitive.

Are you looking for Laravel Developer?

Get your Laravel Web Application Development cost and time estimate today or connect with us for your queries today

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