NBT Service On Demand

Create a fast, fun and satisfying home service brand. Our on-demand home services app learns users' service searching patterns as they browse. Moreover, our app is designed to satisfy all stakeholders including customers, service providers, and administrators.

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NBT Service On Demand - App Development

Everything has been packed into a foundation framework by our experienced team of app developers, which will revolutionise the way on-demand service apps are developed. Through our On-demand app solutions, we assist businesses in acquiring new consumers.

NBT Service On Demand - Package Includes

In order to power your next generation of home service marketplace app products, NBT on demand services depends on a powerful state-of-the-art technological stack, great adaptability and extensive third party connectors.
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NBT Service On Demand- Features

Simple Signup

The application should have a very easy registration process for service providers that does not take too long. It should be set up in such a manner that the service provider may begin working immediately after completing the registration process.


This tool offers consumers with a comprehensive view of their company. They have access to all important data that can assist them in making better business decisions.

Feedback Control

Customers should be able to control their comments, and service providers should be able to do so. They should, in fact, have the choice of giving to their consumers.

Easy App Browsing

Users should have no trouble navigating the app or seeking for services inside it. As a result, you must present customers with a variety of navigational filters to help them locate what they're looking for quickly.

Simple Payments

Service providers give specific payment information, such as a bank account number or the location where they wish to be paid. They may also explain any additional charges, such as transportation, if a consumer lives a bit too far away.

Quick Alerts

Real-time alerts are critical in any on-demand home service solution. The client performs a similar role, and you'll make sure the consumer is notified until the order is accepted by the service provider.

Additional - Features


Better User interface

one of the app's key features If the application's user interface is confusing, the user will remove it. That is why the user interface should be simple and straightforward. The app should be designed so consumers can simply find what they need.


Security of the app

The most important aspect of a web or mobile application is security since the client has to feel secure while making payments. It will be reliable if it has been verified.


Promotion Management

To market their app, company owners may provide several attractive promos and discounts. So you can keep track of your progress towards the discounts. It provides important data that might help you provide more relevant discounts and promotions.

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Request Management

In the application, there should be a good mechanism for the request manager for service providers. They should get requests in real time so that they may handle them according to their available time bandwidth.


Previous order & search activity

Having a search function on the app would assist the user obtain instant service without wasting time looking for it. The user can find the previous order and reorder the professional service.


Review Management

This tool allows company owners to read both good and negative consumer evaluations regarding their items. This is useful when trying to improve a brand's image through consumer feedback.

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