Job Board Application Development Solution

Next Big Technology is efficient enough for delivering app development solutions. Our solution will help potential companies to look for talents and fresh minds. We are ready to provide the best medium for any enterprise to recruit talents in their company. Our experts are prepared to help the companies manage all job-related updates. Our expertise and well-versed nature are to deliver vertical and horizontal solutions.


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Job Board Application Development

Quality and Affordable Job Board and Recruitment App Development

Eligible job portal and app development solutions

We have seen the job demand is increasing at a rapid pace. Due to the pandemic situation, job availability has faced many issues. Previously candidates are looking for jobs using computers and mobile phones. Now it is possible to find using job portal software. If you are looking for the best solution for job portal and app development.

Then you are in the right place to have an efficient solution. Next Big Technology Is ready to offer the best online job portal and app development. It will enable your company to achieve its goal and even surpass it. Our experts are always prepared to deliver a powerful and affordable range of services. Moreover, every development solution will have the implementation of advanced features.

It will include all the latest features, including video posting, social networking, blogging, etc. So, this is the best opportunity to tap into the industry with a job portal and app development. Next Big Technology is one of the highly experienced mobile app development companies. Our experts have been serving the industry for multiple years with skill.

Job Portal and App Development: Exclusive Features

Next Big Technology is ready to deliver impressive Job Portal and app solutions. Every app has important functionalities with a high-end solution. Our experts are prepared to provide an attractive solution for the clients.


Login & Registration

Job seekers can go through an easy registration process for every app download. They can use basic credentials such as phone numbers or email addresses. They can also quickly create an account by connecting the social media account.


Job Profile

Every candidate can easily create their profile using their experience and details. This will enable the recruiters to view all the candidate details. This is the best chance for the candidates to showcase their complete profile.


Upload CV

Candidates can upload their CV or resume to the application. They will have the option to make multiple modifications and uploads. This will enable them to make multiple changes to their resume. It is the best way to update the information for the recruiters.


Job Search

This is one of the efficient and advanced search options for every candidate. Every job seeker can search for their preferable job. They can use different keywords for searching in the app platform. They will get results as per the requirement posted by the companies.


Company Profile

Candidates will have the option to view all the details of the company. Therefore, they can easily understand and get interested in the job profile. This is one of the best ways to showcase all the criteria and details of the company.


Job Application

This is the top feature required for every job portal and app development solution. It enables every candidate to apply for job requirements in the notification. Then, they can directly send the CV and wait for the interview approval.


Job Alerts

Every user will get a notification on every ongoing opportunity for recruitment. This will be delivered using push notification. It will help the candidates get new job alerts even if they are not in the app. This is an efficient way to search for jobs.


Application Tracking

After submitting a job application candidate can track the progress. This feature is only enabled once the candidate has applied for a job. However, it will help understand the company’s approval or rejection based on the requirement.


Job Recommendation

The job portal app development will offer multiple suggestions to the candidates. It is entirely based on the search algorithm made by the recruiter and candidates. Therefore, they will get the chance to have appropriate job preference suggestions.


Multiple Language Support

Every online job portal and app development solution will have multiple language support. This will enable different users to use the application easily. It is one of the efficient ways to increase the user base of the job portal.


Profile Management

Both recruiters and job seekers can easily register their profiles in the portal. They can update and make different changes to manage their profile. It will enable both parties to get all the details and connect for the job.


Resume Building

Every job seeker can lose the opportunity to get a job due to a poor resume. A resume builder will help me create an advanced resume in easy steps. Then, it will easily get uploaded into the application for the reference of the recruiters.


In-App Calling

Candidate and recruiter can contact each other using the in-app calling feature. They do not need to change the tabs for completing this function. This is the best way to connect quickly and understand preferences and requirements.


In-App Chat

Like making phone calls, candidates and recruiters can connect by chat. This is the best and first interaction process to engage in recruitment. In addition, it is the best way to understand the preference and requirements of both ends.



Recruiters can go through an easy registration process for every app download. This will enable users to create an account by quickly entering their company details, contact number, etc. In addition, they can use basic credentials such as phone numbers or email addresses.



The dashboard is the ultimate control panel for the recruiters. They can easily keep track of all the activities and control them. For example, it will include application submission, total ad views, total interested candidates, number of callers, etc.


View User Profile

Every recruiter can get all the details from the jobseeker profile. It will help them find a suitable candidate for the job requirement. This is the best way to engage in a better outcome of the candidate list for the company requirement.


Job Posting

Any organization or company willing to hire human resources can post in the app. They can add all the details related to the job for different categories. This is an efficient way to engage with the job seekers in the job portal quickly.


Application Acceptance

Recruiters can easily accept or reject any application directly from the job portal. Moreover, they will get an easy toggle for completing the app task. This is the best way to complete the recruitment process in a hassle-free experience.


Resume Short listing

Every recruiter can shortlist candidate resumes as per requirement. The job portal will use a unique algorithm for storing all the preferable CVs. The recruiter can check the details of the candidates from the shortlisted resume section.


Revenue Report

This function will enable the app admin to complete report generation. The report will include winning prize money distribution to the users and revenue generation. In addition, it will help in giving a complete overview of the fantasy app's progress.


Content Management

Every recruiter can easily control all the contents in the job portal. They can add, remove or alter all the contents per requirement. This is the best way to update the details for the job seekers in the job portal.



Admin can control all the app behavior from a single central control. The admin can easily monitor and check all the operations. It will help improve the service in the job portal and app development solutions.


Manage Job Postings

The admin and the app owner can easily manage all the job postings. In addition, it will enable the recruiters to showcase all the job details easily. This is one of the efficient ways to engage with the recruitment process to meet the candidates.


User’s Profile Management

Apart from the users, the admin can also access all the profiles. It will help them to maintain and supervise all the details properly. They can even add or remove any profiles for violation of the rules. This will improve the overall experience of the app.


Live Game Status

There is an add-on feature available on the fantasy app development. Users will get live match streaming services. In addition, it will enable everyone to get live-action directly from the fantasy app.


Content Management

Admin will have complete content management system access in the job portal. It will enable them to showcase any important content in the application. This is the best way to improve the service for both recruiters and job seekers.


Real-Time Analytics

Admin is responsible for supervising all the activities in the job portal. all the activities include job campaigns, data transactions, and other factors. This will help get all the analytics in real-time for improvement.


Recruiters Profile Management

App admin can manage and view all the details from the recruiters’ profiles. They will also have the ability to remove inactive profiles from the job portal. The password reset compatibility is also available in the admin panel of the job portal.


User Management

Any user can be blocked, restricted, or removed directly from the job portal. It entirely depends on the behavior and the activity of the user. App admin can take all the necessary actions to improve the quality of the job portal.


Digital Strategy

Our efficient job portal will help quick lead generation and problem-solving abilities. Our experts are ready to implement the development idea with a refined strategy. It is important to reach in global level to increase the efficiency of the service.


UI/UX Design

Our experts focus on improved design to attract users. Next Big Technology Is ready to deliver a creative platform with high potential. It will help in the easy connection between different engaging users.


Job Portal App Development

We will implement fast and quick coding strategies for the job portal. which will help deliver a professional level of work with technology. This will include improved customization for both ends of the users.


App Testing

It is important to maintain the quality of the job portal for a better outcome. Our experts engage in testing to improve the performance of the app. It will help us deliver up-the-mark services for every business requirement.


App Marketing

The job portal completely understands the requirement in the industry. It engages in influencing all the potential candidates for proper optimization. This way, we can easily help out lots of clients quickly and efficiently.


Lifecycle Management

Before we engage in any idea to implement in the job portal. We always make sure to maintain all the standards for the development. It will help us create the best analytical platform to engage in active candidate trends.


Video Interview

Recruiters can easily complete the interview directly using the in-app video. This will eliminate the requirement of visiting the office. It will effectively improve the interview completion.


Cloud Management

We understand it is hard to manage lots of applications and resumes. Our integrated cloud management will help in smart management solutions. This will help in improving the delivery and management of every data.


Real-Time Tracking

We are ready to deliver the best online recruitment solution. Every job seeker can get real-time tracking of the application status. This will enable them to understand the progress of the recruitment process.



Any user can easily refer any person to the job portal and app development. Moreover, they will get the chance to earn rewards for the successful referral. This is one of the important processes to increase the user base in the job portal.



Every job seeker can easily attend any web not directly through the app. This will enable them to engage with the top industry experts. It is one of the efficient ways to understand and engage in the recruitment process.


Custom Templates

We are ready to deliver white label solutions for every business. In addition, our experts will development deliver customized templates. This will enable the recruiters to have their branding of the business.


Video Resume Upload

Job seekers are allowed to upload their video resumes and a platform. It is the best way to understand all the details related to them. This is one efficient and advanced way to complete the recruitment process.

How To Hire Top Job Board App Developers With Next Big Technology?

Hire Top Class Job Board App Developers on different basis as per your requirements and budget.

Let’s Talk

Job Platform and App Development Services

Next Big Technology is the leading job portal and app development company. We are experienced in creating a custom job portal and app solution. Therefore, developers are ready to involve in the project for efficient service.


Job Portal Design

At Next Big Technology, Our experts are ready to impress with UI UX designs. They are prepared to help businesses with attractive and intuitive job portals. It will help the users to have easy navigation with a stunning outlook.


Job Search Portal App Development

Our team of highly experienced app developers is ready to start. They will deliver a rich experience with exclusive job portal app development. They are well versed in developing Android and iOS platforms.


Recruitment Web Portal Development

Being the top job portal development company. We are ready to create impressive job portal apps. Our experts have high expertise in developing robust recruitment sections. It will help the companies to get efficient talents to push the company forward.


Recruitment Software Solution Management

At Next Big Technology, we are ready to offer job portal development services. We are the best option for creating online recruitment solutions. It will help different companies recruit talents according to their requirements and qualifications.


Integration and Data Migration

Our expert developers are ready to integrate different 3rd party tools. The solution will also include services that will offer a seamless experience. It is the best option for every business to get a hassle-free data migration system.


Candidates’ Profile Features

Job portals will be integrated with multiple advanced features. It will enable the candidates to choose their profile and even upload their resumes. It is one of the best solutions for any candidate to search for a preferable job.


Membership Job Portal App

Our job portal and app development will enable revenue income from job seekers and recruiters. Any organization or recruiter will pay the portal a subscription fee for the service. On the other job seekers also need to pay the subscription amount.


Featured Listing Recruitment Portal Development

This is another subscription model which enables the recruiter and candidate profile to display on the top. This condition required to have subscription fee payment. This is the best way to promote the requirement among millions of posts.


Professional Training & Job Search Portal

This is one of the efficient job portal app development solutions. Candidates can quickly join professional training programs to increase their skills. After completing the training, the candidates can apply for jobs as per their skills.


Third-Party Advertising

Most job portal applications can easily earn from 3rd party advertising. So they can integrate Google AdSense to proceed. Our experts will allocate advertising space for 3rd parties. It will also display original recruiter job postings in the application.

We Are Awarded & Certified
For Our Services

Range of Job Portal and App Development

Next Big Technology is the leading mobile app development solution company. We are ready to implement all the latest development technology and tools.


Customized Solutions

Our experts are ready to deliver on-demand customized app solutions. We have experience in completing similar projects multiple times. Our objective is to ensure a high-end client satisfaction rate.


Third-Party Integrations

We will integrate all the efficient 3rd party APIs into the Job Board app. It will help in making the application much more interesting than others. Moreover, this will help attract the userbase to improve the revenue income.


Leading Edge Technology

We are ready to engage with leading-edge development technology for our project. It will help in increasing the functionality by improving the business model. In addition, users will also get the chance to have uninterrupted gaming contests.


User-Friendly Interface

The Job Board app development solution will deliver a user-friendly interface. Every user can easily complete any task with a simple process. It is the best combination of app development’s interactive and responsive outcome.


Secure Payment

The application is infused with a high-end secure payment mechanism. This will eliminate all the chances of cyber security frauds in the app. Every user can enjoy threat free experience in our Job Board app development.


Cross-Platform Functionality

It is the petrol opportunity to engage in launching the application as platform-oriented. Our experts are also advising focusing on the cross-platform function rating. Our developers’ experience will help you get the best assistance in every regard.


Impressive Ideas

Our expert developers are ready to deliver as per your requirement. We are ready to deliver an impressive job portal and app solution. We are ready to cater by maintaining the industry standards with our advanced services.


Creative Designing

Our job portal and app developers are ready to implement the latest technologies and tools. Our objective is to make it both practical and attractive for the customers. We are prepared to offer high-class designs specially tailored for the client.

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Client Testimonials

Words that describe our quality and keep us motivated...


Derek Baron

After a long time we haven’t found people who meet our needs, we came to you through a recommendation and you did the job in a great way! Both we and our customers are very satisfied with the quality of the work, the listening and the speed of execution.



Next Big Technology been an excellent resource for us over the last few years with keeping our website updated. Amit is prompt in his responses and very strong technically. Anytime we have a problem with our website, I just write to him and they are able to fix it quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend working with Next Big Technology.



I like how responsive they are to solving problems. Especially helping fix any bugs during development. They are also really easy to work with because of their down to earth communication and dealings.



This development team cares about the customer and does everything to make their clients happy and satisfied with their work. They deliver on their promises, no matter how long it takes, and provide daily, detailed updates of their work upon request.

Our Work Speaks

Next Big Technology provide top notch Web and Mobile App Solutions, we develop high quality and innovative Web and Mobile Applications which can be easily stand out in competitive market. Our Developers works on latest and trending technologies and we always deliver requirement specific and user centric applications as per business needs.


About Mobile App Development

We build high quality Android and IOS mobile applications using latest app development technologies. We design innovative and unique mobile apps which help you to grow and standout your business. Our developed mobile applications are top trending and high performing in all environments.

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We build top notch and quality websites, our developed websites are secure, fully responsive, speed optimized and seo friendly. We design creative and eye catching websites, which help you to build online presence for your business and stand tall in competitive market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost estimation to develop an Job Board app?

If you are looking for the development of a Job Board app. Then the estimation cost requirement is mandatory for the process. Approximately it will cost around $6,000 to $20,000. But the cost can vary depending on various factors of the development. It includes app features, location, platform, app type, etc. Suppose you are looking for app deployment in both Android and iOS platforms. Then it will cost you more by including different factors of the platform.

Can I customize a Job Board app development service according to my business requirements?

Yes, our efficient team of developers is ready for every requirement. They are highly efficient and capable of catering to every business. We are prepared to customize according to the business solution requirement. It is important to implement exclusively to have the unique nature of the solution.

How much time will it take to complete the development process of the Job Board app?

The duration depends entirely on the implementation of features and functionality. It also depends on the time taken for development testing and delivery. Every development process will have charges on an hourly basis. The longer Development time will also increase the cost of development. The development team has multiple expert professionals. It includes graphics designer project manager, backend developer, iOS development, QA testers, and UI designers. The number of designers can increase depending on the requirement of the project. This will increase the time as well as the cost of the development.

Will I get maintenance and support after the deployment of my app?

Yes, we are ready to assure our clients of our proper support in every step. Our objective is to help through every development process. Our service package includes post-deployment support and maintenance. We’re ready to take care of any issues that might happen after the deployment of the project.

Which platform should I choose to get maximum user engagement?

If you are looking to engage with a large customer base. Then it is advisable to deploy the Job Board app on both platforms. It is essential to focus on Android and iOS platforms. We can understand that users happen to be using both platforms. It will keep a significant advantage if we focus on every available platform.

The best procedure to follow to create a full-fledged Job Board app?

Next Big Technology is the best Job Board app development company. We focus on following specific app development processes. It starts with a complete analysis of project requirements. This will help us to proceed with wireframing and prototype. In the next phase, we progress to the development and designing of the app. After that, we focus on quality assurance with beta testing. Finally, we proceed with the development after every step is complete. Also, we work on full discussions with the clients on every step. We take approval in every effort to avoid any uncertain issues.

Will you make App and Backend live?

Yes, we will make it live on Servers and on both Apple and Google Store.

Will you charge extra for server and Apple and Google Accounts?

Yes, we do charge extra for it. We will suggest you options for it. You can buy your own or we can do it for you.

What kind of support you provide after delivery of work?

We provide long term support, we provide priority support in case of any issue or bug. Also we provide maintenance services for long term. We do maintain your app for security, performance, updates and for additional stuff as well.

Will you provide complete source code?

Yes we will provide complete source code and documentation. You will be sole owner of code and we will provide you all data.

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