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    Car washing Application Development

    We Development Interactive, eye catching, full functional and user friendly Car Wash & Service Mobile App.


    Car Washing Application Development

    Modern era of technology is making the lives of the people easier and convenient. The current lifestyle of people is very busy and occupied. People are not having enough time and during weekends people tend to be busy with family. People want to save time now a days. So, car washing application is a good thought as people can use the application and can schedule or book a particular day to get their car washed according to their choice. The users can get their car washed immediately in their locality or whenever they want to. Hence, the demand for car washing applications are growing and is intended to expand in the coming years.

    Car Washing Application Development Company

    Next Big Technology is a leading car wash app development company in India and we are here to extend our assistance in building car washing applications. We have built car wash applications on various platforms and we have implemented various features for our beloved clients.

    We offer Car wash app development services as we are proficient in developing car wash applications. We have worked with many clients globally and we were able to handle numerous complexities successfully as our developers are skilled and are experts. Therefore, we were able to support and fulfil our clients’ dream.

    We customize your requirements and our car wash app development solutions would greatly benefit your customers and business.

    You can hire us if you need any assistance in building on-demand car wash mobile apps.

    Car Wash Mobile App Development

    Features of the car wash mobile app:

    Customer Panel

    1. Signup: Common element which can permit the user to access the app by filling up the mandatory details. Users can also access the account using the social networks. We keep the sign-up process as simple as possible so that the users don’t abandon the app or leave the app in the mid-way.
    2. Find detailer: The user can input the location and look for the car wash service in the nearby vicinity to avail the service.
    3. Input car details: The user can provide the details of the car such as model number, color, etc.
    4. Schedule: The user can schedule according to his convenience, like if the car wash needs to be done promptly or may be later.
    5. Select specific date and time: Appropriate date and time can be selected in order to get the car wash done.
    6. Receive confirmation: Confirmation can be sent through SMS or app and necessary details of technician such as name, phone number is sent.
    7. Service request cancel: The user can also opt to postpone or cancel the request in case of any urgency.
    8. Track technician: The user can trace out where the technician is using the app.
    9. Push Notifications: A prominent attribute that aids the user to receive the notifications on every update such as booking confirmed or rejected, regarding any discounts, etc.
    10. Bill: The customer would receive the necessary billing and can check.
    11. Payments: Payments can be made via the app with the use of this attribute. Various payment gateways are integrated while developing the app.
    12. History: Users can go through their past car wash orders just for a quick reference.
    13. Car wash status update: This feature can aid the user to know the update regarding the car wash status – in progression, in – line or completed.
    14. Chat/Call/Video-call: The user can make a call or message through this feature to the technician.
    15. Rating/Feedback: The customer can rate the service of the technician and can give the feedback accordingly.

    Car Wash Detailer Panel

    1. Detailer account: The person can give the necessary information and can access the app such as name, contact info, availability, etc.
    2. Add location: It’s important for the detailer to add the locations so that the customer is aware regarding the services rendered by the detailer and also there is a flexibility of adding multiple locations.
    3. Approve/reject wash requests: As soon as the admin receives the service requests it’s directed to the detailer and it’s up to the detailer to either accept or reject based on the situation.
    4. Impending wash requests: The detailer can get to know if there are any wash requests scheduled in the coming days.
    5. Wash status: The detailer can change the status from the onset of the approval of the request so as to make the customer aware.
    6. Push notifications: Through this the detailer can get to know the scheduled requests, and etc.
    7. Images Upload: The detailer has the flexibility to upload the image of the car before wash and after wash to demonstrate their effectiveness.
    8. Car key request: The detailer can make a request through this feature so that the customer can hand over the car keys to the detailer as soon as the detailer reaches the place.
    9. Receive payments: The car washer receives the payments from the admin for each service done.
    10. Feedback: The detailer can get to know regarding the service done by him through customer’s ratings and feedback and thereby can try to improvise if there are any negative comments and so on.

    Why Choose Us?


    Admin Panel

    1. Registration: Relevant car wash service registration could be done.
    2. Manage and monitor accounts of customer: The admin can monitor the customer accounts and can suspend if there is any issue.
    3. Manage and monitor the accounts of the car wash detailer: The admin has the authority to monitor the accounts of the detailer and can either approve or reject if there is any issue recognized with the detailer.
    4. Service requests: The admin receives the requests regarding the car washes made by the customers and these are directed to the detailers who are available for the specified time.
    5. Manage payments: The admin has the responsibility to distribute salaries to the detailers according to the feedback received from the customers.
    6. Impending payments: The admin can look for any pending transactions that need to be carried out – paying salaries for the car washers and so on.
    7. Edit/modify plans: The admin can edit or modify or add the prices relevant to the services offered according to the location, etc.
    8. Emails and messages: The admins can make the appropriate settings so that the necessary emails or messages are sent.
    9. CMS integration: When integrating the app with CMS, it makes the publishing of the content easier.
    10. Manage time zone: It is ultimately the duty of the admin to associate the customers with the car washing service centers in their locality so that it becomes easy for the customers to find the car washing centers near to their vicinity.
    11. Heat-map: This attribute facilitates the admin to know the intricate details such as which locality has availed more car washing services and so on.
    12. We have implemented much more advanced features and thus we have built successful car washing applications.

    Why you need to choose Next Big technology?

    1. We provide 100% customization.
    2. We build flawless, fast, secure, user-friendly applications along with appealing designs, advanced attributes and much more.
    3. We offer support services as well.
    4. We are pioneers in building car wash mobile applications as we utilize advance technologies in order to construct apps.
    We are here to serve you. Do contact us if you require a car wash application to be built. We can do it on any kind of platform you need. We build applications at a reasonable cost and we deliver quality software and in time. Just proffer your demands and we would build your vision!

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