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    Taxi Booking Clone App Development

    We develop high quality, interactive and fully functional Taxi Booking Clone Apps like Uber, Ola.
    Are you looking for any taxi booking clone app Development Company? Then your search ends right here! NBT can assist you in building taxi booking clone apps similar to that of Ola or Uber or any kind of clone apps according to your preferences.

    Taxi Booking App Development

    We all travel from one location to the other. In need for transportation the current trend is just booking a taxi from your mobile app. And within few minutes the vehicle would be present in order to pick and drop. So, transportation has got much prominence now a days as we travel for number of reasons daily. To make the trip comfortable the app must hold exclusive features so that it would benefit the traveler. On the other side the business must also be benefited.

    We all have witnessed the success of the Uber taxi services. Is it not? Technology has dived deep and has touched almost all industries and therefore if you want to succeed in business then it is very much significant to own a taxi booking app for your business. If you are interested in owning a clone app similar to that of Fastrack, Ola or Uber or whatever you prefer you can approach us. We can help you build clone applications and we can build on any platform you require.

    Taxi Booking App Development Company

    Next Big Technology is the leading taxi booking app development company. We provide customized as well as readymade solutions for your business. We have considerable experience in building clone apps and customized apps. We can assure you that your business and customers would definitely benefit from our services.

    Our taxi clone scripts and Uber or Ola like taxi clone apps are packed with appealing features and designs which can impress anyone.

    If you have any doubts regarding quality and rate you can talk to us and get them clarified. We assure 100% high quality product.

    We promise user-friendly, secure, scalable and error-free product to you!

    We can start right away as our developers provide exemplary services for any kind of platform.

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    Features of taxi clone script and clone app


    1. Registration: Customer sign up – we keep the process as simple as there is fear of deserting the app in the midway if the sign-up process is complex. Required information can be filled up and the app can be accessed then. Verification can be carried out by phone number or via e-mail address.
    2. Social login: The customer can access the app through social log in.
    3. Forgot password: The user can reset the password using this element.
    4. Set location: The person can set the pickup and drop point before proceeding with the reservation.
    5. Vehicle types: The user is also provided with the flexibility of choosing the type of vehicle such as Sedan, mini or etc.
    6. Taxi reservation immediately/later: The person can book the taxi immediately or can reserve later.
    7. Fare calculator: The person can receive the complete details of the charge for the ride according to the distance.
    8. Details: The user would receive the information regarding the driver’s name, phone number and time of arrival and otp.
    9. In-app call/chat: The user can make a call or can chat to the driver to inform location details and so on.
    10. Live Track: As GPS is integrated with the app it is very much easier to track the drivers on the way location so as to know the approximate time of arrival.
    11. Feedback/Rating: The user can give relevant feedback and review regarding the driver’s service and the app.
    12. Settings: Many significant details could be changed here such as contact number, enable or disable reminders/alerts and much more.
    13. In-app Payment: We integrate various payment gateways with the app and hence the user can make the payment in an easier manner. If cash is preferred then the user can choose for cash.
    14. Advanced Taxi reservation: The user can reserve the taxi beforehand in order to avoid tensions and confusions at the last minute. The user can choose the date and time and can accordingly reserve.
    15. History: The user can look or glance at the past information for reference.
    16. Cancel ride: The user can cancel the ride by giving exact reason.
    17. Outstation taxi bookings: The user can also book taxi or cab for outstation trips.
    18. Discounts: The user can make use of any discounts obtained.
    19. SOS: This element is in the form of button which the user can make use of in case of emergency.
    20. Additional charges: If the driver needs to wait for the rider then additional charges can be implied.
    21. Push notifications: The user would be notified regarding all the updates.

    Why Choose Us?

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    1. Registration: The driver can sign up by filling up mandatory information and can then access the app.
    2. Upload documents: Appropriate license documents, id proofs, etc. can be uploaded here.
    3. Accept or Reject Rides: The driver can either accept or reject the rides according to his schedule.
    4. GPS: As we integrate GPS with the app, easier and quick routes can be got to known to reach customers location.
    5. Accept Ride: The driver can accept the ride and customers information such as name, phone number and location details can be received as soon as the ride is accepted.
    6. Push notifications: The driver can receive notifications if there are any updates.
    7. Cash acceptance: When the customer accepts cash mode of payment then the driver can receive the cash from the customer.
    8. Track earnings: The driver can track the earnings made.
    9. Settings: The driver can update his phone number, name and other prominent details such as working hours, etc.
    10. History: The driver can get to know how many rides have been accepted, rejected and cancelled.
    11. Drivers shifts: This feature can permit the driver to work in various shifts accordingly for making more money.


    1. Managing user accounts.
    2. Managing driver accounts.
    3. Verify drivers’ documents.
    4. Manage drivers’ payments.
    5. Report, Status and analytics.
    6. Manage site settings.
    7. Manage issues/complaints.
    8. Manage rate/fare.
    There are various other requirements as well and we can successfully incorporate the needed clone app features for your app. We can customize if you require as well.
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    Why us?

    1. We are here to offer superior solutions for your business with the help of our industrial analysts and experts.
    2. Whatever kind of taxi booking clone apps you need; we can provide superior solutions accordingly.
    3. Our prime goal is to provide the best of best solutions that can benefit your business and customers.
    4. We use latest technologies at NBT and we offer maintenance and support services as well.
    5. We integrate various payment gateways along with the app so as to facilitate in-app payment for the users.

    If you are looking for best taxi booking app development company and if you want to own a taxi booking clone app you can contact Next Big Technology for further information.

    Trust us! We assure 100% quality and in time delivery. We value every penny of yours. We can build the app exactly as you need at an affordable cost.

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