Android To iPhone Conversion

If you’ve decided to switch your smartphone from Android to iPhone, you’re making a great choice. But if you’ve been using Android long enough to accumulate a decent number of apps and a good-sized music library, to say nothing of photos, videos, contacts, and calendars, you may have questions about what you can transfer to your new phone. Luckily, you can bring most of your content and data, with a few notable exceptions.

Android devices and iPhones share the largest portion of Smartphone marketplace. There are millions of Android users and also, there are millions of people who use iPhones. Apparently, it is crucial for a business to have the apps that can flawlessly run on both these platforms. At Xtreem Solution, we Convert Android App to iOS to help you achieve the same.

We have dedicated developers for Android and iOS platforms that will work hand-in-hand to convert Android App to iOS application. Understanding the different nature of these two platforms, we also consider making the crucial changes to make your app compatible with the alternative platform. Apparently, you will have an app working on both the platforms seemingly, multiplying the number of your users, your business and revenue.

Before we go about the process of porting Android to iOS, we analyze your existing Android app to identify the requirements for your next iOS app, this process includes design, functionality, OS specific features and target users. This complete analysis helps us to decide the process flow to convert Android to iPhone/iPad.