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    AngularJS Web Application Development

    High Performing, Secure and Fast Frontend Web Applications

    Frontend Web Application Development

    Introduce AngularJS

    AngularJS is a JavaScript open-source framework for developing front-end, mainly single-page web applications. AngularJS is a structural framework for creating dynamic web applications.

    It changes static HTML to dynamic HTML providing better ways for developing web applications. It has many inbuilt features that eliminate the need to write the codes. It all happens within the browser environment that makes it ideal to work with any server technology.

    AngularJs was developed by MiskoHevery and Adam Abrons, in 2008-2009, currently is maintained by Google.

    HTML is a great language for creating static documents but it does not contain many resources for creating applications, and as a result building web applications is the option for the features we desire for.

    AngularJS based web applications are user-friendly, secure, high performing, attractive and fast.  Angular JS is mostly used to build front-end web applications and single-page web applications. It works perfectly with all backend solutions.



    AngularJS Development

    What AngularJS have to offer

    It is easy to work with AngularJS, you just need to know the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and you don’t have to be an expert in all these. AngularJs has components that we can use again which saves time and saves from unnecessary coding. AngularJs makes use of the plain HTML template and passes it to the DOM (Document Object Model) and then to the AngularJS compiler.

    Dependency Injection works on the basis of Inversion of Control. Inversion control means objects do not create other objects; they use these objects from a source from outside. The dependent object is not created by the primary object; instead, an external source creates the dependent object and gives it to the source object for further use. On the basis of dependency injection, we can create a service to acquire all the information from the database and get it into the model class. In AngularJS, these dependencies are injected by using an “injectable factory method” or “constructor function”.

    We develop interactive, eye-catching, and reliable web applications as per your custom ideas and thoughts. We always focus on speed, quality, and innovation. We follow your ideas and make an eye-catching, fast web application that makes you stand out in the market.

    We are rated as Best for What We Do

    We got many awards from the best platforms, it proves our identity and our existence. We are verified and authenticated by top reviewed websites that follow a tough verification and review process.

    AngularJS Development Services

    AngularJS is best Javascript Framework to develop Frontend Web Applications

    AngularJS directives allow the developer to specify custom and reusable HTML elements and attributes that define data bindings and the behavior of presentation components. Some of the most commonly used directives are:

    support for JavaScript, CSS3 transition, and CSS3 keyframe animation hooks within existing core and custom directives.
    Declares the root element of an AngularJS application, under which directives can be used to declare bindings and define behavior.
    A module for accessibility support of common ARIA attributes.
    Sets the text of a DOM element to the value of an expression. For example, displays the value of ‘name’ inside the span element. Any change to the variable ‘name’ in the application’s scope reflects instantly in the DOM.
    Conditionally apply a class, depending on the value of a boolean expression.
    Specifies a JavaScript controller class that evaluates HTML expressions.
    Basic if statement directive that instantiates the following element if the conditions are true. When the condition is false, the element is removed from the DOM. When true, a clone of the compiled element is re-inserted.
    Called once when the element is initialized.
    Similar to ng-bind, but establishes a two-way data binding between the view and the scope.
    Provides tuning for how model updates are done.
    Instantiate an element once per item from a collection.
    Conditionally show or hide an element, depending on the value of a boolean expression. Show and hide is achieved by setting the CSS display style.
    Conditionally instantiate one template from a set of choices, depending on the value of a selection expression.
    The base directive is responsible for handling routes that resolve JSON before rendering templates driven by specified controllers.
    is an angular method used for dirty checking. Any variable or expression assigned in $scope automatically sets up a $watchExpression in angular. So assigning a variable to $scope or using directives like ng-if, ng-show, ng-repeat, etc. all create watches in angular scope automatically. Angular maintains a simple array of $$watchers in the $scope objects

    Different ways of defining a watcher in AngularJS.
    •explicitly $watch an attribute on $scope.
    $scope.$watch(‘person.username’, validateUnique);
    •place an interpolation in your template (a watcher will be created for you on the current $scope).
    •ask a directive such as ng-model to define the watcher for you.
    < input ng-model=”person.username” /></ code>
    is an angular method that is invoked internally by angular js infrequent intervals. In the $digest method, angular iterates overall $watches in its scope/child scopes.
    is an angular method that internally invokes $digest. This method is used when you want to tell angular manually start dirty checking (execute all $watches)
    is both a method and event in angularjs. $destroy() method, removes a scope and all its children from dirty checking. $destroy event is called by angular whenever a $scope or $controller is destroyed.

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    Custom AngularJS Development

    Our expert developers at NBT have extensive knowledge in developing secure and feature-rich web applications that work across various screen resolutions.

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    Real Time Chat Apps

    We craft simple, easy to use, real time and light-weight chatting apps for our clients around the globe.

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    Web App UI/UX Development

    We design premium, simple to use, user-friendly, clutter-free interfaces and designs keeping in mind your.

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    Light weight

    It is light-weight and fast as the core systems require very small libraries for operations and other libraries can be added on based on users’ requirements.

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    Plugin Development

    Our developers create intuitive and unique plugins using AngularJS for your business needs.

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    SEO friendly URLs

    AngularJS generated URLs are search-engine friendly. It uses a segment based approach rather than standard query based approach.

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    Clean Code and Highly Customizable

    AngularJS is high customized Javascript framework, it can be customized to any level of updates.

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    E-commerce Application Development

    We create fast, secure, reliable, and scalable e-commerce applications using AngularJS encompassing all the modern features and functionalities.

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    Fully Responsive Architechture

    AngularJS provide fully responsive architechture, which works perfect with all devices including mobile phones, tablets, ipads, desktops and laptops.

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    Support PHP, Laravel, Node, CI

    AngularJS works perfect as a frontend solution with Laravel, PHP, NodeJS, CakePHP, Codeigniter and other backend solutions.

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    Social Media Applications

    We design and create stunning social media application that lets people stay connected anytime and anywhere they want

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    Single Page Application Development

    AngularJS is mostly used to develop single page web applications which perform well and speedy.

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    Angularjs Enterprise Solutions

    AngularJS used to build different type of enterprise web applications as well.

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    Angularjs Web App Development

    AngularJS used to develop web apps which works best with different backend solutions.

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    Angularjs PWA Development

    We can develop progressive web apps using Angularjs. AngularJS provide best solution to develop PWA as per your needs.

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    Free Javascript Framework

    AngularJS is a free javascript framework, which is completely free to use on any platform. It is most relaible and secure Javascript framework, as it is developed and maintained by google which make it more reliable solution as google keep it updated on regular basis.

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    Secure Web Application

    Angular JS based web application are highly secure and full reliable, it follow all security standards and it make an extra layer of security of web application.

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    Single Page Web Application

    Angular JS is best to use for developing single page web applications, which perform very well on all enviornments.

    Empowering Your Business

    AngularJS Development Solutions

    Why are we the AngularJS pioneers?

    • We build websites that manifest excellence and aptly meet the diverse AngularJS development needs of businesses.
    • We have full technical expertise on AngularJS, we bundle the best-suited technology with every project to meet stringent deadlines.
    • We make detailed workflow models for every project to sync well with the requirements to deliver the highest quality projects with guaranteed satisfaction to global clients.
    • To keep up with the technological advancements and changes, we make our toolbox highly adaptable and scalable and implement these changes to our PHP development services immediately.
    • Our team is one of the best and technologically strongest teams in the universe that guarantees to deliver the exact solutions for the requirements that you have asked for.
    • We believe in delivering the solutions that are the best in the market and are light on your pocket. Our price ranges are much lower than our competitors, so we can offer affordable solutions.
    • We are available round the clock to answer our clients’ queries and help them serve better through different communication channels.
    • We never force you to take hosting or other services from us, the choice is entirely of the clients.
    • We always book the domain and hosting in your name.
    • We provide you prices that are affordable in pockets and are also highly competitive.
    • We offer content writing so that you get all solutions at one point and hence save on time and money.
    • Since we are experts in SEO/ online marketing we ensure that your site is search engine friendly.
    • Our sites are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
    • The website we develop is never a replica or duplicate of any other website. We offer a fresh, unique, and creative website that gives a unique identity to your business.

    Build High Quality Single Page Web Applications

    Working with AngularJS Web Application Development Solution

    As an AngularJS Development Company, We always follow a standard approach to develop Frontend web applications. We go with proper planning and flow of work which consists of the below steps.

    Develop & Deployment
    Tell us your project requirements

    Our analysts will thoroughly review your project requirements and select the most experienced developers best suited for your project type.

    Develop & Deployment
    Discuss details with our experts

    Our experts will contact you within no time to discuss your project related queries and to offer the best solution for your project development.

    Develop & Deployment
    Choose engagement terms & timeframes

    Based on the project consultation provided by analysts, you can choose the timelines as per your convenience for your project. For your convenience we provide the option of milestone options.

    Develop & Deployment
    Secure payment methods

    Pay through multiple options provided to you, our payment methods are highly secure and confidential. We start your project in no time as soon as we receive the payment.

    AngularJS Web Development services for your single page application

    Our AngularJS Frontend Development Services

    We offer a wide range of AngularJS Web Development services which includes complete end-to-end custom web application development. We provide a high-quality and High Performing front-end development solution to our clients.


    • AngularJS Website Development
    • AngularJS API Implementation
    • AngularJS Application Development
    • AngularJS Web Development
    • AngularJS Custom Web Development
    • AngularJS Frontend Development
    • AngularJS Consulting Services
    • AngularJS Single Page Application
    • AngularJS Frontend Application
    • Integration of Third-party Systems
    • AngularJS with PHP
    • AngularJS UI Development
    • Enterprise Web Application Development
    • Custom AngularJS Web App Development
    • AngularJS with Laravel
    • AngularJS with Codeigniter
    • Fast Web Applications
    • AngularJS backend api implementation
    • AngularJS App Development
    • Corporate Android App Development
    • AngularJS IOS App Development
    • AngularJS Web App Development
    • AngularJS PWA Development
    • Corporate Support

    How AngularJS Work

    Developing Best Frontend Web Applications with most popular Javascript Framework

    AngularJS follows the MVC architecture

    The Controller has the business logic. Events from users trigger-which is a part of the controller- the functions which are stored inside the controller.

    Views represent the presentation layer that is provided to the end-users, responsible for displaying the application data.

    Models are used for all the application data. This data can be simple or complex.

    Generally, with the MVC architecture, users have to divide the applications into these components and then have to write the code to connect all three. But in AngularJS, the connection part is handled by itself saving a lot of time and the need to write long codes.

    AngularJS makes it easy to develop web applications by creating new HTML constructs. It teaches the browser new syntax through a construct called directives.

    AngularJS simplifies application development by presenting a higher level of abstraction to the developer. It was built with the CRUD application in mind, which supports most web applications. However when you are creating Games and GUI editors then AngularJS may not be a good option, the results so obtained are not good for it. In these cases, jQuery comes in handy which is a library with a low level of abstraction.

    AngularJS liberates users from the following:

    Registering callbacks: it clutters the code. It greatly reduces the amount of JavaScript coding users have to do, and it makes it easier to see what the application does.

    Manipulating HTML DOM programmatically: Manipulating HTML DOM is cumbersome and vulnerable to errors. AngularJs describes how the UI should change as the application state changes; users are freed from low-level DOM manipulation tasks. Most applications are written with AngularJS never have to programmatically manipulate the DOM, but there is an option to do so if users want.

    The flow of marshaling data from the server to an internal object to an HTML form, allowing users to modify the form, validating the form, displaying validation errors, returning to an internal model, and then back to the server, requires a lot of code to be written. AngularJS eliminates almost all of this, leaving code that describes the overall flow of the application rather than all of the implementation details.


    AngularJS Web Application Development Solution

    AngularJS Advantages:

    • It’s an open-source framework, free to install and use.
    • Errors and issues with it are minimum.
    • Angular takes care of routing which allows movement from one view to another. In single-page applications, you can move to different functionalities in the application based on user interaction but still, stay on the same page.
    • It supports both Unit and Integration testing ensuring a bug-free application.
    • Data binding.
    • DOM control structures for repeating, showing, and hiding DOM elements.
    • Support for forms and form validation.
    • Attaching new behavior to DOM elements, such as DOM event handling.
    • Grouping of HTML into components that are reusable.
    • Basic templating directives.
    • Routing.
    • Deep-linking.
    • Dependency injection.
    • It is a very good idea to decouple DOM manipulation from app logic. This dramatically improves the testability of the code.
    • High importance is given to app testing.
    • It separates the client-side of an app from the server-side. This allows work to progress in parallel and allows for the reuse of both sides.
    • It provides a complete environment for making an app; UI designing, business logic, app testing.
    • It makes common tasks easy and difficult tasks possible.

    What makes us Best AngularJS Web Application Development Company

    Why are we the industry leaders?

    Our core competencies:

    • Cutting-edge AngularJS Websites
    • Skilled team with expert AngularJS developers
    • Extensive domain experience
    • Numerous AngularJS sites delivered
    • We strictly adhere to good practices and follow the benchmarks
    • Award-winners in AngularJS web application development
    • Unique and high-quality UI and UX
    • Client-centric AngularJS solutions
    • Well-tested, bug and error-free applications
    • Competitive project prices to suit everyone
    • Agile methodology
    • Cross-browser compatible
    • Highly Skilled In-House Team
    • Experienced Teal Leaders and Project Managers

    What difference we make as a AngularJS Development Company

    Customer satisfaction guaranteed

    TRANSPARENCY: At NBT, we believe in complete transparency, we keep our clients fully engaged and updated during the entire project development cycle.

    100% ONTIME DELIVERY: Our highly developed and time-tested project management strategies have resulted in a 100% on-time delivery track record for the past 10+ years of our operations.

    FREE ONE MONTH SUPPORT: To take care of our customers even after the project has been handed over, we provide free one-month support to our customers after the final delivery.

    FLEXIBLE ENGAGEMENTS: NBT offers customized engagement models, crafted to meet the exact requirements of clients with different business needs.

    24X7 SUPPORT: Our experts are available 24*7 so that you can discuss with our experts at any time and solutions are provided to you just when you ask for them.

    Top Reasons why our customers in 40+ countries trust NBT:

    • Highly rate and review on Clutch, Good firms, Topxlistings, Extract.
    • 10+ years in web application and framework development.
    • 3000+ successful web applications and portals delivered since 2009.
    • 40+ dedicated developers and designers.
    • Web development services for small, medium, and large enterprises.
    • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
    • Flexibility to choose from Hourly or Fixed Cost payments.

    We work with different clients and industries all over the World

    Industries we serve:

    • Medical/Health/Fitness
    • Retail & Ecommerce
    • Banking & Finance
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Hospitality
    • Sports
    • Education
    • Business
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • Entertainment
    • Kids
    • Spiritual
    • Marketing
    • Agriculture
    • Government Organizations

    Hire Dedicated AngularJS Web Developer With US

    Hire AngularJS Web Application Developer

    Hire our expert AngularJS developers to get customized solutions for your web application needs. Our highly experienced, qualified, and skilled developers have years of hands-on experience working with the AngularJS platform. The applications that we make are built using the latest technologies having all modern features that suit diverse business models at prices that are light on your pockets. Hire AngularJS Developer on an hourly or fixed price basis to take your revenues, profits, reputations, and consumer base at astronomical levels. Get in touch with me to know more.

    Our AngularJS Web Developers are well experienced in creating Frontend Web Applications using angular js. We develop fast, secure, reliable, and high-performing frontend web applications using AngularJS. Our Web Developers are well experienced in using AngularJS as a frontend solution with other backend solutions like PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Nodejs, CakePHP, etc. Hire AngularJS developers with us on a different basis of hourly, fixed cost, monthly, weekly as per your requirements and budget. We are always flexible as per your requirements.

    Hire a Dedicated Angular.JS developer today with us to get done any type of frontend or single page web application as per your custom ideas. We build attractive web applications which perform well and run fast. We have Angular JS experts who know how to make out best with Angular JS.

    Are you looking for AngularJS Web Application Developer?

    Get your AngularJS Web Application Development cost and time estimate today or connect with us for your queries today

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    Membership Portal

    It is a subscription-based portal that allows users to take different subscription-based recurring plans to access speakers’ audio and video.

    Sports Franchise

    It’s a kind of software or web service that links various leagues and shows their real-time data, scores, and team information.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which languages do you use to program my website?

    We develop websites in CakePHP with MySQL database using HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, and other technologies.

    Will my website fit on the screen sizes of phones, tablets, and laptops?

    We make responsive sites that offer optimal user-experience to the visitors on different devices and screen resolutions. Our CakePHP developers thoroughly crafts version for the site to make easy navigation on all sized devices.

    Is my project idea secure with your company?

    We ensure full data confidentiality, to do sowe sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before starting any project.

    Do you provide design options?

    Yes, we provide design mock-up of the site. Depending on your needs and ideas, we create a few design options. We proceed further with the development only after you have finalized the design.

    Are you looking for AngularJS Web Application Developer?

    Get your AngularJS Web Application Development cost and time estimate today or connect with us for your queries today

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