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    Event Booking App Development

    We build top notch Event Booking Mobile Application to match your booking business needs

    Are you running an event management agency? Then it is the right time to get an app built for your business. Be it any kind of event. There are number of events such as festive, sport, and corporate, kids, etc. And to draw the audience the app would manifest its strength in bringing more audience. The app plays a vital role here. It is also estimated that by the end of year 2025 the event booking technology market would steadily grow by 11%. We are also witnessing the growth in the sector.

    Event booking app development

    To manage any event, the app would assist in carrying out the tedious job of yours. You can bring in a greater number of participants and can thus engage them in an interesting manner.
    Conferences and event organization have undergone numerous transfigurations in the current modern era. With the help of the app, the events can be successfully carried out and, in a way, you would let your brand become noticeable and thus drawing in more sponsors.

    Event Booking App Development Company

    Next Big Technology is leading event booking app development company. Our developers are skilled and can assist you in building event booking applications of any kind. We have considerable experience in building event booking apps on Android and iOS as well. Our app solution would definitely benefit your event business and assist all the app users as well. Next Big Technology has already been delivering superior solutions for event booking app developments according to the requirements of the client. Our developers can customize according to the requirements of yours.
    You can expect robust solutions for corporate events, conferences or any shows from Next Big Technology which is a leading event app development company.

    We offer services for any kind of event management.

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    Features of event booking app development

    1. Sign-up: The user can register by filling all the necessary details. Moreover, the registration page is developed for event managers, attendees and third parties as well individually.
    2. Create event: List of events could be created using the attribute.
    3. Schedule event: The event supervisor can schedule by entering date, day and time.
    4. Event finder: The user can find the event by searching.
    5. Budget forecast: The event organizer can set budget for the specific event so that the app can notify immediately if there is any budget crossing. Budget limit can be set.
    6. Visitor list: The person can also prepare a list whom he/she is planning to invite.
    7. Notifications: The person can receive notifications or reminders.
    8. Listing: The user can plan like what all items need to be purchased for the event and so on (inventories).
    9. Third party contract: The user can sign an agreement with the third party and can continue to refer to in future also.
    10. Set menu: The user can prepare list using this attribute like what items need to be prepared – catering.
    11. In – app chat/call: This feature can assist the user to make a call or message with the other users and get their doubts clarified.
    12. Ticket pattern: The event organizer can come up with a unique and an impressive idea regarding the designing of the ticket using tools and layouts.
    13. Tickets: The organizer can thus activate the tickets so that the attendees can purchase them.
    14. In – app payment: The user can pay with the help of various payment gateways.
    15. Count: The organizer can count the number of persons who is attending the event using this element and can further make arrangements accordingly.
    16. Marketing: The organizer can market the tickets in the public forums or platforms so that many people would get to know regarding the event.
    17. Set alerts: The user can set alerts/reminders
    18. Checklist: The organizer can enlist all the phases that are going to be present in the event.
    19. Directory: The organizer can create a directory so that significant information regarding the party like contact number etc. of any important persons is entered.
    20. Gallery: Photos can be uploaded related to the events here.
    21. GPS: Integration of GPS with the app assist the users to reach the destination location in time.
    22. Analytics: The performance of the business can be got to known.
    There are many other prominent features that can be incorporated and we can assure you that we can implement features according to your needs of your business.
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    Why choose us?

    1. According to your distinctive requirements we can build apps. We customize 100%.
    2. We use the latest technologies to build applications such as AR/VR.
    3. Our team of developers are well versed and can build versatile and flawless mobile apps.
    4. We have good experience in building event booking applications.
    5. We can build event booking apps at a reasonable cost.

    Benefits of event app for your business

    1. Organizing the event becomes much easy.
    2. Transparent communication to everyone who is participating, hosting and speaking, etc.
    3. Can get to know the reviews.
    4. Can expand your network.
    5. The participants or the audience can actively take part.
    6. Your business might get recognized.
    7. Many sponsors might show interest.
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    Our approach

    1. We analyze your requirements thoroughly in the initial phase.
    2. We communicate every aspect of progress to the client regarding the project.
    3. We can handle challenges in the project in a smart manner.
    4. Our designers can build eye-catching interfaces.
    5. We test the application several times so that the app is free from errors.

    Are you looking for any renowned event app development company? Don’t worry! Then your search ends right here. You can approach Next Big Technology to get all your work done. You can trust us 100% and we can assure you that our product is of superior quality and we deliver in time.

    Our event booking app development solutions would definitely prove beneficial for you.