On-Demand Home Service App Development Solution

On-demand home services app is responsible for changing the way of life. It is one of the best opportunities to embrace innovation and technology. Previously, we spent a lot of time doing laundry, cleaning the household, and doing other tasks. Home service is one of the viable sources of revenue generation for businesses. Next Big Technology understands the importance of driving the best solution entirely. We are here to cater to all the demands of the clients.


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On-Demand Home Service App Development Solution

Quality and Affordable On-Demand Home Service App Development

Much needed on-demand home service app development solutions

Next Big Technology is one of the efficient on-demand home services app development companies. We have years of experience in providing digital requirements to different businesses. Our experts have been working to develop user-friendly and feature-rich applications for multiple years. This makes us the best option for delivering on-demand home services.

Currently, the demand for similar services is increasing and is primarily available on smartphones. According to reports, the market value on the global scale could reach up to $1574.86 billion. This milestone could be possible within the year 2024. It is mainly proven due to the high availability of on-demand home services. If you are looking for the best house cleaning application or services app for your business.

Then it is the best time to select our perfect solution. After that, we are ready to deliver, which will completely fit the need of your business. Our expert app developers have in-depth experience in this industry. They are continuously working on developing, implementing, and even deploying mobile apps.Next Big Technology is one of the prominent On-Demand Home Service app development companies.

On-Demand Home Service App Development: Exclusive Features

Next Big Technology is ready to deliver impressive On-Demand Home Service app solutions. Every app has important functionalities with a high-end solution. Our experts are prepared to provide an attractive solution for the clients.


Service Booking

Users can use the advanced filters for proceeding with search options. Any service before booking using an on-demand home service app. Every user to find out the appropriate service they are looking for in the platform


Schedule Booking

Every customer can easily book any cleaning services urgently. They can select their appropriate date and time for availing of the service. This is the best way to get the service at the user’s convenience.


Instant Quotes

Once the user submits the service request in the on-demand home service app. An estimated invoice will be generated as per the request. It will include different information, including the quotation for the services.


Setting Up a Regular Cleaning

Every customer can easily book multiple sessions for cleaning services. This is one of the regular services we can quickly obtain from the on-demand home service app. It enables efficient cleaning services through the platform.



Users can easily switch between the cleaners provided by the service provider. This will enable them to select the appropriate service conveniently. It is the best way to improve home service in any requirement.


Instant Support

Customers will receive immediate support from the service provider. It is the best way to cater to the emergency of the customers. This will help get reliable and trustworthy service from the on-demand home services.


Edit Profile

Service provider in the users can easily edit their profiles from the app. They can add or remove any related information in the application. This will help deliver the data for both ends.


Real-Time Tracking

Every user will have the ability to get real-time tracking services. It will help in monitoring the exact location of the service provider. This way, the user can manage the services conveniently and understand the availability.


Switch Modes

The service provider will be provided with a toggle switch for availability. They can quickly turn it on off depending on the service requirement. They can easily enable the user to get online or offline mode notifications instantly.


Caller ID

Inbuilt caller ID will help the users to identify the person calling them. This is most similar to most caller ID services available in the market. It will help in proper conversation with users inefficient manner.


In-App Notifications

Our experts will make sure to deliver notification API integration. This is the best way to notify both the service providers and the users. All the updates will be given instantly in real-time.


Social Media Integration

Every user can quickly sign up and login into the application using social media account. This will eliminate the requirement for importing data in manual order. They can easily have the proper integration of the social media platform.


eWallet Integration

The online payment system is Property integrated into the on-demand home service app. It is one of the best features of e-wallet support in the application. This will help in completing quick payments without any issues.


Card Payment

Customers will also prefer to pay with a credit card and debit cards. This is one of the subparts of the payment feature integrated into the application. It will improve the convenience of the payment method for the users.


In-Built Chat

The service provider can easily connect with the customers using the in-app chat feature. This will enable clarifying all the queries and providing support to the customers. It will increase the reliability of the services on the platform.



The service provider will have the ability to accept or reject any project. It entirely depends on the availability of the services. This gives the service provider complete freedom for delivering their service and bookings.


Service Packages

Our on-demand home service is ready to deliver smooth services. It will help in offering efficient service packages. This will enable them to provide the services to the customers efficiently.


Payment Management

On-demand home services will offer easy payment management. Every service provider can manage and analyze their revenue income. This is the best way to maintain and store the platform’s data.


Service History

The service provider can check for their weekly and monthly work history. This data will be available in a single window with easy access. It will help in understanding the work progress in different projects.


Payment Gateway

On-demand home service app comes with a safe and secure payment mode. It will have integrated multi-layer security gateways for the users. This is the best way to deliver efficient and reliable payment gateway services for the customers.


Ratings and Reviews

After completing the services by the service providers, customers will have the ability to leave feedback. Those feedbacks are responsible for improving the services. It will also enhance the trust and safety wholly associated with the customers.


Push Notifications

The push notification will deliver further updates related to the home services. It is the best way to get alerts even without opening the app. Every alert will be provided in real-time to have efficient functionality in the app.


Cutting Edge Tech Stack

Our experts are well equipped to implement all the latest technology. They will work on delivering the services to meet the requirements. Apart from that, they are also responsible for integrating all inbuilt navigation facilities.


Communication through the Platform

The application will enable quick and efficient interaction between service providers and customers. This will allow effortless service delivery using an on-demand home service app. It is the best way to connect with the business and reach potential clients.


Detailed Profile View

This is one of the essential features which is highly preferable. Users can quickly get to know the details of the service provider. This is the best option to choose before customers can schedule the service.


Automated Billings

Get instant automatic billing feature in the on-demand home services app. This will help in adding more convenience for both service providers and customers. It is the best way to improve the services in the application.


GPS Integration

This is an efficient feature that will enable a hassle-free experience for the service providers. They will get 2 have the exact location of every customer. This will allow them to receive at the location to deliver the service.


Cloud Integration

At Next Big Technology, our expert app developers have integrated cloud integration. It will completely take care of all the requirements of data storage. This will help in improving the management of the services.


Built-In SEO

Our on-demand home service app will also have inbuilt SEO. This will help push the service to the top of the search list. It will improve in obtaining the target audience to deliver the service.


Advanced Search

Users can use different keywords, locations and types of the service. This will enable them to use the advanced search and find the appropriate service. It is essential for getting what they are looking for.


Robust Backend

We are ready to enable our back-end developers for exceptional service. They are well capable of delivering clone app development solutions. This will allow you to have a robust backend development service.


Schedule Services

Customers can easily book any services in real-time. They can also schedule the services as per availability. This is the best way to improve the convenience and service delivery for the customers.


Rate Fixation

It is our objective to deliver budget-friendly solutions for every business. It will enable them to limit the fare for specific trips. The rate is entirely dependent on the location. The rate fixture depends on the area but the surroundings from different destinations.


Social Media Access

The car rental app development solution will also enable social media access. It will allow both service providers the customers to log into the platform. It is the best way to create an account and even share the platform’s service experience.


Ratings and Reviews

The owner will get to have feedback and reviews from the users. It is the best way to improve the service by getting direct feedback. Users can post their reviews if they liked the services or not.


Promo Codes

App admin will generate offers, special deals, and promo codes for the customers. It is the best way to implement loyalty program engagement of the customers. This will enable increasing customer satisfaction with car rental app development.


Operational Zone Setup

The operational zone sector is one of the efficient features for both service providers and customers. They can easily manage the services in the local areas. In addition, this will enable all the users to get notifications on real-time location and services.


Trip Information

The car rental app development solution will deliver complete trip information. The service will keep on gathering the insides of the service provider and customers. It includes geographical access and real-time tracking functionality.

How To Hire Top On-demand home services App Developers With Next Big Technology?

Hire Top Class On-demand home services App Developers on different basis as per your requirements and budget.

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On-Demand Home Service App Development Services

Next Big Technology is the leading on-demand home service app development company. We are skilful in developing custom on-demand home service app solution. Therefore, developers are ready to involve in the project for efficient service.


Household Services App for Service Providers

We have a skillful and experienced team of developers with high expertise. They are well capable of delivering on-demand home services apps. In addition, the application will be filled with advanced features for convenience.


Household Services App for Customers

Not only do we focus on the service provider application. However, we are also ready to deliver all the requirements for our customers. It is our objective to create the best perspective for every user. It will help in offering a better solution for every customer.


Household Services Service Web App

This is the best option for every business unwilling to invest in app development. They will have a better chance to get the web app for services. Therefore, it is the best opportunity to improve household services.


Household Services Mobile App

We have experienced skillful developers for creating user-friendly and innovative apps. This is the best solution to influence businesses and increase revenue. This mobile application applies to every end of the company.


Household Services Website Development

Our experts are ready to use all the latest technology for creating a secure website. It will be dedicated entirely to household services. This will help influence the skill in the service development in the industry.


Customized Household Services App Development

Our experts are ready to deliver a white-label home services app script. It will enable every brand to customize as per the requirements thoroughly. This will have the best option to offer the service by rebranding the company.

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Range of On-Demand Home Service App Development

Next Big Technology is the leading mobile app development solution company. We are ready to implement all the latest development technology and tools.



Our experts are ready to deliver on-demand customized app solutions. We have experience in completing similar projects multiple times. Our objective is to ensure a high-end client satisfaction rate.


Faster Time to Market

Next Big Technology is ready to complete the project as quickly as possible for the client. We are ready to offer the best assistance for every project. Our experts completely understand the significance of the quick deployment of our resources.


On-Demand Solutions

We are highly experienced in developing on-demand home service apps. We’re ready to partner up with a reliable tech stack to deliver the best solution. Our experts are ready to offer you dynamic services. It will have proper implementation of multiple verticals for the customers.



The On-Demand Home Service app development solution will deliver a user-friendly interface. As a result, every user can efficiently complete any task with a simple process. It is the best combination of app development’s interactive and responsive outcome.


Consistent Support

We are completely dedicated and consistent in offering support for our project. We will ensure to offer our clients maximum return on investment. Every client will get immediate support from our end. It is our duty to deliver 24/7 technical assistance to our clients.



Our on-demand home service app solution will have seamless support. It will enable multiple functions, which will be much easier for every user to access. Every solution is specifically designed to offer scalability and reliability. It will also enable the customers to ensure ease of accessibility.

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Client Testimonials

Words that describe our quality and keep us motivated...


Derek Baron

After a long time we haven’t found people who meet our needs, we came to you through a recommendation and you did the job in a great way! Both we and our customers are very satisfied with the quality of the work, the listening and the speed of execution.



Next Big Technology been an excellent resource for us over the last few years with keeping our website updated. Amit is prompt in his responses and very strong technically. Anytime we have a problem with our website, I just write to him and they are able to fix it quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend working with Next Big Technology.



I like how responsive they are to solving problems. Especially helping fix any bugs during development. They are also really easy to work with because of their down to earth communication and dealings.



This development team cares about the customer and does everything to make their clients happy and satisfied with their work. They deliver on their promises, no matter how long it takes, and provide daily, detailed updates of their work upon request.

Our Work Speaks

Next Big Technology provide top notch Web and Mobile App Solutions, we develop high quality and innovative Web and Mobile Applications which can be easily stand out in competitive market. Our Developers works on latest and trending technologies and we always deliver requirement specific and user centric applications as per business needs.


About Mobile App Development

We build high quality Android and IOS mobile applications using latest app development technologies. We design innovative and unique mobile apps which help you to grow and standout your business. Our developed mobile applications are top trending and high performing in all environments.

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We build top notch and quality websites, our developed websites are secure, fully responsive, speed optimized and seo friendly. We design creative and eye catching websites, which help you to build online presence for your business and stand tall in competitive market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost estimation to develop anOn-Demand Home Service app?

If you are looking for the development of a On-Demand Home Service app. Then the estimation cost requirement is mandatory for the process. Approximately it will cost around $6,000 to $20,000. But the cost can vary depending on various factors of the development. It includes app features, location, platform, app type, etc. Suppose you are looking for app deployment in both Android and iOS platforms. Then it will cost you more by including different factors of the platform.

Can I customize a On-Demand Home Service app development service according to my business requirements?

Yes, our efficient team of developers is ready for every requirement. They are highly efficient and capable of catering to every business. We are prepared to customize according to the business solution requirement. It is important to implement exclusively to have the unique nature of the solution.

How much time will it take to complete the development process of the On-Demand Home Service app?

The duration depends entirely on the implementation of features and functionality. It also depends on the time taken for development testing and delivery. Every development process will have charges on an hourly basis. The longer Development time will also increase the cost of development. The development team has multiple expert professionals. It includes graphics designer project manager, backend developer, iOS development, QA testers, and UI designers. The number of designers can increase depending on the requirement of the project. This will increase the time as well as the cost of the development.

Will I get maintenance and support after the deployment of my app?

Yes, we are ready to assure our clients of our proper support in every step. Our objective is to help through every development process. Our service package includes post-deployment support and maintenance. We’re ready to take care of any issues that might happen after the deployment of the project.

Which platform should I choose to get maximum user engagement?

If you are looking to engage with a large customer base. Then it is advisable to deploy the On-Demand Home Service app on both platforms. It is essential to focus on Android and iOS platforms. We can understand that users happen to be using both platforms. It will keep a significant advantage if we focus on every available platform.

The best procedure to follow to create a full-fledged On-Demand Home Service app?

Next Big Technology is the best On-Demand Home Service app development company. We focus on following specific app development processes. It starts with a complete analysis of project requirements. This will help us to proceed with wire-framing and prototype. In the next phase, we progress to the development and designing of the app. After that, we focus on quality assurance with beta testing. Finally, we proceed with the development after every step is complete. Also, we work on full discussions with the clients on every step. We take approval in every effort to avoid any uncertain issues.

Will you make App and Backend live?

Yes, we will make it live on Servers and on both Apple and Google Store.

Will you charge extra for server and Apple and Google Accounts?

Yes, we do charge extra for it. We will suggest you options for it. You can buy your own or we can do it for you.

What kind of support you provide after delivery of work?

We provide long term support, we provide priority support in case of any issue or bug. Also we provide maintenance services for long term. We do maintain your app for security, performance, updates and for additional stuff as well.

Will you provide complete source code?

Yes we will provide complete source code and documentation. You will be sole owner of code and we will provide you all data.

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