We have the greatest specialists to handle all of your vehicle cleaning needs, from a manual car wash to a car detailing. We are your go-to mobile automobile detailing service. Vehicle washes, auto detailing, automotive waxing, clay bar & paste wax, water spot removal, upholstery conditioning, and other car detailing services are all offered by NBT Car Wash.

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NBT CAR WASH - App Development

As a car wash app development firm with a full-stack technology and staff, NBT has a lot of experience. To bridge the demand-supply gap, our war wash apps are jam-packed with advanced features and high-end capabilities. With your business strategy and our car wash app developers’ skills, create a car wash app for Android and iPhone customers.

NBT CAR WASH - Package Includes

We have professionals with 7+ years of software development expertise who are already working at the finest mobile app development business. They’ve created software that’s fast, secure, flexible, robust, extendable, reusable, maintainable, debuggable, measurable, functional, efficient, user-friendly, performance-friendly, scalable, and well tested.
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NBT CAR WASH - Features


This is the first part that visitors will see. They may sign up for the app using their social media and email accounts.

Choose A Car Location

Users can select the location of the car that requires servicing and washing. So that accordingly, technicians can make the provisions for cleaning. Pay your bills.

Discounts & Exclusive Offers

Users are alerted of all connected offers and discounts in order to keep them informed about forthcoming promotions. Offers and discounts are a fantastic way to keep consumers interested and encourage them to utilise your services when they need them.

Submit A Service Request

Users can request vehicle cleaning services based on the solutions offered by various service providers.

Booking Notifications

The ondemand vehicle wash system provides service anytime, from anywhere, with round-the-clock automobile detailing.

push Notifications.

It's a wonderful way to boost user acquisition and retention. An on-demand vehicle detailing smartphone app that uses push technology keeps customers up to date on the newest prices, offers, order progress, and so much more?

Wish List

Allowing your customers to create a wish list with all of the items they want to buy soon is a wonderful approach to enhance sales.

Choose A Plan & Services

Users may choose from a variety of packages and services offered by various service providers, and then pick the one that best meets their financial needs.

Real-Time Analytics

How to build a car wash app requires consideration of the data to be examined. Google Analytics can track user data such as number of visitors, downloads, bounce rate, orders, and detailers connected..

Additional - Features


Order Log

Users may easily examine their previous vehicle wash history with the on-demand car wash software. Users can request a new service or reschedule an existing one based on previous service orders.


Convenient Booking

If a vehicle wash order is made, the detailers are alerted to provide speedy car wash services via the on-demand car washing app.


Upload Images

The detailer can submit photos of the automobile before and after it has been washed in order to increase user interaction and increase the number of wash requests.

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Ratings, & Feedbacks

This feature provides customers the ability to evaluate, review, and provide feedback on the services they receive from you. It also gives a new client who wants to utilise your services a clear understanding and a sense of trust.


Wash Packages

The app company provides several vehicle wash packages, so the customer may pick one that suits them. This feature allows you to display your services and bundles to the consumer within the app itself, saving time on both sides.


Highly Customizable

The app may be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each clients. We will assist you in this matter.