NBT Dokan

NBT is a well-known fantasy sports app and website development firm that creates dependable solutions that are both unique and marketable. We provide a wide range of Fantasy Sports app development services to people interested in this sector. From fantasy sports app creation to website design and launch, we handle it everything with the highest quality.

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NBT Dokan- App Development

For die-hard fantasy sports fans, we use cutting-edge technology in every area of our services. With our aesthetically stunning, high-quality apps, we create engaging experiences in the virtual world for our consumers, including analytics and broadcast solutions.

NBT Dokan - Package Includes

NBT offers Fantasy sports app development services that are dynamic, completely customizable, responsive, robust, and one-of-a-kind. Our solutions ensure a successful expansion by combining a creative approach with technological expertise.
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NBT Dokan - Features


This is the initial page a user sees after opening an app. A user must login or create a new profile. That account will play a fantasy sports app. Users must first register by providing information such as Name, Phone Number, Email, Gender, Country, etc.

Notifications Through Push

Users can be alerted to significant events using the push notification feature. It will definitely conjure up images of a game about to begin or the game's result.


On the contest page, the user may see information about the tournaments and leagues such as name, entrance fee, difficulty, reward, etc. The user may also refine their search to receive contest information depending on their preferences. Customized competition.

Live performance

Incorporating live event scores, as well as live commentary and expert opinion, is a good concept. Participants may keep track of their fantasy team's progress using this method, which is based on the players' real-life performances.


It is necessary to provide all available and secure payment channels, as well as debit and credit cards. Also, make certain that the user's credentials are protected. The easier and more seamless the payment option is for consumers, the more likely they are to keep your software.

Analytics in real time

The fantasy app's analytical function will help users to make faster, smarter, and quicker judgments by giving real-time information during an ongoing match. The data is saved and updated in real-time in this manner.

Additional - Features


Live Cricket league Updates

The fantasy app's analytical function will help users and admin to make faster, smarter, and quicker judgments by giving real-time information during an ongoing match. The data is saved and updated in real-time in this manner.


Player Stats

This feature, like the user information, displays extensive information about the players. This user may obtain extensive information on a player's XP, ranking, past match performance, matches played, in-team selection ratio, and many other factors.


Social Sharing

Users will share their fantasy tournament draught experiences with their friends and family on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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CRM Connection

The application that makes use of the back-end service is included. It helps handle seat tickets, participant positions, transmit messages, send push notifications, and is handy in a variety of other ways.


Playing XI Projection

This feature allows users to be more confident, accurate, and increase their chances of winning. The user can easily identify which player is participating in the match by taking this prediction quiz. This feature displays information on the player's performance in prior games.



Users may engage in in-app quizzes based on a variety of sports by using this feature/section. It aids them in honing their gaming abilities. They will also receive coins in exchange, which they can use to make any in-app purchases.