Latest Web Development Trends

This year has brought significant advancements in web development. Along with this, different languages, different platforms made it the web more consistently evolving. To get to know more about these different trends, we have to consider various factors depending on how the users actually browse, what protocols are most popular and which kind of... Read More

Best PHP frameworks

PHP, has been known as the most popular scripting language in the world and has evolved a lot since few years. Now a days developers need to develop more complex websites and apps and PHP comes to be the most effective language with effective solutions. There are many frameworks in PHP but some of them are now a days been used more often.

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Developing Taxi assortment app or mobile website

The global taxi industry has suddenly became one of the biggest market revenue and is ever increasing around the world. Although the number is just an estimation as there are some unregistered cab operators as well in this market. Among all these a huge hike of competition has also been there between all the operators. Developing a Taxi assortment... Read More

Digital media impact over Media World

Digital media has grown rapidly in all aspects of the world for some years now but no one has ever thought that it will have so much of impact over today’s world. Digital media has impact over the media world with a high increasing rate.

In each year digital media has grown in every field of life whether it comes to advertising, use... Read More


shopify over woocommerce

Shopify vs WooCommerce

Shopify and woocommerce both are used now a days for developing a online store as they both are user friendly and most popular among the web world.But the question that arrives in our mind is between shopify over woocommerce which one is better and is strongly recommended and can be secure to be used.They both have their advantages... Read More

App Developer

App development vs Web development

The biggest question that arrives now a days is which one is better in app development vs web development. We should go with which technology among both of them. But the answer lies in between this word itself as they both are related to each other. They both have their own importance in today’s scenario of technological world.

Major difference

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How To Setup Simple REST API Using PHP

How To Setup Simple REST API Using PHP?

If you are looking to setup Rest Api Using Php here are steps to follow for How To Setup Simple REST API Using PHP?


1. What is REST API? 2. How To INSERT Data Using REST API? 3. How To READ Data Using REST API? 4. How To UPDATE Data Using REST API? 5. How To DELETE Data Using REST API?

1. What is REST API using PHP?

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Wordpress Development

How To Avoid Spam Comments

One of the biggest concern which you are going to face while running a website is getting spam from website forms. One of the most common way of spam is comment spam and when it comes to WordPress we have many method to control comment spam. One of the finest method is using Akismet WordPress plugin, you can get it easily from WordPress plugins.... Read More

Wordpress Development Company

How To Block IP Address Using .htaccess File

Follow this post for WordPress or any other website using other cms or framework, by editing your .htaccess file. If you are not familiar with .htaccess file, you can read about it or get in touch with your hosting company.

If you are getting Spam comments and other spamming activities by some location or from some person at a particular IP... Read More