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As a Top Mobile App Development Company We provide complete Mobile App Development Solution as per customer needs. At Next Big Technology We have team of experienced Mobile App Developers and Designers. We do work on all latest and trending technologies which includes Native Android App Development, Native Ios App Development, Hybrid App Development, Ionic App Development, Flutter App Development, React Native App Development.

We are experienced in creating powerful, innovative, unique, custom mobile applications as per client ideas. We implement client idea on canvas in form of creative mobile application. We have separate team of all technologies who have experienced in particular technology for creating Mobile Application in client's preferred technology.

We are top notch Mobile Application Development Company in India with extensive expertise and wealth experiences of working for all industries all over the world. Mobile App Development is on demand service these days, as everyone is using smart phone these days, which make them habitual to use different mobile app. Every customer looks to create mobile application for their business whether its small or large, because it is becoming best way to interact with users.

Here at Next Big Technology we create mobile app that are high performing, fast and secure which is delivered as per client business needs and it helps client to grow their business. Whether you need a mobile app development service for your iPhone, Android, Ipad or Tab our team of experts can help you to build unique and eye catching mobile apps. As a best mobile app development company in India, USA, UK. Our mobile app developers are passionate about their work, our app designers design creative and unique designs which attracts users.

We provide mobile app developers on basis of hourly, fixed price, weekly or monthly basis. Hire Mobile App Developers at Next Big Technology to convert your next mobile app idea in to a creative and innovative Mobile Application.

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We got many awards from best platforms, it proves our identity and our existence. We are verified and authenticate by top reviewed website who follow a tough verification and reviewed process.

App Features

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featureInformation Gathering

We prepare complete wire frame and prototype as per all your requirements, we analyze complete requirements and present it in a form of live prototype and designs. We comes up with proper estimate after confirmation with given prototype.

App Benefits


Planing & Designs

This is first step to start a Mobile App Development project. In this step our experienced mobile app developers team comes up with complete wire-frames and live prototypes of mobile app. We create create and innovative, unique design ideas for your app and shows them in form for live prototype which shows complete flow of mobile app with all screen designs and flow of complete functionality with each step. It give client a complete idea of App how his mobile app will going to look and function. Client can give his feedback's here too if he want to make any changes or adjustments in design and flow. Development work start after client confirm design and flow of app.


Backend & Api Development

This is second step for app development, we have experienced team of back-end developers to create complete back-end panel and database development. User can manage all his app data, history, updates from app back-end easily. New data can be added and old data can be updated easily from back-end panel. We create very easy to use back-end panel with all capability to manage complete app content, images, products, users, payment gateways, offers, discounts and all kind of other data needed for particular app. We have API developers to create APIS from back-end database which allow us to link app with back-end.

App Development

This is third step for Mobile App Development, here we implement all designs in to native Android and IOS Apps or in Hybrid Apps whatever finalized to use for further development as per client preferences. We implement all designs using preferred platform. We get all data from API's and implement Api's as per our design. Our experience mobile app developers develop designs of all screens and complete flow of app and insert all data using API's. We do complete development of app in this part.


Testing & Live

This is final part of Mobile App Development, we test complete app in terms of design and functionality. We test all data if its is coming right or not. We insert some dummy data on back-end and do all testings for each screen and steps to ensure if any issues. If any kind of issue found we fix it same time. After all testing is done we push app live on Google Play and Apple store. We complete process of making live and keep it follow up until App is live, if any issue comes up we fix it and resubmit of stores. After app is live we do a final testing and submit to client.

Our Mobile Development Expertise and Offerings

We are experienced team of Android App Development. Our Android App Developers are experienced in developing Native Android Apps using Android Studio and Kotlin. We have done lot of Android Apps over the years some of them are getting millions of downloads and users. Hire Android App Developers at Next Big Technology to get done your next Android App. We have created many custom and complex Android Apps as per client unique requirements. We covert client ideas in to reality with the help of our innovative graphic designers and skilled Android App Developers. Deadly combination of our creative app designers and Android App Developers help our customers to achieve unique and powerful Android mobile Application. Our Android app developers are well versed in java programming language and at same time have deep knowledge of Android studio and with new face of Android App development using Kotlin as well.

We provide full solution of IOS App Development which cover the complete development process, from concept to distribution. Our IOS mobile App Developers are experienced and well versed in Iphone App Development process. Hire IOS App Developers at Next Big Technology to create eye catching Iphone app for your business needs. Our IOS App Developers are experienced in Objective C, Swift, Xcode and Testflight. We provide end-to-end custom mobile apps that includes the complete range of iOS, iPad, Apple TV, watchOS and all type of iPhone app development services. Our Iphone App Developers are experience enough to create powerful custom IOS mobile Applications. We provide end to end ios development solution which includes Creative designs, Backend and Api Development, Iphone App Development, Deployment to Apple store and complete Maintenance & Support after app is on live.

React Native is an open source mobile application framework which is created by Facebook. Which makes React Native trust-able and secure. With React Facebook keep launching new updates with new features in regular basis. Which makes it use able as lot of new features keep coming in it. With React we can create one app for both IOS and Android, one app can be used on both Apple and Google. Which saves lot of customers cost and time. React Native based apps are light weight, high performing and easy customizing. It is a framework of Javascript, all code done based upon Javascript. Hire react native app developers for your next mobile app project using React, our experienced developers are well versed in developing cross platform applications using React.

Ionic framework is a part of Hybrid App Development, Ionic uses Web technologies like CSS, HTML5 for developing mobile applications. We have skilled and knowledgeable team of Ionic App Developers. Hire Ionic app developers for your next mobile app project at Next Big Technology. We are working in Ionic framework over the years, its very easy to use and learn. Ionic perform well in terms of speed, scalability and easily customized. Many people prefer Ionic App Development to save cost and time. It gives you option to get a IOS and Android App in cost of one App. If someone have low budget and want a IOS and Androi App Ionic is always best option as per his needs. Our Ionic App Developers are experience in handling any kind of App Development requirements with Ionic.

Flutter is new in market, it gives you option to build cross platform mobile application like other Hybrid mobile application platforms. Its new but as it is build by Google which make it reliable and trustable. It have very good features provided by Google, it provide many features which make mobile app development easy, same time it give you option to save your cost and time by creating one app for both Android and IOS. It is new in market but in short time our team of flutter app developers achieved lot of expertise in it. We have created many mobile applications using flutter in short time period. Hire Flutter App developers with Next Big Technology to get done any kind of custom mobile application requirements for your business growth. We provide complete solution and support for mobile app development using Flutter.

App overview

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Responsive Design

We provide Responsive Design for all mobile apps they work perfect in all size of screens whether it is small size mobile or large size mobile, it works perfect in all devices it can be ipad or tabs and any kind of mobile phones. App will automatically convert as per device size. We make them fully responsive to work perfectly as per our device sizes.

Experience Design

We create creative, innovative and unique designs for your app, our graphics designers are expert in creating eye catching, top notch designs to help you grow your business. Design play important role to attract users on App, that's why we keep it clean, nice and attractive and very user friendly, which make app standout from crowd.

Lighweight & Fast

Our App Developers keep this in mind while creating mobile app using any platform or technology, we make mobile apps light weight and fast performing. If your mobile app is performing fast means it will keep user stay on your app. Everyone prefer fast and efficient mobile apps, everyone like to browser faster apps, that's why we focus on speed always.

Data Integration

We create backend and api to get data from database, we make this process work very smooth so data can be get app very smoothly. As all data in app come from database and if there is some delay to get data it make people annoy. Our experience developer make apis in a way that all data in come very smoothly and without any delay, It improve app performance quite a bit.

Latest Technology

We use latest and trending technologies for your Mobile App, there are many options available in market including native android and native ios apps. There are many hybrid application development options available too which includes React native, Ionic, Flutter etc. We suggest you best option as per your business requirements and user base.

Smooth Workflow

We develop mobile app very user friendly, they are very easy to go through all steps and flow. We make flow very easy for any kind of user, any user who is non techy can use our app very easily. We keep work flow easy to use and easy to manage all steps of mobile apps. We always develop mobile apps in focusing each and every user in world.

Other Mobile App Development Service


App Design and Prototyping

App Design and prototyping always an important part of work. We create live prototype of app to give client complete idea of design and flow of app. Our app designers create unique, attractive and innovative app designs which gives extra edge to your app and help you to grow your business.


Back-end and Api

We have back-end and api developers, they create user friendly back end panel which help you to modify and add all data very easily in to app. We create apis for to link app with database in a smooth way. Our backend and api developers make fast and efficient backend.


App Development

Our experience mobile app developers design all screens and integrate apis with best practices using latest trending technologies as per your business requirements and targeted audience. As a top mobile development company provide high quality app development services.


Testing and Live

We test complete flow, designs and api integration, we test all data and designs all working fine and smoothly. If there is any issue found we fix it before making live. After all tests got passed at our end we push app live on google plat and apple store. We follow process until app is live.


Maintenance and Support

We provide complete maintenance and support after app is live. We test complete app after live and always provide long terms support and maintenance for app. We keep available for any maintenance work and we help you with each and every support you need as per user feedback's.

After Development how it works



App is available to download from both Google play store and Apple store.



App can be install on any Android and IOS device after your download it.



Enjoy App which we developed, we are sure you will going to live Mobile App Developed by us.

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