continuously improve the quality

Our commitment is to continuously improve the quality of our products, processes, services and staff.

We perform extensive testing throughout the entire development lifecycle and strive to continually decrease any non-conformance in software, apps and websites using product reports as monitored at each management review.

We are committed to deliver the best quality work and constantly work on improving it. We use the best industry standards and guidelines in project management, web design and software development. We never stop ourself to improve our development technologies, methods & practices.

Identification of standards
We make it a point to combine domain as well as technical expertise to identify and ensure that we meet specific quality standards for any product or solution that we are designing.
Repetitive testing
We keep testing our solutions through multiple cycles to ensure that there is no chance of non-compliance and all quality requirements that any business would expect are correctly met.
Personnel involvement
Appropriate people that have necessary expertise in the field of quality testing could be consulted if need be when it comes to quality commitment.
On-time deliverables
The products that we deliver tend to be on time and defect free, which any business across the globe would expect as a first priority, and which is a part of our quality commitment.
Process management
Our processes and regulations are so maintained so as to maintain rigid quality standards that are part of any standard firm in the IT, web designing or development business.
Customer focus
Our clients are at the centre of any decision, and this remains unchanged where quality is concerned as well. We do involve our clients from time to time for analytics and functional testing to ensure that our quality standards are approved and our clients are satisfied by the same.

Nextbigtechnology’ Quality Commitment encompasses the following principles and values:
-We think customer first – and integrate the customer expectations and needs in all we do
-We never compromise on Quality – Quality is in our DNA and we strive for continuous improvement
-We succeed with integrity as a team – e2e Quality chain is fully supporting Xtreem’s Corporate Strategy
-We are clear and trustworthy – and comply with applicable standards and statutory requirements
-We are visionary and see beyond – and proactively manage future customer and market needs