Meet and date is based on popular dating applications like Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid, Happn, etc. This feature may make your dating app stand out from the crowd. Meet and date is a prebuilt solution that may be modified to your needs or purchased as is.

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MEET AND DATE - App Development

Are you interested in developing your own dating application? You have arrived at the correct location. You will receive a fully white branded dating application replete with native Android and iOS applications and a robust user and admin interface. Simply create a site name and logo and launch your on-demand dating app.

MEET AND DATE - Package Includes

With years of expertise, we have refined our dating application development process. Our professional dating app developers adhere to the above-mentioned app development procedure to ensure that your dating app is a resounding success from the beginning to end.
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MEET AND DATE - Features

Social Login

This feature will allow users to connect into the app using their existing email or social media account rather than creating a new one.


Our clone app has an enhanced location-based filter option that allows users to easily explore the alternatives in their immediate vicinity. This helps to improve the overall search experience for users.

App Options

Users may alter the settings at any time and it will continue to show profiles that best match their interests.

Follow Your Dreams

When you know you have something in common with a potential match, our Tinder clone software allows you to chat with a match. It also allows you to add hobbies to your profile by linking you with others who have similar interests.


These notification settings will be constantly changed in our Tinder clone, and users will be alerted right away if they get any new messages.

Age-Specific Matching

You may use this tool to set an age limit. This implies that only matches in that age range will be offered to you.

Dating Safety

Many individuals create false profiles on dating apps, so we'll provide users the opportunity to report them. But it isn't always enough. As a result, new safety measures may include an undo option and the ability for women to send the first message following a match.


Our Tinder clone software has an intriguing feature that allows users to reverse their swipes. By re-swiping, you may easily avoid missing your actual relationships.

Take a Swipe

You may use this function to like or detest someone by swiping right for the ones you want and left for the ones you don't.

Additional - Features


Share This Image

By sharing images, users can have a seamless conversation with their matches. Adding engaging images to your chat will make it much more interesting.



Our Tinder clone includes the ability to unfriend users who are annoying, allowing users to avoid troublesome people.


Hide Your Age

Our Tinder clone allows premium users to hide their age in order to improve the user experience and maintain privacy.

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Effortless dashboard

Our easy-to-use dashboard includes preferences, profile views and links, users list, matches, purchases, and reported list.


Establish Physical Dates

App coins can be used to create a physical date within the app. Users can set the date, location, and time for the meetup, and both matched users will receive in-app reminder notifications.


Clear Chat

If you feel that it is critical to delete your chat history because the conversation did not go as planned, you can do so by selecting the clear chat option in our Tinder clone app.