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Website Speed Optimization is an important part of Website. If website speed is slow it increases bounce rate, user doesn’t prefer to browse a slow website. If your website speedy it allow user to browse things fast which increase user’s time on Website and may convert in to business.

Website speed play a vital role in making first impression about your business. You will get another chance if your first impression is not good, user will leave site if website work slow that will result in loss of business and users. At the same time a website which is fast means high return visits, low bounce rates, engagement, higher conversions, higher ranks in organic search, and better user experience. Slow websites will damage your reputation and fast website will make a positively impact on marketing and sales.

Page load time decide Website Performance Metrics that show how much time a page will take to show.

Here are some key factors that effected by Website Speed:

-Conversion & Sales
-Bounce Rate
-Google Search Results

Website Speed Optimization

At Next Big Technology we have a great team of Speed Optimization Experts who knows how a website take off. We work on each aspect of Speed Optimization. We test website speed on different platforms like, Google Page Speed Test, We do all tests and work on their considerations and solve all the speed related issues.

What we can do to speed up your site:
1. Minimize HTTP Requests
2. Reduce server response time
3. Enable compression
4. Enable browser caching
5. Minify Resources
6. Optimize images
7. Optimize CSS Delivery
8. Prioritize above-the-fold content
9. Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site
10. Reduce redirects

Hire Speed Optimization Expert with us to make your website fast. Our team is well experienced and skilled to increase website speed for any kind of small or large Websites. We are doing speed optimization since many years and we have done very well with Speed Optimization.

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