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Our team is skilled enough to handle all kind of mobile application requirements for any business type all over world.

Hire mobile app developer with us and get all your mobile application development needs to be done. Our team of expert mobile developers understands your mobile application development needs and you can select from a pool of experts of your choice to work on your project.

With the tremendous rise in smartphone users, you’ll need a powerful and dynamic mobile app for your company to reach out to more customers.
Clients all across the world benefit from Next Big Technology’s high-quality mobile app development services.
Our developers are capable of creating creative and strong apps as per your business needs because we have years of experience in this field.
To complete your development project on time, hire mobile app developers from NBT on a flexible (fixed cost, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly) basis.
When you work with us, you’ll have a team of highly skilled Android and iOS developers who will devote their whole attention to your app development project.
Our flexible hiring methodology enables you to assemble a team of the best-qualified resources and scale up or down your staff as needed.
We use the most up-to-date techniques and technologies to create something unique that propels your company forward.
We select and implement cutting-edge technologies and methods based on your needs and preferences in order to meet your expectations.

hire mobile app developer

You are free to hire dedicated mobile app developers at a competitive price for a desired period of time. You can hire them on an hourly basis or monthly basis or fixed price basis.

Our professional mobile app developers are passionate to explore new concepts for enhancing user experience while building interactive apps and engaging games. Hire mobile app developers from Next Big Technology and enter the whole new world of endless possibilities while making your business more competitive and customer-friendly.

We are experienced in both Ios and Android mobile application development:

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Benefits to Hire mobile app developer:

-Highly Skilled & Certified Developers

-Source Code Authorization

-Strict NDA Terms

-Track Team’s Performance

-Proven Methodologies

-Seamless Communication

-Flexible Hiring Models

iPhone App Development:

IOS APP Development

IOS is now the second-largest used mobile Operating System in the world. With regular updates and improvements from Apple, iOS has grabbed its target market at an astonishing pace making it inevitable for businesses to avoid. Here’s why our dedicated iOS developers suggest you build the iOS application.

Our dedicated iOS app developers possess the technical skills in:
-Development using Objective-C & Swift programming
-Apple’s Xcode IDE
-Frameworks and APIs like Foundation, UIKit, and Cocoa Touch
-Third-party and APNS integration
-UI and UX design experience
-Apple Human Interface Guidelines
-2D and 3D graphics frameworks like SpriteKit and SceneKit
-OpenGL or Metal, iOS graphics APIs
-Familiarity with iOS 11 and newer OS versions
-Core Data
-Git and GitHub


Android App Development Company

Hire Android developers at Next Big Technology to get your desire Android applications as per your business requirements and needs. Our highly skilled Android developers are skilled and experienced in making top-notch Android mobile applications as per your business needs.


Why should you hire a mobile app developer from us?

Next Big Technology has a team of skilled mobile app developers who are always ready to assist you in any way you require.

The following are some of the most compelling reasons to hire our mobile app developer:

Skilled Personnel

All of our mobile app developers have years of experience, and as a result, they produce work that dramatically grows and expands your business.


We don’t believe in the concept of a “one-size-fits-all” solution.
As a result, we tailor mobile app development solutions to your specific business requirements.

Design that is unique

The biggest target audience is impressed by a well-designed mobile app.
To provide a wonderful client experience, we created an exclusive app with a user-friendly UI.

Hiring that is adaptable

Work with us without committing to a long-term contract because we allow you to engage our mobile app developers on a project-by-project basis (daily, weekly or monthly basis).

On-Time Delivery
We value your time, thus no matter how complex your requirements are, we guarantee on-time delivery of any mobile app development project.


Hire our specialized developer if you want to save money without sacrificing the quality of your mobile app development service.

Application Design

Our Specializations – Hire a Mobile App Developer

You can expect good results at any cost when you employ our specialist mobile app developer for your demanding project.

Take a look at some of our areas of expertise:

App Development for Android

Everyone is aware of the enormous popularity of Android apps.
Our programmers stay current on the newest Android app development and use cutting-edge techniques and technology.

We know how to create creative and cost-effective app development solutions without sacrificing quality, thanks to our years of experience.
Android handset testing, bespoke mobile application development, server application development, multimedia application development, third-party app porting, and app submission to the Google Play store are some of our specialties.

App Development for iOS

We have a talented iOS app development team that can provide you with ideas and suggestions for creating an app that will benefit your business.
Our professionals are well-versed in all of your specific requirements and will go to great lengths to make them a reality.
We investigate, speculate, plan, and build applications after you entrust us with the task of completing your iOS app development project.
You get better brand value, secure transactions, high ROI, a refined target audience, and an exceptional user experience when you hire our engineers.

SAP Mobile Application Development

Hire our mobile app developer if you need high-end SAP mobile development that connects your responsive mobile app to the back-end system.
We provide end-users with integrated app development tools that assure a suitable solution.
From any place, you can take advantage of benefits through a native user experience on a mobile device.
You pay for hassle-free integration, global access, native user experience, quick coding, fast programming, and responsive application development when you use our services.

Xamarin mobile app development

Our developers use Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android to create scalable mobile apps that help you grow your business.
In order to create a faultless product, we also use Xamarin Test Cloud to examine the consistency and efficacy of your business mobile app.
We can repurpose code across several platforms, improve app performance, reduce mistakes, test, and promote interoperability.

Backend development for mobile apps

Our mobile app development team creates a solid backend that speeds up and simplifies the app’s operation.
After years of experience in this field, we’ve honed our skills in user-friendly back-end development that aids your company in achieving its goals.
Our mobile backend development solution ensures top-notch performance, unique features, navigation, data synchronization, a stunning UI, and user-friendly functionality.

Quality Control and Testing

To meet your objectives, we do software testing and quality assurance (QA).
We employ the greatest resources and provide 24/7 assistance even after app construction to maintain effectiveness and transparency in in-app performance.
Bug and code error fixing, quality assurance, app optimization, app review, and app maintenance after development are some of our specialties.

Security and Safety

No matter how complex your app development requirements are, we follow strict software development guidelines and regulations to ensure maximum safety and security.
Our app developers use a variety of cutting-edge mobile app development tools to make app modeling, code scanning, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance easier.
SDLC application, secured coding, automatic secure development integration, and immediate solutions are among our specialties.

Application Modernization

The Methodology We Use When Developing Mobile Apps

A series of phases are involved in the development of a mobile application.

Take a peek at the various steps of our mobile app development procedure:

Evaluation and research

Our professionals’ thorough research is critical to the success of your app development project.
We make every effort to fully comprehend your specific business needs before recommending the best solution.

Designing that is distinct

Your mobile app design must be distinctive in order to stand out from the crowd.
We create a custom app wireframe for your company and use cutting-edge technology to create a great mobile app.

Development and Testing

Following app design, we construct each page of your mobile app.
To produce an error-free and enriched mobile app, we do comprehensive testing to find faults and resolve them as soon as possible.

Application Deployment

When we’ve completed the design and development of your mobile app, we’ll deploy it to your server and store it so that your consumers may download and use it on their smartphones.

Mobile Onboarding Can Flourish Your Business And Make User-Life Easy

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developer to Create a Powerful Mobile App for Your Company

Do you want to create a unique mobile app for your business but don’t have the resources to do so?

Hire mobile app developer from us to put your strategy into action and come up with innovative solutions.

We use cutting-edge techniques and technology to give your mobile app a competitive edge.

Please connect with us to discuss your requirements.


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