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    Tutor Mobile App Development Cost and Features

    Tutor Mobile App Development Cost and Features

    Amit Shukla

    Child academics is one of the major concerns for every parent around the globe. Due to the busy daily life, it could be difficult for taking spare time to check on the updates of the academics of the children how it is going on. The world is continuously evolving and having innovative advertisements around the globe which could be difficult for the ones that were not updated properly. This is one of the major problems in today’s generation which can easily fall to with tutor mobile app development.

    This is one of the most promising industries where on-demand tutorind app will help in finding appropriate you directly from their mobile phone. This is one of the unique facilities much like any other apps which will allow the parents to get access to the tutors in their busy schedules. This is the main reason it is being most impressed by the working section of the parents were not having much time for teaching website their children.

    It will offer all the learning and teaching benefits directly through smartphone devices by accessing the internet connection. Apart from the e-learning procedure, it will also give the option to have proper tuition for every child at the convenience of the home. It will help in finding the tutor in a customized manner and have the opportunity to search for tutors in the vast platform of teaching opportunities. The home tuition is quite traditional but it has evolved into the digital Outlook by finding them through the mobile app.

    This had evolved all the businesses as the tuition business is much simpler but it can be advanced with the addition of Technologies. In case you are looking for getting into this industry there are various technologies and features which need to be associated with to offer the best tutor mobile app development services.

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    Basic Functions of the Tutor Mobile App Development Services:

    There are all basic features and frameworks which need to be implemented into the tutor mobile app development services to have the major functionalities. It is important to have the application the most user-friendly and clean navigation to ensure the best educator experience for their children. Just like the majority of the app, the tutor mobile app development services will also work on three major panels which we have listed along with the proper functionalities.

    User Panel:

    This is the access panel of all the students who will be using the app for educational purposes. To gain popularity in the industry we need to hire the best tutor mobile app development services company to get the proper integration of all the innovative and interesting features in a single app.

    • Browse tutor:

    Users will be allowed to search for any tutor respective of the course or subject specification to have the proper learning requirement fulfilled.

    • Direct and social media login:

    Users will be allowed to create an account by using an email id or phone number and email they can use the social media account.

    User Panel

    • View tutor reviews and details:

    You can get all the relevant details regarding the tutor which include specialization, teaching experience, course specifications, etc.

    • Book a tutor:

    Any user can book any tutor after reading all the details and reviews regarding the listing. They can start the courses on the subject of education according to the discussed schedule directly through the app.

    • Post requirement:

    Various requirements need to be fulfilled to offer the best educational service. Users can search for various relevant tutor requirements which include the subject requirement to be learned, grades, timing, and courses.

    • Chat with the selected tutor:

    Every user can easily communicate with the tutor on various concerns to clarify the requirement and the need of the educational purpose. They can discuss various matters which include fee structure, timing, and all other learning abilities which would be effective for the student.

    • Rate and review the tutor:

    Users can read the tutor according to the service they have got to the app which will ensure the quality of the education. You can be created according to the behavior, teaching ability, time attendance, and various other categories which would be a concerning factor for the tutor.

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    Tutor Panel:

    This is another section of the application which allows our tutors to serve that student with the teaching abilities properly. Tutors will get the option to create an on-point profile which will put them to update all the important details which are much required for the tutors to seem appropriate towards the students. These are the most needed function it is in the tutor panel which will ensure the best functionality of the tutor mobile app development services.

    • Change the availability timing:

    According to the number of teeth which is being cured the timing can be changed by the tutor according to their convenience. This will ensure the best possible tutoring to the student which will be preferable for the educational purpose.

    • Profile setup:

    Much like the user panel tutor can also create their profile by using email ID, phone number, and social media credentials.

    Tutor Panel

    • View and edit bookings:

    This section will all of the tutors to check anyone edits the booking plans directly from the app. All the ongoing tuition and the courses can also be updated according to the tutors’ preferences.

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    • Accept and reject requests:

    Depending on the schedule and matching the tuition requirement that users will have the ability to reject or accept the request of the candidates according to their preference.

    • Chat with students:

    Aptitude and easily communicate with the students by answering their requirements and queries and updating them with all the timing changes. The total can also be used by the students which will ensure similar functionality much like the tutor section.

    • Check monthly and weekly earnings:

    Tutors will be able to check the number of active tuition and they can even check the earnings on a monthly and weekly basis directly from the app. This section will allow the tutors to track all their fees structure which is being received directly to the app using various payment methods.

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