Challenge your E-Learning market with an impressive and advanced tutoring application services application influenced by leading features and technology.


Exclusive On-Demand Tutor App Development Solutions

The E-learning market has faced a significant transformation with students, parents, and teachers who are adopting convenient learning & teaching solutions. Our remarkable on-demand tutoring app is integrated with the next-generation features like tutor selection, learning material download, live video classes, in-app payments, in-app exams, etc to dominate the lucrative industry. NBT offers an on-demand tutoring app to boost kindergarten, high-school, college, university, or other learning institutes’ education & teaching efficiency.

World-Class On-Demand Tutor App Development Solutions

What We Provide in Tutoring Service App Development?

NBT aims at building native apps for iOS and Android platforms and offers various learning solutions outside the classroom via an on-demand tutoring app. Our all-time available learning solutions will help your business grow and expand.

App for students-02
App for Tutors

Tutors are allowed to register and login into the app using personal details or social media. They can accept/reject tutoring requests, receive payments post-commission, take live sessions, and much more.

App for students-01
App for students

Our app enables students or learners to search for expert tutors, download learning materials, pay for services, add/remove tutors, easily and conveniently.

App for students-03
Admins dashboard

Business admins can monitor and manage learners, tutors, and application operations from the integrated and advanced featured dashboard.

App for students-04
Website Development

A white-labeled website of NBT is integrated with advanced functionalities and business name, color, logo, and themes.

Tutor App Development Key Features

Profile creation1

User/Tutor Profile

NBT helps tutors to create and customize profiles with name, number, display picture, educational details, teaching specialization, and much more.

Track tutor1

Tutor Tracking

After confirming the service request, tutors can track the locations through our integrated map features in the app.



Learners & teaching experts can register or sign-up or register using their details like email & number and later log-in using any social media accounts.


Push Notifications

Update users for the service requests, payment confirmation, in-app calls, schedule reminders, and much more via push notifications, SMS, and email.

Schedule Service1

Appointment Services

Learners/students can schedule online tutor classes or face-to-face lessons as per their convenient date & time.

Service cost1

Fees Payment

Students can check their service costs that may vary as per the time or course.

In-app payment1

Online payment

Learners can pay directly via the app for their tutor services. They can use various payment gateways to securely process the transactions.

Service history1

Service Data

Students can access our tutoring services to view their search history. They can also check the previously completed services.

Rate & review1

Rating & Review

NBT enables the users to rate and review the tutor and the overall experience of the platform.

Availability toggle1

Availability Information

Tutors can choose their availability to provide services using this feature. If you tap the "Available" option, teaching professionals will immediately receive service requests and vice-versa.

Search tutor1

Search Tutor

As per the needs, students can search for teaching professionals and activate filters to enhance search results.

In-app chat, voice & video1

Live Chat, Text,Voice & Video

Students and teachers can connect for classes via the in-app chat, voice, and video feature anywhere anytime.

Referral program1

Invite & Earn

Users can share referral links or codes with others. For each successful registration, the concerned user will receive special offers.


Search Feature

Business admins can check the service locations as per the requirements and can increase the search radius to match with available tutors.

Accept-reject service requests

Service Requests

Tutors can accept or reject service requests via an app. Once they accept, they will view the student’s information.

Customer support1

Help & Support

Students and tutors can connect with the customer support of service providers directly via the in-app chat or call feature.

Advanced analytics1

Analytical Dashboard

Business admins can view and download customized reports on student sign-ups, tutor registrations, payments, ratings, or more to make the right decision.

Promo codes1

Offer Codes

Business admins can share special promo codes that offer discounts or other services to boost the user base or service requests.

Verified mark1

Profile Verification

Tutors will receive a verified mark from the app who clears all the requested registration processes. It includes document verification and others.

Ad integration1

Ad System

Business admins can define advertisements and promotional content on ad spaces strategically placed in Student and Tutor apps.

How Does the On-Demand Tutor App Works?

NBT builds a creative interface and workflow for students and tutors and promotes easy use of an application.

Sign-up and sign-in

Login & Register

Students can sign-up using an email and number or log-in directly with their social media accounts.

Search tutor

Search Tutor Option

Keywords help the students to search for professional tutors. They can further enhance search by activating filters.

Review profile and select tutor

Review & Select Tutor

Students review the profiles of tutors and can connect with them to discuss their requirements.

Schedule Service2

Book An Appointment

Students can schedule the tutoring service as per their convenience. They can select the date & time for the teaching assistant to arrive.

Review profile and select tutor

Rating & Review

Students can score the tutoring service and an overall experience. They can even provide additional feedback accordingly.

Schedule Service2

Online Payment

After getting the service, students can pay directly using multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, etc.

Track tutor & commence service

Track Tutor

Students can track the tutor’s location and assist them if necessary, via an on-demand tutoring app.

Tutor App Advance Features

Multi-Language Integration
Multi-Language Support

Students and teachers can integrate different languages on a global level like English (default), Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and others into the tutor's app.


Students can attend special and live video lectures for selected tutors from the comfort of their homes.

Multiple bookings
Booking System

Tutors can accept multiple service requests as per calendar availability. NBT helps students to book multiple tutors at their convenience.

Loyalty programs
Discount & Offers

Users will be eligible under various loyalty programs like discounts, referral bonuses, unique learning materials, and others to deliver services.

All Categories

Students can select tutors from several options. But they are not limited to maths tutor, music tutor, physics tutor, biology tutor, art tutor, etc.

Tutor App Additional Features



Business admins deduct commissions before compensating tutors for the given services via the app.

Service fee

Tutoring Fees

Service platform owners charge special service fees from learners/students after completing your course.

Ad revenue

Ad Option

Business admins charge brands for showing their banner advertisements & promotional contents in the student and tutor apps.

Featured list

Featured Tutor

Business admins charge a sponsor fee as per company policy to get listed as a featured tutor.

Document verification

ID Verification

Business admins charge a fee as per policy guidelines during the tutor document verification process.

We build High Quality and Fully Functional On-Demand Tutor App Solution.

We develop cutting-edge solution with advanced features and functionality of the Tutoring app.

Check out what solutions


Yes, it is possible to add various features to the application as per your business requirements.

Yes! NBT offers amazing post-launch support packages to the user. Our dedicated support team helps you to perform everything on an app smoothly.

Yes! Our admin panel lets you select the conditions including percentage commission, time of deduction, and others.

Yes! We can build a customized app with creative themes, colors, logos, features, functionalities, and much more as per your requirements.

Our dedicated project manager will overlook the entire development operations and allow them to build an app as per agreement and delivered on-time.

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