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It seems like your search for finding Best Web Development Company ends here. We are Next Big Technology- and Award winning Company building top notch custom Web Applications, Wesites as per business needs, market trends, customer desires and especially within customer budget.

We are creating robust, topnotch Web Applications With trending Technologies


Our Goal is your Success

Web Applications in current time means user-friendly, clean, and eye-catching website. User-friendly view and easy to manage admin panel. No room for slow speed off course, it should be fast and speedy as per google guidelines. How can we forget Responsive, all browser compatible, and SEO friendly? The richer, clean and speedy your Web Application is, the better you will grow up in a competitive market. As a Web Development Company, Next Big Technology provides high-quality Web Development services that convert your ideas into reality and you got a premium and unique Website as per your business needs. We are a team of experienced Web Developers and Web Designers who create websites in keeping customers’ business growth in mind.

We count each Website as our own and work on it like that. We make great work relationships with customers and always support them during their continuous growth with the Website. As a top web development company, we provide complete end-to-end development support to our customers. We provide them complete suggestions about choosing a platform, help them plan the process and flow of work, suggestions about designs, and complete support after work is done as well.

We are a team of experienced and skilled web developers who know their work very well, we know how a project takes off and how we need to achieve results on the given timeline with proper quality of work. We always focus on work quality, client communication, daily updates, and delivery time. Hire web developers at Next Big technology for all your Web Development requirements. We provide developers as per your requirements on basis of a fixed price, monthly, weekly, and hourly.

We are an excellent team of Web Developers who is experienced and knowledgeable in all the latest and trending technologies. We provide complete Web Design and Web Development solutions as per customer requirements. At Next Big Technology, we know the complete process and coding standards for developing any web application.

Hire a Web Developer with us to get done high-quality custom website application done to full fill all your business requirements. We do build custom web applications that are business-centric and user-friendly. We do work on all the latest technologies and deliver high-performing and creative web applications which make you stand out in the competitive market.

Being a top Custom Website Development Company India, we build amazing digital experiences For startups, small & medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises.  Next Big Technology is a well-established web development company from India, the USA, UK, that has severed a ton of businesses with top-notch web design and web development solutions.

We are an excellent team of web developers who are experts in creating innovative and high-performing website development for any industry. With our excellent web development services, we are keen to deliver you a website of high performance that suits your business-specific requirements.

Whether you are a large, medium, or small organization, our web development services agency is here to assist you.

We're Awarded as Best for What We Do

We have been awarded from many popular websites, it will give you idea about our work and reviews. All reviews & feedback's are verified by a proper authentication system and through phone & email verification.

Web Development Services

We offer all type of Web Development Services using all latest technologies. We provide complete end to end solution for your business by developing complete packaged Web Application.

Custom Web Application

When you have unique requirements when it comes to Custom Web Applications. We can convert any of your unique ideas into custom build websites. We design creative and innovative unique designs first and then we apply design into a custom build web application fully operational from the back-end panel. Custom build websites are fast and fully responsive. We write custom code using the latest technologies as per their best practices and convert them into high-performing custom web applications as per your unique needs. We create complex, powerful full, and fast custom websites. We do build custom web applications as per client business ideas, we convert all client thoughts and ideas into a fully functional dynamic custom website.


Ecommerce Development

We are experts in developing eCommerce-based websites using different technologies. We create eCommerce websites as per your business needs and with all basic and advanced eCommerce features like Product Management, Order Management, Inventory Management, User Management, Discount Options, Payment & Shipping Systems, etc. We provide complete capabilities to manage all systems by Back-end panel. We create user-friendly, lightweight, and creative eCommerce-based websites with all features to manage all kinds of eCommerce functionality including product, cart, and checkout systems. Our eCommerce solutions are successfully running in the market and having a large user base.

Backend & Api Development

We are experienced in developing Back-end and APIs for Mobile Applications. We create mobile backend and APIs using all trending technologies. We make backend and APIs in a way so they can be easily synchronized with your Mobile App. We create a user-friendly back-end panel where you can manage all your app data easily, we give options for push notifications and alerts as well. We can create a Back-end panel for all types of mobile applications like eCommerce, membership, bookings, etc. We provide complete backend and API solutions for Android and IOS mobile applications. We build a backend panel that can be easily managed by any nontechnical person and our developed Apis performs well with any third-party system.

mobile background

Enterprise Web App Development

We create Web applications for small and large businesses. We have done many large web portals for big organizations. We create enterprise web applications using powerful technologies, we make enterprise websites & portals as per client needs and requirements, we build them in a way so they perform fast and responsive in every aspect. We build powerful full and complex web applications with eye-catching designs. Our developers are experienced enough to handle the complete life cycle of large web applications, we know how large web apps come on the floor and how they get take off. Our enterprise solutions have been used by many large organizations and they are using them on a large scale.

Ready to grow your business?

Our high-quality web development services have helped our clients to grow their businesses.

Technologies we are using

JavaScript PHP HTML5/CSS3 Server

JavaScript is soul of a web application, it allow to make web apps with faster response time, real time updates, animation, scrolls, validations, sliders etc. At Next Big Technology our team of experienced JavaScript developers uses all latest Javascript Frameworks and libraries to create high performing Web Applications. We are skilled team of experienced Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js and Node.js developers, who is well versed and knowledgeable in these JavaScript frameworks. We have developed many front-end & back-end web applications using these frameworks. These applications are lightweight, fast and high performing as compare to other technologies. Node.js provide best back-end solution, and at same time angularjs, reactjs, vuejs provide best front-end solution.

We have a expert team in JavaScript Frameworks. We have skilled developers in AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, VueJS.

PHP is without any doubt most Powerful, Popular and most widely used server side language. It is mostly used to create different kind of Web Applications. Nodejs giving some competition to PHP lately but still PHP is mostly used Web application development language due to its large community and a large list of its popular Frameworks and CMS. At Next Big Technology our experience team work in all CMS and Frameworks which includes Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress, Magento, YII, Drupal, Joomla etc. We use frameworks for creating powerful and custom web applications using Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePhp, YII etc. We have experienced eCommerce developers to create eCommerce based websites using Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart. At the same time we have team of WordPress experts to create any kind of Websites for small and large business.

HTML & CSS always essential part of Web Development. Design always play and important role in Website Development. Website should have All Browser Compatible, Responsive, should work perfect in all devices, speedy and proper aligned and structured. At Next Big Technology we provide complete solution of HTML and CSS. We have experience team of HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap Developers. We create pixel perfect websites from designs and we make them SEO friendly, Responsive. We make them work perfect on all browsers, android phones, Iphones, ipad, tab and on all desktop devices including mac, windows, linux and all size of screens. We make clean and nice HTML and CSS code which can be easily coded in any language or with any cms and frameworks.

We have done well with HTML5 Development and built a range of unique design concepts.

At Next Big Technology we help you to choose best server or cloud for your Web Application. We suggest you best cloud for site performance, speed and as per best cost. We prefer some clouds like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc. We are experienced team of server administrators, we can setup servers on any cloud and we can help you to migrate or deploy your website on cloud. We have experienced server guys who can manage window based and linux based servers. We provide complete support for server management for long term for clients.

Our server administrator team always provide you full support to maintain your website and server updates.

Our Goal Oriented Web Development Process

We always work with a positive approach and proper planning and discipline towards our goal. We always follow proper process of web development to achieve our targets.

  • 01
  • my project has fixed requirements

What if my project has fixed requirements?

If you have fixed requirements for project, then we will divide project in to different phases as per your requirements. Each phase or milestone will have its timeline and tasks. Project always divided in way to achieve step by step goal of project. in technical term it is called waterfall method which have linear approach of development. We achieve tasks as per milestones and deliver them and test each milestone and work further after one milestone or phase achieved. After we achieve all milestones we do final testing.

my project has fixed requirements
process images
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  • enhancementsand

What if my project needs continuous enhancements and changes?

If a project need continues enhancements then we use Agile methodology for it. We always welcome enhancements in project and we plan and structure project in a way so that all enhancements can be easily manage during development. We always focus on getting client feedback's and implementing them best way as per best practices. Our team of experienced developers are well skilled to do modification and changes in middle of project.

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What if I just have an idea of a product?

If you just have an idea of project, we discuss your idea first and we come up proper prototypes and wire-frames. Which will give you proper idea of design and functionality of work. Step by step we can finalize design and flow of work. We make live prototypes with design ideas for all screens which shows you complete flow and design for your project without back-end functionality. Which gives you a clear view of your project and you can confirm all from you.


We Develop Solutions to Support Your Business

We provide web solutions for all kind of businesses. We provide complete end to Web Solution for all type of business and individuals. We are experienced working with different kind of businesses, some of them are..

eCommerce Solution

eCommerce Solution

We have done many eCommerce Web portals over the years which provide complete end to end eCommerce solutions to our customers. We manage complete eCommerce functionalities which includes Product Management, Order Management, Inventory Management, User Management, Payment and Shipping Management and Email Management.

Job Marketplace

Job Marketplace

We have created many marketplaces for jobs which includes marketplace for Security Guards, marketplace for Beauticians, Marketplace for freelancers and many more. We are experienced in creating different kind of marketplace for different kind of service line. We provide complete end to end marketplace functionality to our customers.

Membership Portals

Membership Portals

We have developed many Membership portals which provide different kind of subscription based functionality and flow. We have done it for different kind of industries and which includes different kind of plans for user subscriptions. We know how a user subscribe for monthly, yearly, weekly or daily plan and how recurring payment system works.

Business Listing

Business Listing

We have created many portals for business listing for different kind of business style. In these portals we list all businesses and their complete services. We list all their data for all services and list different kind of business on same portals. Where user can search listing as per their requirements and needs.

CMS And Framework

We work on all popular CMS and Frameworks, we have done small and large web applications using different CMS and platforms as per client needs. We suggest CMS and Frameworks to clients based upon their requirements.


There are many popular Content Management System available in market which is used for small and medium size business websites. We have team of experienced developers who is experienced in different CMS. Hire CMS Developers at Next Big Technology to develop your website using any CMS.


There are many popular framework available which is used to create complex and powerful web applications. We have experienced team on all popular Frameworks. Hire Framework developer at Next Big Technology to get done your all your custom and enterprise web application today.


As a Top Web Development Company we work for all kind of different industries all over the globe. We are experienced in working with all type of industries which gives us extra edge to understand requirements for all industries and provide them complete solution for their needs.

Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness
Transport & Logistic
Healthcare and Fitness
On-demand Marketplace
Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness
Retail Industry
Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness
Healthcare and Fitness

Case Studies

As a best web development company we have done lot of Web Applications over the years which includes small, mid size and enterprise web applications. We have created web applications for different subjects all over the world.

Lead Generation Portal

Lead Generation Portal

We have done Websites for some marketing companies as well which used to generate leads and business. We have Designed and Develoerd this website speedy, responsive, all browser compatible and fully dynamic. We have made these keeping SEO in mind so site can be read easily by google and we have done complete on page SEO as per google guidelines. This site is very user friendly, user can access all information easily and can connect to website admin with ease for all their queries.

Online Course Portal

This website is an online course and coaching portal. Which provide online coaching and courses. User can buy different courses and coaching classes through website and they can take courses as digital product and online classes on website or physically as per their preference. We have made this website fully dynamic, SEO friendly, speed optimized and mobile responsive. It is made using PHP CMS which gives admin ability to manage each and everything by their own.

Online Course Portal
Security Guard MarketPlace

Security Guard MarketPlace

This is a complete marketplace for Security Guards. Where you can find security guards as per your needs and requirements. It is a large community for security services where you can find security officers and guards as per your requirements. You can connect with different security officers and guards you can hire them on fixed price or hourly basis. It is kind of Job portal where you can post jobs for security officer and user can find jobs and can apply on them. Website is fully dynamic, SEO friendly, speed optimized and mobile responsive.


What is the process after I place an inquiry?

You can connect with us through our contact us page form or you can connect with us directly on our phone number or on Whatsapp. We have our Skype address and social media account mentioned on Website as well.

What type of payment model do you provide?

We provide different payment option as per work, it can be fixed price, milestone basis, weekly basis, monthly basis or hourly basis.

What is your support and maintenance policy?

We provide 3 month support after work done in case of any issues or bug on Website.

What project management tools do you use and how do you handle internal communication?

We use different kind of project management tools which includes Basecamp, Asana, Wrike, Trello, Slack, Producteev, Google Sheets etc. We keep in regular conversation through Skype, or whatsapp or any other given project management tool. We provide daily updates on email as well.

What security standards do you follow for web development?

We use many way for security measures which includes SSL (HTTPS) for protecting session & cookies, Data validation by HTTP request to prevent attacks such as SQL injection, Sever side validation, Regular auto scan, Control over file permission, Limit number of wrong login, Captcha on forms, Automatic blocking of unwanted IP and Countries.

How do you choose the ideal technology for my project?

It depend upon many factors which include database structure, size of project, cost of project, targeted audience, delivery time, security level, number of pages, future aspects for project etc

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