Music Streaming Mobile App Development Cost & Key Features


Who would not love music? Every one of us would love to calm ourselves by hearing soothing music. Is it not? From infants to adults, each of us has a great interest in listening to music. Music not only relaxes the mind and body but also tends to increase the blood circulation towards the brain which would help in building strong concentration.

Technological advancements have brought a convenient way of listening to music through our smartphones. Technology is in our hands and music applications have been released so that anyone can simply download and install the app and enjoy it! Thanks a ton, to music streaming mobile app development.

Most of the people around us would have installed at least one music streaming app on their phones. The popularity and craze for music apps would keep on growing because there is a tremendous interest shown by today’s generation towards music and therefore the app owners could get good profits. In the years to come there would be a great demand to build such on-demand music apps.

Today in this article we are going to look at music streaming app development, its cost, and features. Let us dive deep into the topic!

music streaming apps

There are various kinds of music apps. You must know clearly about these apps.

  1. Music – streaming mobile applications:

These mobile apps are developed and built to operate on many devices and the users can simply download and install the app and can continue to listen. There are various options such as picking a premium pattern or subscription and so on. The user can choose the interested and needed model and can access the app.

For instance – Spotify, Tidal, Apple music, etc.

  1. Music educating app:

Music learning or educating apps would prove instrumental especially for music learners or the persons who have already good knowledge related to music and so on. They can enhance their musical skills by accessing such apps.

  1. Music emends apps:

Using these kinds of music emending apps, the users can edit or amend the relevant music and can listen to them. The app developers and designers work together in order to generate great UX/UI designs along with good resonating effects.

  1. Music storage mobile apps:

Through these apps, the user can stock up the music collections and can listen to them whenever needed. Online can help to preserve the music collections and can be accessed from any other device when the same user – account is used.

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The revenue model for music streaming mobile apps:

  1. Subscription or Premium model or membership.
  2. Advertisements.
  3. Featured music players/Albums.

There are many leading musics streaming mobile applications. Let us look at them:

  1. Spotify:

Every one of us would have used Spotify at least once. Is it not? It’s such a hit music application that is available for Android and iOS users. The users can access the app and can custom the playlists and traverse the application according to their wish and can use the application according to one’s convenience.

  1. Pandora:

Pandora is another famous music app and the user can make use of music, radio, and podcast.

Pandora is also available for Android, iOS, and other devices too. The user can build around 100 stations (radio) of their interests and can explore and have fun with the app. Normal streaming (radio) is free and to access other interesting features the user can opt for a subscription model and so on.

  1. SoundCloud:

SoundCloud has come up with a fascinating idea that is any new person who is accessing the app can upload fresh music so that the active users can listen to them and enjoy. Meanwhile, the app is available on both platforms and the user can listen to music, chat, or message with the music artists, create playlists, etc.

  1. Apple Music:

Apple Music is another music application and can be accessed from any device and the user can build playlists, follow the music artists, and moreover, the new users can access the application for free during the initial 3-month period. Live streaming of the music events could be viewed from the app and so on.

  1. Amazon music:

Amazon music is one of the interesting music applications that can be accessed in web version too. One can build playlists and enjoy the music. The users can subscribe and can enjoy much more advantages through the app.

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Some of the significant features of the music streaming app:


  1. Hear or listen to the streaming (radio).
  2. Incorporate track – playlists.
  3. Download the musical track and listen in offline mode.
  4. Build individual and public playlists.
  5. Explore for the specific track, artist, etc.
  6. User account.
  7. In-app purchase (enjoy the benefits of skipping ads, offline permission, etc.)
  8. Play the music in the backdrop.
  9. Details on lock screen regarding the music playing on the backdrop (artist name, etc.).
  10. Use any coupons, offers, or discounts.
  11. Like and share the track with friends and fellow artists, etc.


  1. Upload the music tracks in a batch manner.
  2. Listen to the track once.
  3. Remove the specific track or alter the artist name for the track, etc. (Manage and monitor changes.)
  4. Manage the accounts of the users.
  5. Manage ads and discounts or offers.
  6. Manage the payments done by the users – subscription and accordingly offer the benefits for the users.
  7. Check for analytics and dashboard for profits.

The roles of the user and admin would vary according to the type of musical application you are planning to build. But a normal application where a user would want to listen to the music or so tends to hold the above-mentioned features.

Few tips which you can utilize to make your app unique and stand distinct from competitors:

  1. Offline mode:

The users would tend to use the app if they can access and listen to the music when they are far from home or office and are not having Wi-fi or so. People love to listen to music when they are traveling especially and sometimes it might so happen that they might not have internet. So, if your app could function in offline mode, the users would show interest and moreover, you can utilize the paid models to play the tracks offline.

  1. Signing on:

If you have decided to build the app you must make sure to keep the sign-up process as simple as possible so that the users don’t abandon the app.

  1. Voice hunt:

It is another prominent feature through which the users can search for the specific track or so by just voicing out. Hand-free search is easy.

  1. Tracking according to the user’s interest:

It would prove advantageous because tracking the user’s interests in music would give you an elaborate idea and definition regarding the user’s engrossment towards the music.

There are many more engaging elements and advanced back-end attributes that can be incorporated in order to build a successful musical application.

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As discussed, hope this article would give a brief understanding of music streaming mobile applications.

The cost to build such music applications would depend on several factors such as developers, designers’ rate, the complexity of attributes, whether the app is to be built on Android or iOS platforms, marketing, and a lot of stuff.

On average the cost to build a music streaming application would be around 30,000$ to 40,000$ and the cost might go up based on the complexity elements. In India, the per hour rate of the developers is 20$-80$ and varies accordingly in other countries.

Licensing is another vital aspect to be considered and as a possessor, you need to make sure that you get the license for the music content you are going to use.

In case you are interested in music streaming mobile app development you can contact Next Big Technology for further information as at NBT we build applications according to your requirements and at a reasonable cost.

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