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    When to Choose Progressive Web App (PWA) Over a Mobile App?

    Amit Shukla

    At times there might be confused whether to opt for Progressive web applications or mobile applications. There are innumerable solutions out there and therefore confusion persists.

    So, today we are going to discuss when to choose a Progressive web app over a mobile app.

    Let us look at the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of PWA and mobile app.

    Progressive web app:

    Progressive Web AppProgressive web apps are applications that can function on any kind of operating system and can run on any kind of device via the browser. PWA’s are known basically for their rapidness and low cost. As they run on the browser there is no need to download and install.

    PWA’s are built utilizing technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    If you want a progressive web application to be built you can contact a progressive web app development.

    Mobile app:

    Enterprise Mobile App Development CompanyMobile applications are specifically designed to function on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. These applications are built either on Android or iOS platforms depending on the requirements and hence need to be downloaded and installed via Apple or Googles play stores.

    Mobile application is developed by using Android-specific languages such as Java and Kotlin, whereas for iOS – Swift and Objective C are commonly used.

    If you want a mobile application to be constructed you can contact a mobile app development company to get your work done.

    Advantages of PWA:

    1. PWA’s can run on any kind of mobile device or operating system as the application is accessed through the browser.
    2. One can save costs because you need investment in just developing and building the web application. PWA’s are known for their compatibility as the application can run on any kind of platform.
    3. This kind of web application can be accessed via browser – URL. The URL link can be shared with whom you want to and moreover you can also pin the application onto your screen if you are using a mobile device and so on.
    4. A lower amount of memory is required as there is no necessity to download the application.
    5. Once can release with all the necessary updates, changes and can add some more features from time to time. An easy process.
    6. PWA’s are considered safe as the application is intended to function under HTTPS. Hence when the customer’s data are entered there is no possibility of hacking or leaking of the customer data and so on. PWA’s are more safely built than normal web applications.
    7. PWA’s are SEO amiable which is a plus and therefore there one can save money.

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    Disadvantages of PWA:

    1. When the application is accessed through a mobile device, consumption of battery is high and this is one of the prominent drawbacks of PWA’s.
    2. The application might not perform so well on the iOS platform.
    3. There are some loopholes when software and hardware attributes are considered as PWA’s do not function with Apple’s important elements such as Face id and many more. They are desired to function with HTML5 versions and do not support other attributes.

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    Advantages of mobile apps:

    1. The application would perform as it is designed for Android or iOS-specific flawlessly.
    2. There would be no much drainage of the battery.
    3. One can expect better speed and performance by the use of the application.
    4. One can access the app in offline mode too.
    5. Appealing UI/UX designs can create a striking effect for the human eye and can attract users.
    6. Many exciting and interesting attributes can be incorporated as needed.
    7. The mobile applications provide security against data as the applications have complete permission to hardware elements.

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    Disadvantages of mobile apps:

    1. One needs to invest more costs if the person is having an interest in building Android or iOS-specific apps.
    2. Some users find the download and installation process cumbersome as they need to locate the app via their app-specific play store and so on and therefore people go for instant search and hence utilize browsers.
    3. Marketing the app intends to incur more costs in order to reach the people.
    4. Memory is another big disadvantage as RAM usage is considerably more for mobile apps.

    Why Choose Progressive Web Apps Development over Native Mobile App?

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    Let us now discuss on which basis you can choose PWA’s.

    1. You can move ahead and build PWA’s if you want the application to be built at a low cost and meanwhile if you want the application to reach many users.
    2. If the app to be built does not go along with the app’s store policies and rules.
    3. If your anticipated app does not need any hardware attributes (Some elements which are not assisted by PWA’s.)
    4. Push notifications are not a major concern for you.

    You can opt to build mobile apps:

    1. If your application is having the necessity to unify with the hardware attributes.
    2. Push notifications are very much prominent for you – Android and iOS.
    3. If significant features need to be appended and if many animation effects need to be added such as if you are designing a gaming application and there is a need for AR, etc.
    4. If any fingerprint kind of authentication is required.

    You can now decide based on the above-mentioned circumstances as to which to choose and hence proceed.


    As discussed, hope this article would give you a brief outline regarding when to choose Progressive web apps over a mobile app.

    Distinct technologies are being used to build PWA’s and mobile apps.

    Both PWA’s and mobile apps carry their own respective advantages and disadvantages. You must choose to build PWA’s or mobile apps according to the scope and requirements of your project, business needs, and budget. There are many other factors to be considered and hence can be decided accordingly.

    If you are looking for any progressive web application development company or mobile app development company to get your PWA or a mobile app to be built, you can contact Next Big Technology and we also assist you to make the appropriate choice.

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