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    Fundamentals:Web Application Architecture

    Amit Shukla

    Every average introducer will get to see any specific page for the first time which is having various interactions between user interfaces, databases, various components, the browser, and the servers. The entire framework is attached to the interaction and relation which is known as web app architecture. It is the flow of processes that includes the URL which is being browsed by the user. This triggers the browsing search which is also a part of web app architecture.

    Apart from the search, the network will also send data to the browser from the server. It will enable the browser to display the page which is being requested by the user. The modern web app architecture it is having various components along with external apps. It is a quick progression happening to form better quality of web and mobile applications which results in transforming the capabilities in backend and front-end processes. In the current online world, mobile devices are becoming the most preferred device for search.

    This is the main reason for the web app development and its architecture which will meet the requirement in every platform. Most importantly grammatical error pages have become complex for developers to develop. This is because it is having full-stack development architecture for every app development.

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    Working Process of Web App Architecture:

    Every web application is having two different sets of the program which will help them to run separately. They will have the same goal of working uniformly for delivering solutions. The two sets of the program include the browser code which works according to the input of the user.  Another set of code is for the server which was as the request which is being entered by the user as per the protocol which is the HTTPS. In simple words, all web app developers need to finalize the functions of the code on the server as well as the functions of the code on the browser to make them work uniformly. They need to work with each other and have a relation with each other in every step.


    Types of Web App Architecture:

    Almost every type of web app component is required to create an integral web app. Based on the requirement for the apps logical distribution between the client-side and the server-side, there are several types of web architecture. We have listed below the web app architecture which is mostly used by the developer in every web app development service.

    • Microservices:

    It is not required to have any specific functionality using the microservices architecture framework. It will allow developers to deploy the app much efficiently and faster. Every component develops in different coding languages which will offer flexibility for choosing the technology of choice.

    • Single-page applications (SPA):

    In the current technological era, it is mostly all about minimalism and having single page web app. This is the main for the single-page web application to be popular among others. These applications include those elements which are most required in the content. This will offer the best interactive User experience which will allow the users to have single page application and offer dynamic interaction.

    • Legacy HTML web app:

    Based on basic web app architecture every server uses the business logic and the webpage construction logic for interacting with the client using the web page. To receive the update which needs to be accessed by the user then to reload the page or even the client needs to send a request for any HTML page to the server to get the entire code once again.

    This basic type of web application is highly secure and offers the logic and data to be stored in the server. It cannot be accessed by the user which makes it much more secure than the other. Due to the constant reloading and the secure data exchange, it is most common for the static website to be stopped developing. This is the main reason for the interactive apps to be trending apart from these apps.

    • Serverless architectures:

    Any serverless architecture will allow other App to execute any correlation infrastructure which is related to the task. The developers need to manage the backend service even while working on third-party infrastructure.

    • Widget web app:

    The web services will have proper integration of web page construction logic and every client page will have separate entities which is also known as widgets. It will allow a large amount of HTML or JSON data which will be displayed without reloading the entire page which is sent by the AJAX queries into the web services. The integration of real-time widgets, it will make the update much more mobile-friendly, popular, and dynamic to the customers.


    Components of Web App Architecture:

    Various components are divided into two categories that are being used in web application architecture. The categories are structural components and user interface components.

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    • Structural components:

    The structural components are the functionality in which any user will interact with the database storage and the control. Any client on the web browsers will allow the user to interact with the web development functionalities with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The web application server will properly handle the central hub which supports the multilayer application and business logic. They are being developed using Ruby, PHP, Python, Node.js, and. NET. Every database server will enable the relevant data and business logic that are being managed and stored by the server. It will properly provide, store and retrieve the information.

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    • User interface components:

    This is the entire functionality of the webpage depending on the configuration, display, and settings. It is entirely related to the experience and interface apart from the development which is dealing with configuration settings, logs, display dashboard, notifications, etc.



    The web is continuously evolving along with the association with frameworks and technologies. Every modern web application development is completely replacing the old legacy components and structures. This is the right time to choose the perfect web architecture which will perform better on the web application. Various factors need to be kept in mind before choosing any architecture for web app development. It includes secure nature, responsiveness, speed, and the robustness of the web application architecture.

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