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    Tips to feature your app on the app store

    Amit Shukla

    App stores are the malls of the technological world. It is available for hundreds of millions of iOS and Android users on Earth. It is the only distribution platform for any app that is going to work on your phone. Getting your app onto the first page of the App Store is the key to success for a top app Development Company, no matter whether in a full visual banner or a mention,

    • Start with a descriptive title

    A good name of your application identifies what your app does to prospective users and improves your rankings. Businesses must understand how a strong, relevant title can improve their ASO. In fact, keywords in your app’s title can help you rank at least 10% higher. Both the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play handle titles and keywords in different manners.

    • The Apple App Store

    The Apple App Store provides 255 characters for your title. It must be unique, descriptive, and keyword-rich. Including a title and then a subtitle with your keywords can help you both establish market share and improve your ranking.

    • The Google Play Store

    Titles are handled a bit differently in the Google Play store. It provides 30 characters for your title. Here, you do not need to concern about keywords, as it goes in the description part.

    • Use keywords wisely

    Keywords are a significant factor in ASO. Using keywords in both the Apple App Store and Google Play is different. Apple allows only 100 characters for all of your keywords, while Google Play is not specific to the keyword limit. However, the app description is searchable, and it enables 4000 characters to work comfortably.

    To achieve the app store optimization strategy, you can put your most important keywords in your description five times. Before publishing your app with the keywords, you must do some research to learn about the traffic, difficulty, and demand for those keywords.

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    • Describe your app well

    For both Apple and Android apps, your app description is like the landing page of your website. Your app’s description and page within the app store should be viewed as a significant aspect of your App Store Optimization Strategy. You can use a useful screenshot to make your description section appealing.

    • Use high-quality screenshots

    People took only 7 seconds to decide whether they wanted to download an app or not. Therefore, the look of your app store page must be attractive. You can use high-quality screenshots in your application. Businesses must focus on the key benefits and most engaging parts to make the app stand out.

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    • Add an app preview video

    You can harness the power of video for your App Store page to provide better insights into your app offers to the users. App Previews in the iOS App Store enable businesses to upload 30 second long videos to showcase the features and benefits of your app. this helps you show the recordings of the in-app experience and ensure good looks of your mobile application user experience. It must match what your prospective audience is looking for.

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