Ecommerce: Optimize Your Mobile Application To Boost Your Sales

Ecommerce: Optimize Your Mobile Application To Boost Your Sales


With the ever-growing penetration of smartphones among the masses, mobile devices including tablets have overtaken annual sales of computers and e-commerce mobile apps have become a necessity for retailers. The proliferation of various money transfer and micropayment services through mobile wallets also implies that people have started to trust online modes of payments and storing their money. This is the right moment for you to launch your own mobile eCommerce application.

A mobile application for eCommerce can give your users the choice they need and provide them with multiple options in a user-friendly manner. To achieve it, your mobile eCommerce app needs to be the best in giving them an engaging UI/UX and optimized to make their overall experience secure, fast, and nothing like any other mobile app.

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Test if Your ECommerce Mobile App is Optimized

You need to ask these questions and see if you get the answers to them in the affirmative. If any of the answers are negative, then you need to fix the mobile application.

  • Can anyone easily find the right product and related information and details on it with minimum keystrokes and taps?
  • Are there specific product pages with complete and concise information that is easy to read, call-to-action buttons, and easily navigable?
  • Does your app provide a simple, secure, and easy-to-complete registration, login, and conversion process (ordering and payments)?
  • Does your app has clear titles for categories and products, easy on eyes and consistent layout, and displays a brand image?
  • Are the load time of your home screen and subsequent screens are too slow? Have you tested the load time for slower connections and found it optimal?eCommerce App Development Trends11 Tips to Optimize Your Mobile ECommerce Application
  1. Personalize Your Users’ Experience: The users must feel special when they open your app and should not be able to leave it. Personalizing their experience by designing intuitive navigation that is fluid and free of constraints.
  2. Simplify Everything: You must remember to simplify everything from the purchasing process to registration, to log in, to browsing, to adding and removing from the cart, to wish lists, and so on.
  3. Have a Clean Design: The ECommerce mobile applications should let customers reach the product catalog easily without the distraction of advertisements and pop-ups. List important product features and directions for use with images and videos.
  4. Minimize Obstacles to Purchases: Removing obstacles like overly complex account creation form, pop-ups, too many screens to reach the cart, too small “add to cart” buttons, long loading time, incorrectly calculated shipping costs, unclear prices or return policy, and limited means of payment.
  5. Search and Filter Functionality: Search should allow simple and multiple criteria advanced search with multiple filter options based on price, discounts, manufacturers, etc.
  6. Payment method: Multiple and secure payment methods with respected and secure payment gateways allow people to trust you and your app. If insufficient payment options are provided, then users may drop at this critical juncture.
  7. Leverage Social Media: Allow users to share their wish lists and purchases to their social media accounts. This encourages them and others on their friend’s list to make more purchases and show off.
  8. Encourage User Participation: Promote user participation to improve the conversion rate by holding contests, distributing free stuff, and promoting in-app activities like games that keep them coming back.
  9. Digital Re-Targeting: Also known as digital re-marketing to help retain current customers. It always takes more effort and investment to attract new customers.
  10. Collaborate: regularly post to a high-quality blog engaging articles that will help you get back-links. Always post user-focused content and get audience feedback.
  11. Push Notifications: They are a powerful tool to remind your users about various promotions, new offers, exciting contests, and their own wish list items becoming available on the mobile app. These notifications nudge the users into taking some action and boost sales. You can always hire top mobile app development companies to help you boost your sales.

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