Taxi Booking Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features


Technology has made the lives of everyone easy. Thanks to today’s advancements in technology!

Gone are days when people used to call the taxi driver to avail the service. Now, due to the technological phenomenon, anyone can book a taxi through his/her mobile app development or even a smartwatch! So easy as said. Just the appropriate app needs to be downloaded and installed on the phone. Signing up for the app with your details paves the way for accessing the app. Why late! Get started with your favorite taxi app.

Taxi booking app development is one of the impressive app developments in recent days.


Many of you would have definitely used taxi apps such as Uber, Ola, Fastrack, etc. Is it not?

Each year is witnessing significant growth in the usage of taxi apps as today’s population require all the process to be made easy. Hence, taxi bookings are expanding day by day which would contribute to substantial growth over the years to come.

Classification of the taxi bookings apps:

  1. Dedicated app:

This kind of app is an augmentation of one’s taxi business. If one has already made a good name through the taxi business, they might own many cars and drivers too. So, accordingly, these taxi businesses release such taxi apps and allow their cars and drivers to be used by the customers to book the rides.

This kind of app is designed in a manner where the customer can book a ride according to his/her convenience and also pick the car model according to their wish. The customers can feed their location – pick up points and book the ride. Then the necessary fees incurred are paid according to the tariff rates. A server where umpteen customer requests can be managed is to be chosen so that taxis are sent to the customer’s point of location in time.

  1. Aggregator app:

This app is basically sketched for persons who are in the initial phase of the taxi business (start-ups) and they do not hold their own cars.

Basic booking app – this app incorporates the fundamental attributes which are mandatory such as – appending in-app calls – so that customers can call the taxi driver and book the ride accordingly. The server might not be necessary for this kind of model. The database of the app must be checked frequently in order to modify the price details and so on.

On-demand app – This app is mostly used by many taxi businesses and this structure is quite complex as the app needs a server and database. And, moreover, a user interface, driver interface, and admin panel are required to develop such apps.

Also, these apps might require advanced elements to be incorporated so as to keep up along with the trends.

How does a taxi app function?


As soon as the booking app request is received from the customer’s location to the app, with the assistance of the GPS, the app operates in order to find the exact location of the customer who is in need of a taxi and then apprises the driver who is within the reach of the customer’s location point.

A further process is continued by the customer’s confirmation of the request and then the customers are well-informed regarding the time and place of arrival for pick-up by the drivers.

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Finally, the tariff rates are paid and review/feedback is made by the users.

Let us now look at some of the prominent elements that a taxi app must hold:


-Contact number verification

-Sign up / account.


-Schedule bookings.

-GPS (tracking system).

-Cab tracing.


-Email, SMS alerts.

-Fare calculator.

-Payment options.




-Write Complaints.



-Driver Profile/account.

-Upload driver’s license, etc. –> proof

-Vehicle tracking system.

-Cab tracking.

-Trip en routes.

-Notifications to the driver.


-SMS, email alerts.


Admin – panel interface:

-Managing roles.

-Vehicles management.

-Attending complaints.

-User or customer accounts.

-Driver accounts.

-Manage offers/discounts.


-Monitor arrival and drop timings of taxis.

-track drivers’ vehicles.

-Monitor revenues.

There are several other features that can be incorporated into the app to be successful.

  1. Social login: A customer when uses logs into the account using social media accounts the user details are easily imported into the app. It is an easy way.
  2. Notify: This feature aids the users to get to know important messages such as the driver’s location, time of arrival of the vehicle, and all the intricate details necessary for the user.
  3. Heat map generator: This attribute assists the drivers to know about the location situation such as traffic,
  4. Offer/coupon: Offers or discounts when provided for a specific set of customer or drivers, they are motivated and encouraged.
  5. Analytics – Admin: This feature might help the admins to know the monthly trips, earning graphs, missed trips, revenues, customers’ accounts, drivers who are on duty, etc.
  6. Payments of Drivers: This element can eliminate the tedious task of looking at the payments of drivers and paying manually. The automatic payment system will transfer the monthly salary of drivers to their accounts.
  7. Emergency button: This feature assists both the drivers and the customers to contact the mentioned emergency contact if they face any problem during the trip.
  8. Pick up the driver as per wish: If the customer has already traveled the vehicle with the help of a particular driver and is feeling convenient to travel often, then this option can be used to choose the driver whenever the customer needs it.
  9. Smartwatch: This is the advanced attribute that can be used. Through the smartwatch, the customer can book the taxi and also trace the driver’s vehicle, and so on.
  10. Rate calculator: The fare calculator element works automatically and estimates the trip fare according to the distance and hence the customer can know the trip farewell before he/she gets into the vehicle.
  11. Messengers and calls: These attributes assist both the driver and the customer to be in contact until the trip is started off. Either call or message can help both the customer and the driver to be in touch.

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Taxi app development process:

  1. Android and iOS developers are needed in order to build front-end and back-end functionalities of the taxi booking app.
  2. Designers who are responsible for building impressive UI/UX components of the taxi booking app.
  3. Testers: Testing is required in order to detect bugs and correct them in time. Hence testers are required.

Cost of a taxi booking mobile app:

The cost relies on various factors – Development, apps complexity – if advanced featured needs to be incorporated, platforms – Android or iOS or both, functionality and the location of the development team, etc.

The rate per hour of the developers in the US is around 150$-270$ and India is the best place to get the work done and the per hour rate is 10$-80$.

The per-hour rate of the developers in other parts of the world varies accordingly.


Taxi Booking Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

This article would give an understanding of how the taxi booking app is developed, its cost, and its features.

Taxi booking app from mobile has made the process simple and anyone who wants to travel to a particular destination can easily book the app and therefore the demand for building such apps would continue to increase in the coming years too.

The cost as discussed depends on a lot of stuff. On average, in India, the cost would be around 15,000$-35,000$ for one platform – Android or iOS. If the app needs to be developed for both platforms the cost might double up. Moreover, if many attributes and functionalities are to be appended then the cost might go up – 50,000$ and beyond.

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