Maid On-Demand Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Maid On-Demand Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Every one of us is busy and is occupied due to the modern lifestyle. Most of the domestic works are carried out by maids in order to spend our time usefully. Is it not? And nowadays it’s difficult to find a maid who is honest to get the household work done or to avail any kind of service. Technology usage is one of the greatest advantages here. Maid on-demand mobile applications have been introduced to facilitate the finding process of a maid and thus reducing the burden of finding a maid.

Maid on-demand mobile app development is one of the momentous initiatives which is assisting many of us. Today in this article we are going to look at the maid app development, its cost, and features.


How maid on-demand applications would function and benefit everyone?

These applications once downloaded and installed you can register and log in to the app. There are many types of services published by the agencies and the user can pick up the relevant type of service and ask for assistance to find the maid for the corresponding service by mentioning the salary and necessary information. As soon as the service agency is able to find a maid who is ready to do the job, they can hire the maid. Soon after the hiring process, the maid can carry out his/her job. In this manner, these applications are benefiting maids and as well as the customers who need require maid.

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Common classifications for on-demand maid mobile app:

  1. Cooking
  2. Household chores and home cleaning
  3. Laundry
  4. Caring kids
  5. Taking care of senior citizens
  6. Taking care of patients
  7. Newborn baby massage
  8. Taking care of pets

Mostly in any maid mobile applications, one could view the above groups. Many advanced technological attributes can also be added in order to fulfill the requirements. Even there is a customized page where the app registered user can type his/her demands and can receive the quote so that they can proceed further. It is left to the decision of the app owners or the clients who are willing to append more categories, elements, and so on.

Let us now move on to look at some of the basic and essential elements of an on-demand maid mobile app:

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User Interface:

  1. Registration/Sign up to access the app.
  2. Find a maid in your locality.
  3. Choose and prospect the details regarding the maid.
  4. Appoint single or many maids according to your requirements.
  5. Cancel the appointment or can shift/re-schedule.
  6. Do payments.
  7. In-app chats and calls.
  8. Notifications.
  9. Feedback/Review.
  10. History can assist the user to look at past information.

Maid Interface:

  1. Register and log in by feeding appropriate details
  2. Scan and upload all the documents that are necessary for verification purposes.
  3. Pick up the relevant and suitable job.
  4. Undertake or Reject the request.
  5. Mention all details regarding the timings, leaves, etc.
  6. Payments can be checked.
  7. Job location can be traced.

Admin Interface:

  1. Admins can look into the accounts of maids and the users and possess all permissions to edit, modify or suspend the accounts according to the behavior of the users and maids.
  2. Append, Modify or erase the information.
  3. Confirm all the documents submitted by the maids.
  4. Accept or Reject the maid’s sign-up.
  5. Manage all the payments and appointments.
  6. Admin can also look at the revenue obtained from the app.

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There are many latest features that can be added as well.

  1. Re-schedule: Re-scheduling is another great attribute to talk about. The user can re-schedule the appointment for another day so that it can benefit the customer as well as the maid.
  2. Hire single maid/multiple: The user can hire a single maid or multiple maids accordingly. Like if there are more activities or work to be carried out such as a party or household work or office cleaning and so on.
  3. Payment gateways: The app developers can integrate the payment gateways so as to make the payment process comfortable for the users. For instance, Pay Pal, Stripe, etc.
  4. GPS: GPS when integrated with the app, the search process would be simple so as to find the maid in the nearby vicinity.
  5. Thorough verification: This is another prominent feature where the admin can verify for a second time. Thus, a two-tier verification step can be completed in order to make sure that the maid is honest and sincere and can be hired. Based on the experience of the maid and the localities where the maid has done the service and the admin can perform background checks and can conclude.
  6. Request form: This form can be of great use for the customers. The customers can fill up this form and can give a brief description regarding his/her requests or demands.

You might require Front-end and back-end developers, Android and iOS developers, QA experts, and Testers to build a maid mobile application.

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Cost to build a maid on-demand mobile application:

The cost to build a maid on-demand mobile app would be around 25,000$ – 40,000$ and might go up according to the requirements, complexity level, and features that need to be added.

The per-hour rate of the developer stands at 10$-80$ in India.

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As discussed, there is a lot of demand for maid mobile apps. In order to fill the void and If you are interested in maid on-demand mobile app development you can invest in building such mobile applications.

The cost to build on-demand apps relies on many factors. A strong development team can assist in building great apps.

In case you require any assistance in building maid mobile apps you can contact Next Big Technology for further information as our developers at NBT possess many years of experience and skills who can handle any complexities and can therefore help you in building remarkable apps.

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