All in One On-Demand App Development

We develop high quality On Demand Mobile Applications like Urban Clap. We build all type of On Demand mobile apps to cover all kind of services.

All In One On-Demand Mobile App Development

On-demand mobile apps are being used by the businesses in order to get benefitted. These apps are used by customers so that their job is made easy. Technological epoch has changed the scenario. Today every one of us are in the hands of technology. Due to the occupied lifestyle of the people, there is no time and hence these apps are of a great usage to the people. Therefore, the on-demand mobile app development is one of the significant app developments which can benefit your customers and as well as the business.
There are many on-demands mobile applications. These applications serve as link between a customer and the business. The app developments are popularly made on Android and iOS platforms and thus comforting the lives of the people. The customer can just avail any service if he/she want to. Just a mobile app would do the job.

How does an on-demand app work?

  1. The functionality would soon begin as soon as the customer searches for what he/she want to and places the order or the request. Once the service request or the order is checked and confirmed then the customer proceeds with the payment step.
  2. Once the payment process is completed, the order or the request is examined by the respective business/store staff and then the order is dispatched.
  3. The service provider would assist in delivering the ordered item.

Leading All In One On-Demand App Development Company

Next Big Technology is leading on-demand app development company in India. Are you interested in having an on-demand mobile app for your business? Then talk to us so that we can provide you the best on-demand mobile app development solution for your business. Digitalizing your product would assist you in reaching customers on global level which can therefore help you to expand your business.
Our innovative approach towards building the on-demand mobile applications on any platform can attract large number of customers which can thereby bring success for your business.
We are known for delivering quality deliverables and as we are time bound we stick to the dead line and make sure we deliver it on time.
On Demand Apps

We have worked for all the Industrial sectors.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Travel and tourism.
  3. Marketplace.
  4. Food and Restaurant.
  5. Logistics.
  6. Health and Fitness.
  7. Event booking.
  8. Taxi booking.
  9. Car washing and renting.
  10. On-Demand delivery.
  11. Grocery.
  12. Real-estate.
  13. Flower and Gifts.
  14. Alcohol delivery.
  15. Furniture app development.
  16. Courses app development.
  17. Multi-vendor e-commerce app development.
  18. Online conference app development.
  19. Salon and beauty.

We have worked for all kind of Industrial sectors and you can pick your preferable business and can avail our services to extend your business to online.

We value every cent of yours and we assure you that we can build the mobile application as per your requirement and at a reasonable rate.

You can trust us 100%! We are here to assist you! We can build user-friendly, flawless and secure mobile applications.

What is the necessity to develop an on-demand app for your business? Is it beneficial?

  1. Universal customers.
  2. Ease of process for customers.
  3. Expansion of business.
  4. Global opportunities.
  5. High returns/profits.
In order to compete and sustain in todays digitalized world, it is essential that your business should go online in order to attain success and fame. As an entrepreneur in order to reach many customers, going online is the option and key to grow your business.
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Features we incorporate – Overview

Customer Panel

  1. On-boarding.
  2. Choosing categories.
  3. Scheduling/Booking.
  4. Order tracking.
  5. Discounts/Coupons.
  6. Push notifications.
  7. Payments.
  8. Multi-language/currency support.
  9. Ratings/Reviews.

Store agent Panel

  1. On-Boarding.
  2. Add/Delete/Modify catalogue and price.
  3. Check orders.
  4. Dispatch orders.
  5. Assign the order to the delivery agent to deliver.
  6. Check deliveries.
  7. Manage stock using store panel page.

Service agent Panel

  1. On-boarding.
  2. Checking requests.
  3. Accept/Reject requests.
  4. Discounts/Offers.
  5. GPS.
  6. Payments.
  7. Update status.
  8. Ratings/Reviews.
  9. Support/Help.

Admin Panel

  1. Safe authentication.
  2. Dashboards.
  3. Managing Users.
  4. Managing services, offers and prices, payments.
  5. Managing service agents.
  6. Managing store staff/vendors.
  7. Managing orders.
  8. Google analytics.
  9. Reports.
  10. Managing categories/departments.

We have successfully implemented many features as per clients demands – Integration of GPS, Cloud, Content Management System – CMS, etc.

There are latest technologies such as Blockchain, AI and many more which are being used in order to provide better user-experience.

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Our approach

  1. We analyze the requirements thoroughly and clearly.
  2. We communicate and get confirmation from the client regarding the understanding of requirements from our side.
  3. Our designers design the customer interfaces in a striking manner
  4. We customize the requirements as demanded and our developers proceed with the work
  5. We test the application many times so that we hand – over error-free software.
We value quality and we are known for quality! We have worked for many clients and they are very much satisfied with what we have done.

Why us?

  1. Tailor-made on-demand app solutions.
  2. Skilled professionals.
  3. We use latest rigid technologies.
  4. Inclusion of genuine API tools.
  5. Quality product and on-time delivery.
We hold substantial experience in building on-demand mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms from past many years. Due to the extensive experience in the field of mobile and app development we can handle any challenges in the project and we can implement features as you require.
Our team comprises of industrial and research analysts, designers and developers, QA experts and testers. Our concrete team is here to assist you in making your dream come true.


  1. Significant industries you focus on?

    We focus on all kinds of on-demand industrial sectors. As already mentioned, we have worked with various industrial domains.

  2. How much do you think would it cost to build an on-demand app?

    Cost relies on numerous factors. The prominent factor depends on the requirements of the client.

  3. Why we need to trust you?

    You can trust us as we assure you quality. The quality of the end – product is very much important to us. We have worked with various clients and hence we have good experience. We can customize 100%.

Why Choose Us

If you have an idea or a dream wish to develop a mobile based solution to lure customers, then we are the foremost On-Demand App Solutions Development company. We offer ready to go On-Demand App Solutions Development services. We are leaders in developing feature-rich Apps for your clients and a web-enabled, fully integrated, data analytics driven backend to manage its functions.

The On-Demand App Solutions Development team at NBT is expert in making an efficient and customizable solution. Both the app and its backed are in manageable and ready-to-deploy state providing similar experience as best apps in the field at a fraction of costs.

These apps can be made for any conceivable idea such as cab-hailing, food delivery, online marketplace, e-commerce, video calling, mobile wallet, office management, e-learning, or any other business idea that you can think of. Your users will be able to promote it on social media channels.

Our On-Demand App Solutions Development team provides all the essential features needed for a functional On-Demand Solution along with its backend.

Some features of our On-App Demand Solution are:

  • Simple interface
  • Complete privacy and security
  • Sign In using Mobile number, Google, Facebook or Corporate Email ID
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Push notifications for messages, product updates, ratings, reviews, etc.
  • Data-analytics based backend to support front-end app
  • Monitoring and tracking of orders, users, and service providers
  • 24×7 Maintenance and Support

Please connect with us to discuss more about your requirements.