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    Logistics & Transportation App Development

    Logistics and Transportation Mobile App Development Cost and Features

    Amit Shukla

    If delivery has to take place at a particular location to a so and so person, then any logistics and transportation company would be responsible for the delivery. And this delivery process involves many steps and each step is crucial so that the delivery cycle proceeds further without any delays and successfully the item is delivered to the person. To run this delivery process is definitely a complex task for any logistics and transportation company. So, these logistics enterprises depend heavily on Logistics & Transportation App Development companies to compete and stand out from the crowd.

    Now, if we go through any logistics and transportation mobile app, few attributes are necessary in order to operate the app without any hurdles.

    Personalized logistics applications are divided into 3 categories – customer panel, driver panel, and lastly the admin panel.

    Logistics and Transportation Mobile App development features are enlisted below.

    Let us discuss them in brief:

    1. Customer panel:

    The customer panel is the user’s screen view on the logistics mobile app through which the users can operate according to their requirements.

    • Registration – It is normally a mandatory step that any user or customer must go through by creating his/her account via e-mail or via any social media accounts.
    • Vehicles catalog – Users have the option to select the kind of vehicles by browsing through the catalog which is provided so that it eases the process of delivery for the logistics company by making the delivery of items in one trip.
    • Booking vehicles – Customers have the option to block the accessible vehicle according to their time and date.
    • Notifications – Through this notification feature, the user can receive all the alerts such as – if the goods are packed from the warehouse, tracking, delivery, and any other major communication is notified to the user at the other end.
    • Consignment tracking – It is a very important phase and this feature aids the users to track their goods as soon as it leaves from the warehouse. It provides all the relevant information which is required to the user.
    • Payment Gateway – This attribute ensures a hassle-free payment method for the customers so that they don’t find any difficult for making settlements.
    • Rating and Feedbacks – Rating and feedbacks help the business to know about their service if it was good or bad. If the rating and reviews are negative, the transportation company can ameliorate its service.
    1. Driver panel:

    Driver panel or the screen view is viewed by the drivers and they operate the app accordingly.

    This panel is necessary for any mobile app on the drivers’ side because as soon as the driver obtains the customers’ requests, he/she can proceed further and deliver the goods in a timely manner.

    • Registration phase – This phase is the initial phase for any mobile app and here the driver enters all his necessary credentials by logging through email or any other means of social media.
    • Request management – As soon as the request is received from the customer, the request is processed further by the driver until the order request is finished.
    • Particulars of consignors – All intricate and mandatory information of the user/shipper such as name, contact details, phone number and etc. can be accessed here.
    • Tracking – With the help of GPS technology, the driver perceives the most feasible and easy route to make the delivery happen in time.
    1. Admin panel:

    The Admin panel is the most crucial section where complete control of the process happens. This is the main body of the app.

    Dashboard – Here, the main control of the app happens. It is obviously necessary to check out the number of customer requests and manage the number of drivers according to their availability and such stuff.

    Tracking drivers – As admins have full control here the driver’s activities are monitored and the admins have complete control of the road activities and if there are any awaiting customer requests and so on.

    Notification – Admins send all the necessary information such as driver’s allotment, payment information and etc.

    Management of vehicles – Admins track and update all the crucial details such as the availability of vehicles, their maintenance and repairs, fuel exhaustion, and such stuff so that the customer order can be managed efficiently and qualitatively.

    Bill – This attribute can be accessed by the admins and they can inspect the bills and approve them.

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    Logistics and Transportation

    Now, let us look at some of the elements which aid the logistics and transportation industry to broaden their business:

    1. GPS:

    GPS technology has become the most widely used technology in the current scenarios because if you need to deliver somewhere remotely. GPS can save a lot of time and money.

    It has become one of the most required technology to incorporate in your app. Utilizing the satellite connection and the internet eases the delivery process for the fleet drivers by guiding them to move ahead in an appropriate direction.

    1. Analytics:

    This aids any enterprise to widen their business in different places or countries if they include this feature into their app.

    This feature helps businesses to track their business graph by knowing at which location their deliveries are happening regularly and are increasing and moreover they can get an overview regarding fuel exhaustion and many more related stuffs which definitely helps the company to grow. Also, the businesses come to know about their quality of service.

    Logistics & Transportation App Development

    1. Payments:

    If many kinds of payment gateways are integrated with the app system, the customer feels easy while making their payments.

    1. App chats:

    Wherein if you can incorporate this attribute, it would prove to be an advantage. The fleet managers and the drivers can communicate easily to keep up the process much more uncomplicated.

    Now, let us look at some of the elements

    Logistics and Transportation Mobile App development cost might depend on the following factors:

    • App platform
    • App intricacy
    • App development agency
    • The geographical location of the app development agency
    • Design
    • Development
    • Back end development


    As discussed above, you would have got a clear idea of how important the logistics and transportation mobile app is. These kinds of logistics apps are crucial in the present scenario to compete against the competitors and also to ease the delivery process. You can contact any reputed mobile app development company and web development company such as Next Big Technology the best Logistics & Transportation App Development company to assist you.

    You can approach Next Big Technology the best Logistics & Transportation App Development company for further information. If you need a mobile app for your logistics and transportation business you can contact NBT as they can assist with your requirements.

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