Knowing the particular features and cost of Zomato Clone Application Development

Know the cost and features of UberEats Clone Application Development


The best food delivery mobile application solution you have ever dreamed of is finally beyond your grasp. Making food shopping a very memorable experience now for your clients. The UberEats source code which we have built can help you to actually launch your final food delivery app just within 48 hours.

Our UberEats clone proposed solution is already a software kit that mostly deals with online food delivery. For features from the original UberEats app, the distinction here is that somehow they are refined to the next base level, and now there are brand new beautiful features that you have never ever just heard before.

With the support of a stable source code, you are told that somehow you do not have to create a Smartphone app from the scratch. In the particular end, you save a hell of a lot of time and otherwise money without ever just having to compromise mostly on the efficiency of our approach.

The source code however is 100% flexible and modular so that now you can apply your own unique and creative features for it and make something special enough for all the fresh food-loving people that are out there. It can even be white branded with the brand name on it. Much to your astonishment, there is no such coding involved, and it can be conveniently set up in no basic time.

This is the perfect tech system for developers and start-ups who wish to create their own little version of the application Advanced food distribution company that talks about it being streamlined and delivering the ultimate customer experience.

Support the loved ones by offering an interface solution that shows a list of local eateries and otherwise mouth-watering kitchens from which now they can pick the best to please themselves.


People will register by simply supplying their pre-existing various social media login information and beginning to use the program.


Choose from an impressive selection of restaurants and otherwise restaurants based on the location, reviews, menu, local cuisine, pricing, scheduling, and more.

True TIME Monitoring

Enable customers to monitor orders in near real-time and use the total power of push alerts for keeping them updated somehow regarding the whole order’s status pretty much consistently.


The most famous restaurants, different cuisines, and perhaps food dishes should be added to the Favorites list so that customers can easily order their favorite food dishes.

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If the potential customer has now something for saying about the human food or related service, they will post their feedback and score the restaurant mostly on the basis of their opinion. 5000USD to 20,000 USD is basically the cost of making this kind of app at NBT solutions and the Hourly Rate for this is 15USD to 20 USD.


Not everybody wants food in that same way. You can offer special orders when ordering food and distributing food to restaurants the way you want.


Dozens of further payment options include credit card or debit cards, digital kind of wallets, PayPal, and otherwise Net Banking. Any other form of payment system can also be implemented with that particular food delivery app.

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