Everything You Need to Know About Wimdu Clone App Development

Everything You Need to Know About Wimdu Clone App Development

Wimdu Clone is an astounding Vacation Rental script that enables various entrepreneurs to get their feet wet for their own Vacation Rental business in the instant.


This Property Rental script enables you to build a noteworthy Accommodation platform to render the best Property Rental services to people who are in search of cheaper travel accommodations.


To pave the way for the aspirant entrepreneurs, startups and business organization to set their Vacation Rental business in motion, we at NBT, the best mobile app development companyhave incorporated all the features that are essential for an application. Let’s explore more about the features of developing a wimdu app as mentioned by our experts.


Features of Wimdu Clone


Our ready-to-launch Wimdu Clone comprises all essential features you need to kick-start a successful Vacation Rental Website.


Common Features


  • LTR Multi-Language
  • Email and Dashboard Notifications
  • Private Messaging Board
  • Email Based Registration
  • Identity Verification
  • Complementary Deployment


Admin Features


  • Custom Admin Managed FAQs
  • Home Page Slider Management
  • Dynamic Listing Settings
  • Custom LTR Multi Language Management
  • Payment Management
  • User Management


Host Features


  • Login with Facebook
  • Location Pinpoint on Google Map
  • Transaction History
  • Claim Security Deposit
  • Reservation Details
  • Reservation Requirement management


Guest Features


  • Favourite properties
  • Request to Book
  • Search as I move in Map
  • Search Properties
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Login with Facebook


How Wimdu Clone Helps You Get Started with Your Vacation Rental Website?


  • Wimdu Clone lets you hit the ground running of your own Vacation Rental website just like Wimdu with this overwhelming Vacation Rental script.


  • Over and above, this Wimdu Clone simplifies the way of finding and booking online accommodations for Bed and Breakfast travellers.


  • This awe-inspiring Vacation Rental platform lets hosts list out and rent out various properties as well as vacation rentals at any location of the world.


Other Important Features


Some of the important features in Wimdu Clone Script.


Recurring Payment

In Wimdu clone script Admin allows the offerings based on the subscription which leads the customers to pay on a subscription basis.


Trusted Property

This clone script allows the property owners to list their properties under the ‘Trusted’ property list by verifying the property documents like Address Proof, ID Proof, property papers, etc.



For staying alerted in the website, the notification can be enabled or disabled in the settings.



Videos on the home page, property listing pages and category page to pursue the customers.


Support Multiple Rental System

Wimdu clone script is built to support the multiple rental systems based on daily, weekly and monthly and spacious search page and come up with an explicit list of back-end options for the website owners to have complete control on their portal and bookings.


The approximate cost required to develop this app will lie in between 5000 USD to 20,000 USD and the hourly rate lies in between 15 USD to 20 USD. For more assistance with the same, get in touch with the mobile app developers of Next Big Technology. We are there to assist you round-the-clock.

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