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    Introduce YII Framework

    Yii is pronounced as ‘Yee’ and is an acronym for ‘Yes It Is’, it is an open-source PHP framework for developing web applications. It is built around a component-based Model View Controller pattern and provides secure and professional functionalities to create web applications in an easy way.

    It makes the web development process much faster. It gives an optimized performance with all sizes of projects, whether small or complex it can handle all types of projects in an efficient way.

    Because of its component-based architecture and sophisticated caching support, it is especially suitable for developing large-scale applications.

    MVC architecture is one of the most popular design patterns used in the web development world, it helps to unclutter the code and helps in structuring the website.

    Yii was founded by QiangXue and was initially released in 2008, Yii 2 is the current and updated version of Yii, it also supports PHP 5.1.0 or above.

    It has many ready to use features like query builders and Active Record for both relational and
    NoSQL databases, RESTful API development support, multi-tier caching support, and much more.
    It is high-performance and highly customizable. You can customize every line of the core code.



    Custom YII Website Development

    YII website development services

    Yii has a large community of developers and supporters, who keep n close eye on the latest technological developments, features in other PHP frameworks and try to incorporate them in Yii on a regular basis so that Yii is always up to the benchmark standards laid down by the industry.
    Yii is used to make:

    •Web applications
    •E-commerce sites
    •RESTful services

    Yii has a lot of extensions it opens the doors for customization of web applications.
    Yii has DAO that makes data access easy; it enables access to a lot of database management systems without having to repeat modifications in data access queries. It thus reduces the need of writing SQL queries multiple times.

    Form handling and data collection at the same time has always been a daunting task for web developers but Yii simplifies the handling of form inputs and data validation through MVC architecture.

    We are rated as Best for What We Do

    We got many awards from the best platforms, it proves our identity and our existence. We are verified and authenticated by top reviewed websites that follow a tough verification and review process.

    YII Development Services

    YII is best PHP Framework to develop Custom Web Applications

    Yii has a wide variety and range of themes and templates that help users to select the most suitable for them. It also provides the option to integrate third-party code to run the programs.
    Yii comes with many built-in AJAX widgets that can help in creating high-quality user interfaces for a seamless user experience.

    Security has always been a big worry even for expert developers. Yii is here to rescue, it has authorization and authentication functionality that helps in preventing the sites from unauthorized access and malware.

    Every single method or property is properly documented. Developers can easily learn Yii through the book of comprehensive tutorials available on its website.

    The entry script is the bootstrap PHP script that handles user requests initially. It is the only PHP script that end users can directly request to execute.

    The application object is also known as the front controller collects basic information about the request and sends it to the appropriate controller so that it can be processed further. It keeps all application configuration settings in one place.

    A controller is created by the application whenever a user requests for it, it brings the appropriate models and renders a needed view.

    Models are used to keep data and their relevant business rules.

    A model can be a single row in the database or a form with fields, basically, a model represents a single data object. Yii implements two kinds of models: Form models and active records. Form model is used to store the data from the users; these types of data are collected, used, and then deleted, e.g. we can use from the model on a login page to collect, sore, and then delete the login data by the user. Active Record (AR) is a design pattern used to abstract database access in an object-oriented manner.

    A view is a PHP script consisting mainly of user interface elements, a view has a name that is used to identify the view script file when rendering. The name of a view is the same as the name of its view script.

    The layout is a special view that is used to decorate views. It contains parts of the user interface that are common among several views like header and footer.

    System views refer to the views used by Yii to display error and logging information. E.g. when a user requests a non-existing controller or action, Yii will throw an exception displaying the error.

    A module is a software unit that consists of models, views, controllers, and other components. A module cannot be deployed alone and it must reside inside of an application.

    For large and complex applications, developers can divide them into several modules; each module then is developed and maintained in a silo. One major advantage of these modules is that they can be used again and again for other software applications too.

    Cashing is used to improve the performance of a web application by storing data in cache memory and serving it when requested thereby saving the time to generate the data again and again.

    Using cache in Yii mainly involves configuring and accessing a cache application component.

    Yii supports two types of testing methodologies: unit testing and functional testing.

    Unit testing uses a single unit of code and tests whether it’s working properly or not. Since Yii is based on OOP, the basic code unit is class, so Yii unit testing basically test whether class interfaces are working as expected or not

    Yii also provides support for functional testing, it verifies that a feature is working as expected or not. Functional testing is always conducted at higher levels as it involves multiple classes.
    We at NBT have been leveraging the features of the Yii framework to deliver flexible and secure web applications to our clients who are present all around the Globe. We use the Yii suite features to deliver applications that are chiseled keeping in mind your business models and needs.

    Our dedicated and expert developers are adept at harnessing and using the versatile features of Yii like MVC pattern, authentication and authorization, scaffolding, AJAX widgets, caching, etc. to make beautiful and reliable web applications.

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    Free to use

    It's free to use and open-source software. It is complete free to use for any kind of Web Development work.

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    Follows MVC Pattern

    It follows MVC developmental pattern, requests are made through controller, model performs database actions, and output is displayed through views unlike in normal PHP where every page represents MVC which increases complexity.

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    Huge Community

    Being an open source programming language, PHP is maintained by a huge community all over the globe.

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    Light weight

    YII is light-weight and fast as the core systems require very small libraries for operations and other libraries can be added on based on users’ requirements.

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    Built-in libraries

    YII runs efficiently across all platforms like Macintosh, Windows and UNIX.

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    SEO friendly URLs

    YII generated URLs are search-engine friendly. It uses a segment based approach rather than standard query based approach.

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    Clean Code and Highly Customizable

    YII is high customized framework, it can be customized to any level of updates.

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    Yii Migration Solutions

    With Yii migration solutions you can migrate between Yii platforms easily without losing your data.

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    Third Party App Integration

    We help you to integrate Yii development services with third-party APIs with the help of Yii Framework Development solutions.

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    Yii CMS Development

    With the help from powerful features of Yii CMS we deliver you quality and high perfrming web applications.

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    Social Networking Development

    Social media is a must now a days, our skilled developers uses Yii to develop Socual networking platforms for you.

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    Yii Ecommerce Solution

    e-commerce is taking the world by storm, we at NBT use Yii to develop shopping cart solutions for various products and categories.

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    Premium Theme design

    A good theme can entice and captivate the users and can make them to spend more time on your application, our expert designers skin your site to give it a modern look and make it pixel-perfect.

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    Custom Website Development

    YII Framework is always a best option to create Custom Web Applications as per your unique thoughts and ideas. We can use YII Framework to develop any kind of custom web application which cover all your ideas and needs. We can develop all type of small and large web applications with YII which help us to build high quality web applications.

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    Enterprise Website Development

    We develop many enterprise web applications using YII Framework. YII Framework can handle large database and work smoothly with heavy websites.

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    Complex Website Development

    YII is used to create complex custom websites as well, it can be customized as per requirements, and easy to develop additional addons and extensions.

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    Backend Development

    YII used to development backend solutions for different type of requirements. It is used to develop backend for mobile applications as well, It can be used as backend solution with frontend solutions like AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS.

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    API Development

    YII can be used to develop custom APIS and Rest APIs for mobile applications and to use with any frontend applications. YII support all kind of third party APIs as well.

    Empowering Your Business

    YII Development Solutions

    Why are we the YII pioneers?

    • We build websites that manifest excellence and aptly meet the diverse Yii development needs of businesses.
    • We have full technical expertise in Yii development we bundle the best-suited technology with every project to meet stringent deadlines.
    • We make detailed workflow models for every project to sync well with the requirements to deliver the highest quality projects with guaranteed satisfaction to global clients.
    • To keep up with the technological advancements and changes, we make our toolbox highly adaptable and scalable and implement these changes to our Yii development services immediately.
    • Our team is one of the best and technologically strongest teams in the universe that guarantees to deliver the exact solutions for the requirements that you have asked for.
    • We believe in delivering the solutions that are the best in the market and are light on your pocket. Our price ranges are much lower than our competitors, so we can offer affordable solutions.
    • We are available round the clock to answer our clients’ queries and help them serve better through different communication channels.
    • We never force you to take hosting or other services from us, the choice is entirely of the clients.
    • We always book the domain and hosting in your name.
    • We provide you prices that are affordable in pockets and are also highly competitive.
    • We offer content writing so that you get all solutions at one point and hence save on time and money.
    • Since we are experts in SEO/online marketing we ensure that your site is search engine friendly.
    • Our sites are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
    • The website we develop is never a replica or duplicate of any other website. We offer a fresh, unique, and creative website that gives a unique identity to your business.

    We provide high quality Web Application Development Services/h4>

    Working with YII Web Application Development

    As a YII Development Company, We always follow a standard approach to develop custom web applications. We go with proper planning and flow of work which consists below steps.

    Develop & Deployment
    Tell us your project requirements

    Our analysts will thoroughly review your project requirements and select the most experienced developers best suited for your project type.

    Develop & Deployment
    Discuss details with our experts

    Our experts will contact you within no time to discuss your project related queries and to offer the best solution for your project development.

    Develop & Deployment
    Choose engagement terms & timeframes

    Based on the project consultation provided by analysts, you can choose the timelines as per your convenience for your project. For your convenience we provide the option of milestone options.

    Develop & Deployment
    Secure payment methods

    Pay through multiple options provided to you, our payment methods are highly secure and confidential. We start your project in no time as soon as we receive the payment.

    YII Development services for custom & Complex Web Application Development

    Our YII Framework Development Services

    We offer a wide range of YII Web Development services which includes complete end-to-end custom web application development. We provide a high-quality and High Performing web development solution to our clients.


    • Yii Website Development
    • YII API Development
    • YII Application Development
    • YII Web Development
    • YII Custom Web Development
    • YII Server-Side Development
    • YII Consulting Services
    • YII-based Backend Development
    • YII Frontend Development
    • Integration of Third-party Systems
    • YII Backend Development
    • YII UI Development
    • Enterprise Web Application Development
    • Custom YII Web App Development
    • Custom Module Development
    • YII Extension Development
    • YII Web Development
    • YII REST API Development
    • YII Package Development
    • Corporate Website Development
    • YII Workbench Development
    • YII Development With Android
    • YII Enterprise Application
    • Maintenance & Support

    Best YII Development Company

    Developing Best Custom Website with mostly used PHP Framework

    Why you should use YII

    • If you need a framework that is easy to use.
    • You are looking for high performance
    • Looking for a framework that requires zero configurations.
    • Looking for a framework that doesn’t use the command line.
    • Looking for a framework that doesn’t require adhering to restrictive coding rules.
    • Looking for a simplified code structure.

    Top Reasons why our customers in 40+ countries trust NBT:

    • Highly rate and review on Clutch, Goodfirms, Topxlistings, Extract.
    • 10+ years in web application and YII framework development.
    • 3000+ successful web applications and portals delivered since 2009.
    • 40+ dedicated developers and designers.
    • Web development services for small, medium, and large enterprises.
    • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
    • Flexibility to choose from Hourly or Fixed Cost payments.

    YII Web Development Solution

    YII Features:

    • Fast, easy to install
    • Inbuilt authentication and authorization
    • CRUD feature
    • Database tables as objects
    • Easy Form validation
    • Supports Jquery and ajax
    • Shorten development time
    • Caching
    • Error handling
    • lots of extensions
    • Unit testing and functional testing feature
    • Active Record Supporting Relational
    • Assets And Script Management
    • Cookie
    • Caching
    • CSRF Tokens for security
    • DAO
    • Error Handling
    • Extension Organization
    • Gigi
    • i18n support
    • Multi-tier caching support
    • Namespaces, Traits features available
    • NoSQL databases
    • Pagination
    • Pure OOP-based framework
    • Query builders
    • RBAC
    • RESTful API
    • Validators
    • Security Helper
    • Session
    • Sessions storage in a database
    • Themeing
    • URL Manager
    • Widgets available like Grid View, List View

    What makes us Best YII Web Application Development Company

    Why are we the industry leaders?

    Our core competencies:

    • Cutting-edge YII Web Applications
    • Skilled team with expert YII developers
    • Extensive domain experience
    • Numerous YII Websites delivered
    • We strictly adhere to good practices and follow the benchmarks
    • Award-winners in YII web application development
    • Unique and high-quality UI and UX
    • Client-centric YII solutions
    • Well-tested, bug, and error-free YII applications
    • Competitive project prices to suit everyone
    • Agile methodology
    • Cross-browser compatible
    • Highly Skilled In-House Team
    • Experienced Team Leaders and Project Managers

    What difference we make as a YII Development Company

    Customer satisfaction guaranteed

    TRANSPARENCY: At NBT, we believe in complete transparency, we keep our clients fully engaged and updated during the entire project development cycle.

    100% ONTIME DELIVERY: Our highly developed and time-tested project management strategies have resulted in a 100% on-time delivery track record for the past 10+ years of our operations.

    FREE ONE MONTH SUPPORT: To take care of our customers even after the project has been handed over, we provide free one-month support to our customers after the final delivery.

    FLEXIBLE ENGAGEMENTS: NBT offers customized engagement models, crafted to meet the exact requirements of clients with different business needs.

    24X7 SUPPORT: Our experts are available 24*7 so that you can discuss with our experts at any time and solutions are provided to you just when you ask for them.

    We work with different clients and industries all over the World

    Industries we serve:

    • Medical/Health/Fitness
    • Retail & Ecommerce
    • Banking & Finance
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Hospitality
    • Sports
    • Education
    • Business
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • Entertainment
    • Kids
    • Spiritual
    • Marketing
    • Agriculture
    • Government Organizations

    Hire Dedicated YII Web Developer With US

    Hire YII Developer

    Hire our expert Yii Developer to get customized solutions for your web application needs. Our high experience, qualified, and skilled developers have years of hands-on experience working with the Yii Developer platform. The applications that we make are built using the latest technologies having all modern features that suit diverse business models at prices that are light on your pockets. Hire Yii Developer on an hourly or fixed price basis to take your revenues, profits, reputations, and consumer base at astronomical levels. Get in touch with me to know more.

    Hiring YII Framework developers with Next Big Technology means getting done all your custom web applications at the best market price and with the highest quality of work. If you are looking to build custom web applications for small or large businesses. We can help you to achieve a unique and eye-catching fully functional website that will perform well in all environments. Our team of YII Experts is well experienced and skilled in developing different kinds of web applications for different industries and businesses all over the World. We have developed a wide range of Web Applications using YII over the years and we know how we can use most of YII to develop complex and custom high-performing Web Applications. Hire a Dedicated YII Framework developer as per your needs and budget, we are very much flexible with hiring.

    YII-based web applications are highly responsive, speedy, lightweight, SEO friendly, and secure. Our developer knows very well how these applications start and how to finish them with perfection.

    Are you looking for YII Developer?

    Get your YII Web Application Development cost and time estimate today or connect with us for your queries today

    Trusted by Leading Start-ups and Enterprise!!!


    Marketing Web App

    It is a kind of a lead generation web app, which is created to attract users and generate leads for customer’s business.

    Membership Portal

    It is a subscription-based portal that allows users to take different subscription-based recurring plans to access speakers’ audio and video.

    Sports Franchise

    It’s a kind of software or web service that links various leagues and shows their real-time data, scores, and team information.

    Client Testimonials

    Words that describe our quality and keep us motivated...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which languages do you use to program my website?

    We develop websites in PHP with MySQL database using HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, and other technologies.

    Will my website fit on the screen sizes of phones, tablets, and laptops?

    We make responsive sites that offer optimal user-experience to the visitors on different devices and screen resolutions. Our PHP developers thoroughly crafts version for the site to make easy navigation on all sized devices.

    Is my project idea secure with your company?

    We ensure full data confidentiality, to do sowe sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before starting any project.

    Do you provide design options?

    Yes, we provide design mock-up of the site. Depending on your needs and ideas, we create a few design options. We proceed further with the development only after you have finalized the design.

    Are you looking for YII Developer?

    Get your YII Web Application Development cost and time estimate today or connect with us for your queries today

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