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Yii is an open-source, PHP framework used for creating large-scale modern web applications faster. Yii is one of the fastest and most secure PHP frameworks.

YII is a well-known PHP Framework that allows developers a lot of flexibility for any custom Web Application Development. It offers YII Web Development Company much adaptability and security. YII offers the option to develop any kind of Web Application which may be Applications for small size businesses, large size businesses, or enterprise businesses, specially YII is the best option for any custom Web Application Development. YII-based websites are secure, fast, clean designed, and attractive with high performance which increases your user base on your Website. Being a Top YII Web Development Company we provide a great pool of YII Developers who are experienced and skilled to design and developing any kind of Custom and Complex Web Applications. We provide start to end all YII Framework Development Services.

Next Big Technology’s Yii development in-house team is well versed and skilled in YII Web Development. Our YII Developers make websites fully dynamic and user-friendly which allows customers to take full control of Web Applications. YII-based web applications are lightweight and fast. Our YII Developers always make websites that are quality-oriented and requirement specific, which cover all business needs for customers business.

YII Development Solution

Our team of Web Designers design innovative and eye-catching designs which make your website stand out in the Web Applications competitive market. We create clean and high-performing Web Applications in the least time and with proper quality testing and with nice design concepts. Our team of YII Developers knows how a complex and custom web application project start and how it will be delivered in less time with proper quality control, our designers help YII developers to achieve the desired look and feel.

Yii Framework is one of the best PHP Frameworks. Using YII we can create Web 2.0 Web Applications utilizing in-built functions and libraries. Being one of the best PHP Framework YII can be used to create modern web applications which perform well on all devices. It helps you to make bug-free and secure websites which tested with quality control. It uses MVC or Model-View-Controller design pattern, it supports date and time formatting, message translation, number formatting, interface localization. YII functionality and unit testing is totally based upon PHPUnit and Selenium. YII Frameworks work perfectly with third-party applications or third-party website codes. YII supports layered data caching, fragment caching, page caching, and dynamic content. Yii framework works best with other frontend application solutions like Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js. Yii Framework is also used as a back-end and API solution for Mobile Applications. Yii, error handling and logging have been done in an excellent way that can be filtered, routed, and categorized easily.

Yii provides many security measures, which save your Website from attacks like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, cookie tampering, etc. YII is a large community, you can find all documentation and its functions and code easily, tutorials for all methods can be available easily. YII is highly customizable, our YII Developers can customize it in terms of design and functionality to any level of modification.

YII Framework


Yii Framework development services:

-Highly Customizable and Extensible
-Fast Development turnaround time
-Easy to set up and use
-Easy code structure and easy to learn
-Easy Data Migration
-Easy site migration to another host
-Utilize Trending and Latest Technologies
-Highly Secure
-Responsive and Seo Friendly
-Cost-Effective Development

YII Development at Next Big Technology means to get a high-performing and attractive Website as per your own needs. We utilize all YII Framework functions and features to make your web application high performing and cost-effective with fast development. Most of the YII features can be customized according to the customer’s needs and requirements. Our YII Framework Developers are experienced in customizing or updating an existing website as well.

Our YII Developers have hands-on experience in MVC structure, PHP Programming, Ajax, Jquery, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Boostrap. Which allow us to make a fully dynamic, responsive and fast website which works best in all platform and devices. We always work hard to achieve client requirements and ideas.

When you look to develop a Web Application there is always one question that arises in your mind which framework you need to use. You always look for a Framework which gets fits your requirements, is cost-effective, faster to build, secure, responsive, and highly customized as per your requirement. YII get fits all these requirements you can build high-performing websites at less cost and time with proper quality and without any bug.

Yii Development

Next Big Technology is a Yii Development Company situated in India, USA, UK. We are masters in Yii Web Application Development and Yii Framework and we have done a lot of YII-based Web Applications that cover most industries all over the world. We have an experienced pool of YII Developers who provide high-quality YII Web Application Development Services which cover all your requirements. Our team is well versed in YII framework and PHP Web Development, we deliver web applications as client needs, We work hard to full fill all client requirements and provide complete maintenance and support for work as well. We cover all Yii Framework development services including the design and development of your web application.

At Next Big Technology, We develop top-notch, premium web applications on different YII Framework. Yii is a full-stack PHP framework that is used to develop large and custom Web Applications. Next Big Technology has a group of YII Framework Developers who can help you to build up any sort of small to large business enterprise web applications on the Yii Framework.

Hire YII Developers at Next Big Technology for your next Website. We provide YII Developers on basis of hourly, monthly, weekly, or fixed-price or task wise basis. Please connect with us for your next Web Application. We will bring your ideas into high performing, responsive, SEO-friendly, and robust Website.

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Experienced & Skilled Team

  • Experienced Managers
  • Certified Developers
  • Creative Designers
  • Innovative thinkers
  • Great collaborators
  • Dedicated Developers
  • Effective and efficient execution
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Competetive Pricing

  • Best Pricing
  • Flexible Costing System
  • Quality Control
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Very High Return-on-investment
  • Top-notch result with cost effective pricing
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Top-notch Solutions

  • Use Best and latest Technologies
  • Robust and Secure Solutions
  • Great Designs and functionality
  • Optimized Technology Stack for your project
  • Enterprise-grade implementations
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Smooth Processes

  • Strategized projects
  • Quality in work
  • Timely task completion
  • Client Approval at every step
  • Incorporation of feedback
  • Using modernizing techniques
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