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    WordPress Development Checklist For 2023

    Amit Shukla

    If you are a WordPress expert you would know all the stuff but sometimes there is a high possibility to forget some of the tasks and this checklist would prove very handy, be it developer or for anyone who is planning to develop and build a WordPress website.

    In this article, we are going to discuss the important steps which are required when you are building your WordPress website. From setting up the website to launching and as well as maintaining this checklist will demonstrate as a key reference.

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    Let us begin with the list that is necessary before setting up a WordPress website, these are the prerequisites that you must do while starting to build a new WordPress website.

    • Acquire a domain name.
    • Buy a hosting plan by choosing the best hosting company or WordPress Website Development that is professional in WordPress hosting.
    • Install the current and up-to-date versions of WordPress software on your system.

    Let us now discuss the WordPress Development Checklist that is required for developing a fundamental WordPress website in 2020.

    • Organize your new domain in cPanel.
    • In cPanel you need to organize the database.
    • You can feed the recorded domain and database details into the tracing software.
    • Modify DNS on the domain to the exact server name.
    • Structure WordPress staging conditions.
    • Clone your WordPress.
    • Remove existing website files.
    • You can remove the levant content Hello!
    • Eradicate the wp-config-sample.php file.
    • You can now install a WordPress theme.
    • You can now install WordPress plugins.
    • Build a sitemap.
    • Build a 404-error page.
    • Add supplementary admin users.
    • Include favicon.
    • Include alt tags to the images of the website.
    • Combat junk emails.
    • Organize a contact form.
    • Refurbish user profile.
    • Time zone correction
    • With the aid of Google Analytics, you can start to trace metrics.
    • Former URLs – 301 directed to contemporary URLs.
    • Include the blog type and detach the unclassified ones.
    • Perform website testing on various browsers and devices.
    • Test completely.

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    Next, when we develop the website using WordPress it must be protected or secured from hackers. Hence you must ensure a few steps so that your website is protected.

    • Install the WordPress security plugin.
    • Enable the WordPress security element.
    • Rename the username of the controller.
    • Give strong passwords.
    • Authorize two-factor authentications.
    • All themes and plugins must not be old. It must be up to date.
    • Remove plugins and themes which are not functioning.
    • Curtail login attempts.

    Now, we need a backup of the data. Is it not? To do that WordPress as such doesn’t do it automatically. It has a plugin that does this function.

    • Install the WordPress backup plugin.
    • You can perform manual backup so that all the plugins, themes and etc. are backed up.
    • Unload all the backup zip files of your WordPress site.
    • You can install the remote backup storage of your WordPress to preserve all the data safely and offsite.
    • Install automatic WordPress backup.
    • You also can authorize stash to live for cloud-based back-ups.

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    If your website needs to become popular then SEO is the main reason and you must make sure that your website must have a good SEO strategy.

    • Set–up WordPress SEO plugin.
    • Ensure that the content from all the pages is unique, error-free, and are having impressive title names.
    • Ensure the content is having appropriate keywords and they are less than 10.
    • Develop sitemap and search engines.
    • Associate with Google analytics.
    • Incorporate Google Analytics tracking id.
    • Enable Google analytics dashboard.
    • Associate Google and Bing.
    • Make sure that the settings of the permalink are not relevant.

    Now, let us check out the non-specific checklist.

    • Remove lorem ipsum text.
    • Perform a test of your website on all browsers and devices too.
    • Check for any grammatical errors and mistakes.
    • Check if hyperlinks are functioning properly.
    • Check if the license for all the attributes such as images, plugins, etc. are all present.
    • Modify the site tagline.
    • Images are accurate and have been optimized as needed.
    • The design is responsive on all mobile-related devices such as tablets, Ipads.
    • The favicon of the website is functioning.
    • Ensure the logo of the company is linked to the home page of the website.
    • Ensure page loading is happening in less than 3 seconds.
    • Ensure that the forms are all fine and after submission, they are sent to appropriate locations.
    • Ensure the e-mail address of the contact person is appropriate.
    • Hide your developing website so that it doesn’t appear on search engines before launching as there are many other tests which are needed to be performed.

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    Let us now discuss the checklist for “launching the website”.

    • Make sure that the set-up, development, backup, security provisions, SEO, and non-specific functions are all done.
    • You can switch on the visibility of the site by going to settings > readings.
    • Ensure there are no links that are broken.
    • Ensure if all the default names and content is removed
    • Now, you can create a page of yours on social media links regarding your website.

    Now, comes the maintenance checklist which is very much necessary as these points aid you ensure that your website is updated with the latest versions and software.

    • Utilize a WordPress maintenance tool.
    • You can also run WordPress updates so that the updates download and install.
    • Ensure your plugins are upgraded.
    • Ensure your themes are upgraded.
    • Build website back-ups.
    • Ameliorate SEO.
    • Protect WordPress site with better security plugins.

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    As discussed, you can make sure that all the above tasks are finished in time before launching. Thorough testing removes many bugs so that errors are identified and fixed so that you don’t waste your time.

    Also, make sure that before you launch your website, your test website is hidden so that it doesn’t appear on search engines.

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    All the best!

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