How ideas play important role in Designing a User Friendly WordPress Website

How ideas play important role in Designing a User Friendly WordPress Website

Today 70% of websites are empowered by WordPress. Is it not? So, the main focus should be on creating a design that is user-friendly. For an effective and interactive site, it is of prime importance to build a site that effectively communicates its content to the users. Hire WordPress Developers and Top WordPress Website Development are continuously aiming at improving and developing the WordPress platform to a large extent and as a result, we are obtaining many different kinds of themes, plugins, etc. which we are able to utilize while building websites.

Let us now discuss the prime steps which can direct you to build a user-friendly website

  1. Uncomplicated navigation:

Easy navigation builds an effective website while using WordPress. The user or your customer must not get confused and complicated while browsing through.

The user must find the navigation very easy, comfortable, and understandable. Be it any kind of website such as business, food blogs, entertainment, fashion, etc.

You can use constructive page navigation such as breadcrumbs and a simple up button. The themes which are picked up must be simple and easy so that you can find suitable options which fit the concept of easy navigation. Top WordPress Website Development Companies can use plugins to create a much simpler and flexible structure for presenting the site with easy and uncomplicated navigation.

Let us now check out the kind of plugins to provide you can easy navigation:

  1. Page navigation: WP page Navi and WP page numbers
  2. Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumb NavXT
  3. Up button: Scroll to top


  1. Review or Comment Window:

If you have incorporated a comment or review window for your blog, then your interaction with the users is more. Is it not? You will get to know about your site presentation from users.

Some of the plugins are as below:

  • Comment widget: You can use an easy comment box so that the visitors can leave a comment for you to check. You can utilize HyperComments.


  • Comment preview: This concept is working great nowadays. The users can view their comment preview. You can utilize Filosofo Comment preview to assist your task.


  • Subscription to comments: This option boosts the visitor to subscribe to the comment updates. An email notification would instantly pop up every time when a comment is updated.

You can use CAPTCHA to control spam and unnecessary emails. You can opt to remove it if you want to increase user interaction.

  1. Social Media integration:

Adding social media icon on your website not only makes the website popular but also reaches many remote people. You can use many WordPress plugins such as Social Share buttons, Yandex. Share and UpToLike Social Share buttons.

Visitors make use of those buttons and they share and acknowledge the public platform about the site which helps in many ways. It benefits the users in a large way. Integrating social media into your website is recommended these days.

  1. Feedback and Contact:

To make sure there is no much of a gap between you and your visitor, it is recommended to use feedback forms to maintain the conversation in a constant manner. This method encourages visitors to frequently make contact and leave feedback on your website. It ensures good friendliness between you and your visitor. These are the plugins on WordPress which you can make use of.

  1. Handheld devises compatibility:

The theme which you pick up must be responsive designs and should work consistently on all kinds of devices. Responsiveness is the prime key to tackle all your problems without any problems. Navigational elements must be considered and must be used in such a way that the pages are compatible and responsive when operated from any device.


  1. Site Preferences:

White Space:

White space around any paragraphs must be present in order to provide a clear and comfortable presentation for your visitors. It helps the content to be more transparent for the readers.

Top WordPress Website Development Companies

Hyperlinks linked to the site:

If you have used any links on your website for your readers, then make sure those links are working and are not broken. You can use the Broken Link Checker plugin to prevent any broken links to fulfil this purpose.


You can prefer fonts that are not exaggerating but simple and readable. You have to use straightforward fonts. You can prefer the WP Google Fonts plugin.

  1. Investigate the trends:

You can follow according to the trends and also it is a must for you to make some homework and research on the trends so that you can imply those ideas while working on your site.

You must fulfill your visitor’s expectations as they arrive with various kinds of expectations in their minds.

  1. SEO-friendliness:

Even though the theme is pleasant to look at, sometimes the code might not function as expected. You can utilize W3C Markup validation to check for the proper functioning of the HTML5 code and working as expected.

This step ensures the proper functioning of the search engines when keywords are linked from the site. Hence proper functioning of the SEO can be established.

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WordPress developer is well versed in managing all the coding and maintaining the site structure as per your requirements by using WordPress. However, WordPress CMS is the best to prefer in order to build a user-friendly site.

To summarize this post, you must make use of the plugins which are available in WordPress where ever possible. And you need to make sure to maintain the navigation simple and perfect. Social media icons can be linked to your website so that they can be shared through all kinds of means such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that your website can be reached to everyone. Contact and feedback forms can be used in order to get the assessment from visitors which promotes healthy and user-friendly interaction between you and the reader. An easy and simple website that is interactive, interesting, and informative will make the readers glued to the screen. Also, the article navigation must be smooth. Hope this article helps you to build a website that is user-friendly and find Top WordPress Website Development Companies, All the best!