Why Are Visitors Leaving Your eCommerce Website Without Buying

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Are you managing an online e-commerce store? How about your sales? Are you gaining enough profits from your business? Are visitors leaving your e-commerce website without buying? Know Why! You must go through this post then! This article will help you or give you a silhouette regarding why the visitors are leaving your site.

There might be a gap between your site and the customers. You must be able to identify it at the earlier stage itself to avoid such kinds of conditions.

You would have invested a large sum of money to construct your site to gain profits from your e-commerce business. If you don’t attain the expected graph, then all your efforts go in vain. Is it not true?

I am sure. You would have funded a substantial proportion of bucks for building your e-commerce site by hiring an eCommerce Store Development Company or Hire Web Developers. If you don’t make sales, your attempts go to waste.


Let us analyze a few reasons which could trigger the visitors to leave your e-commerce site without purchasing any stuff:


  • Prices too high:

This reason might be the most obvious cause. If the prices of the products are not affordable to the middle-class, then it is a predicted chronicle. If your products are designed to be too pricey then people tend to choose different sites where the products are within their budget range.


  • Shipping and Delivery very slow:

Once the products are ordered by the customers, you must make sure that the shipping and delivery process is intact and within the specified time. Genuine steps in the shipping and delivery phases will tend to bring in more customers. If not, you might lose your customers.


  • The content framework is not so appealing:

If proper content is not posted at their appropriate spots, there is a high probability that your customers might get irritated and may leave your site. We need to value customers’ time too. So, in a minimum amount of time, they do their shopping. That span of time must not be misspent. Important content must be structured in bold letters and must be placed on the front page so that the visitors do not miss out on anything. And, do not post too much of the content on many pages. See to it that the content is providing sharp and up-to-date info and it is not distributed in too many pages. Many users tend to leave the site if they are not finding the product for which they have landed on your site.


  • Checkout activity which is confusing:

The checkout process needs to be easy and hassle-free activity. Once the products are added into the shopping cart and if the checkout process is too lengthy and confusing, obviously the users tend to turn away from your site.

Imagine if you were a customer and try to complete the online shopping and checkout processes. Note down the points where it is taking much time. Improvise those areas of frameworks.

  1. Only crucial information which is required must be provided I.e. mandatory. The rest of the other fields can be left optional so that an easy checkout procedure is designed.
  2. Minimize the number of pages which the customer has to navigate through.
  3. Make sure your side of information is provided such as contact info, exchange policies, etc.
  4. If you try to charge fees at the end phase during the checkout process from customers, they certainly don’t like it. They feel your site is cheating and they will leave your site. Be transparent to your customers. For this, you can get in touch with the eCommerce Store Development Company


  • Annoying payment processes:

The last step is the payments that you receive from customers for your products. If the payment process is easy and cleared in a few minutes, then the customers feel good. Else, they exit the site without making any payments. Some instances where the customers receive OTP from their respective authorized banks are a little late. Due to a delay in receiving the OTP, the system again asks the customer to repeat the payment process from the beginning because the page tends to expire quickly. This creates frustration in the minds of the visitor and they tend to abandon your site.

ecommerce Store Development Company

  • No interaction between the customer and your site staff:

Sometimes the first-time shopper who is trying to explore your site might not be aware of certain stuff. To clear his/her queries, any staff member of your team must be always present to support the customers. Good interaction between your customer and your team is necessary so that your conversion rates go high. Interaction might be in any form such as e-mails, site chatbots, or call center numbers must be updated so that the customers can reach your site staff for any queries.


  • Absence of instinctive navigation:

If there is no proper direction for the customers to search for their appropriate product, then your efforts may fail. So, clear navigation is a must. Make sure these features are functioning properly as expected.


  • Lack of reliability:

If customers feel your site is not secured, they will leave immediately. Ultimately anyone wants to hold their credentials in a secure manner. Is it not?

  1. Make sure SSL certificates and trustworthy logos are visible.
  2. Manifest various kinds of payment options so that your customers are aware that you accept the listed options.
  3. Incorporate reviews and testimonials on your site.
  4. Make sure that the payment options for the checked items on the page must run on an HTTPS server. Some customers might bid adieu to your site if they don’t view the tiny padlock.


  • No proper investigation on the product:

Don’t just price the product without proper analysis in the market. Proper research and investigation in the market will reveal the exact price which you need to fix for your item. If the customer finds variations in the cost of your products and when they try to compare with other sites and if they find the same product for a lower price, obviously they tend to drive away from your site.


  • Absence of Social network:

Today’s digital world will not move forward without the presence of social media. Some percentage of the population gets connected through social media very easily and quickly. In order to grab the attention of such customers, you need to be socially visible and must be active to reach such kinds of customers.


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I hope you would have got a clear insight as to why visitors are leaving your e-commerce website without buying. It is also a good idea to get suggestions from the Next Big Technology eCommerce Store Development Company & web development company if you have hired in order to get your site developed and designed. Consider the above-discussed factors before launching your site so that your business progresses with great profits. All the best!


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