10 Things That Should Be On Your eCommerce Website Features List

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Top eCommerce Website Development Companies around the globe are showcasing their impressions when we look and browse through many online websites. The website is built with many variations and according to trends as and now. Many uninterrupted changes are brought every year creating a good screen presence for the users to browse through.

Let us now discuss the important features which must be on your E-commerce website.

  1. Mobile-friendliness:

A Mobile-friendly website is an important factor. A lot of younger generations browse using only handheld devices such as smartphones, android devices, I-phones, Ipads, etc. So, you must make sure to construct your website which is mobile compatible and can be browsed from mobile devices without any hurdles. This feature must definitely be incorporated when your building your website as this is a growing trend.

  1. Striking and Spectacular pictures:

Try to use quality cameras so that you can upload eye-catching and attractive photos of the products related to your business. Naturally, customers get bored if your website looks dull and boring.

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To make your website livelier and more attractive, you must use high-resolution pictures of high standards so that your customers would like to do online shopping frequently. Background themes can be changed according to ongoing festivals and trends too. These appealing tricks can be applied and your hire web designer can do it for you.

  1. Appealing designs:

Designs that you choose will have a high impact felt when a customer browses through your website pages. To make any customer feel comfortable it is necessary that the design which is used must be simple, elegant and the navigation process must be easy. This is in fact very important.

The design which is picked up must not be complicated or confused. It must be easy to use.

  1. Adding the review window to your website:

When you order any product from any online website, what do you consider before buying that particular product? Specifications and product review! Is it not? You will go through the review window as it is mandatory to know about that product.

So, if you add the review window to your website, your customers would give ratings and feedback which other customers will also read. If the product is good, the review also would be good. In this manner, many customers would plan to buy your product.

  1. Discounts and offers:

If you offer certain discounts for common customers and specialized offers on certain products and free shipping for your regular and loyal customers, there is no doubt that you are going to benefit from all these ideas.

You can opt for providing a coupon code if the customer is intended to purchase any product which is worth 30$ or so. In this manner, you can grow your sales on your e-commerce website and these discounts and offers can be acknowledged to the customers via emails, messages, ads, and most importantly on your e-commerce website itself.

  1. Security and protection of data:

Any customer would not like to get their personal information such as bank details, etc. to be hacked or leaked to the third party unknown. In order to safeguard your website and also to protect your customers’ information, it is important that you use an SSL certificate for your online website. It is mandatory nowadays for any e-commerce to use this basic minimum degree of protection. Make sure to utilize two-factor authentication and a firewall in order to avoid these problems.

Top ecommerce Website Development Companies

  1. Return of goods:

This feature must be included as it is expected by customers because it should be left to their own desire. If this policy is incorporated, it encompasses beliefs in the customers. You can include this feature in the footer or on the menu too.

  1. Updates:

You can incorporate the news section window in your online e-commerce website. Due to this addition, customers get to know the information regarding the latest trends, news and much more. This feature enhances the knowledge of the customers regarding your business and your products. Thus, making your customers more educative. They also get to know all the trending products and develop an interest to purchase such products.

  1. Search box and filters:

To build a good user-friendly website, you have to include a search box on your website so that customers can search and find the relevant products without wasting his/her time. You can include this window at the top of your website.

You must also attach a filter button either on the top or bottom of your e-commerce website. Filter helps customers in finding the exact product of their desire.

In many ways, search boxes and filters help customers a lot. Customers can save time to a large extent.

  1. Ads on Social media:

Posts or ads related to your products when shared through social media, it creates a huge difference. People who are staying remotely also get to know about your products and business. If you keep in continuous touch with social media and use social media as an advertisement platform, it is going to benefit your business. There are many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


We have discussed the most important aspects of the features which you must include when you are getting your website built. You can hire Top eCommerce Website Development Companies or agencies so that you can express your requirements to the agency and they can proceed as per your instructions.

Always, try to move along with the trend. You can conduct surveys every year connected with your business and ask the users or customers to participate in the survey. In this manner, you get to know the liking and disliking of the customers related to your products of the business. Accordingly, you can move forward and add such products to your e-commerce site and also incorporate user-friendly icons and buttons. You can get valuable suggestions and ideas even from Top eCommerce Website Development Companies and such ideas can be applied when your website is being created. All the best!