What is HTML5?


The first-ever HTML version was released in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. It has been updated many times since then, including XHTML in 2000. The newest version is HTML5 which was released in 2014.

HTML5 delivers almost everything one would want to do online without requiring additional software like browser plugins. Animations, apps, music, videos, complicated applications can be made using HTML5.

HTML5 Advantages for End Users

  • Reduce mobile browser crash.
  • Better reliance on mobile websites, responsive websites allow users to have a
    better experience without needing to download the app itself.
  • Eliminating the use of Adobe Flash player by giving developers a rich user experience using JavaScript and MPEG4.
  • Support native audio and video elements without any additional plugin requirements.

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HTML5 features:

  • It supports Scalable Vector Graphics, canvas, and other virtual vector graphics.
  • It uses web SQL databases to store data temporarily.
  • JavaScript can run within a web browser
  • It supports new kinds of form controls: dates, times, email, number, range, tel, URL, etc.
  • Section, article, nav, and header are the new elements that have replaced most of the div elements that have become obsolete.
  • JavaScript-based or Flash workaround is not needed anymore as there are elements embedded in HTML5 that provide these functionalities.
  • It has made mobile support and compatibility a lot easier.
  • It uses the web or local storage to replace cookies. In the older versions, if developers had to store data they had to store it in cookies, which hold a small amount of data only around 4kb. The web storage used in HTML5, allows data to be stored on the user’s computer permanently(till the user erases it), it has higher data storage of around 5 MB and does not have a burden by requesting the server.

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